10 Reasons Why Walnuts Good For Brain

10 Reasons Why Walnuts Good For Brain

Walnuts are healthy and the perfect brain food. Although they contain a lot of fat, they also contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. This can even prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Why Walnuts Good For Brain

Here are 10 reasons why walnuts are good for the brain.

1. Walnuts are heart healthy

Consuming walnuts regularly can prevent cardiovascular disease. Even a small amount of walnuts lowers cholesterol levels, ensures that our blood vessels remain flexible, and maintains the flow properties of our blood.

The antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids contained in walnuts can also prevent calcification of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) and reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack. Since the body cannot produce the polyunsaturated fatty acids itself, we have to get them through food.

2. Brain Food: Walnuts are good for the brain

Walnuts are not only great for the brain and improve mental and motor skills – but they also protect us from a drop in performance as we age. We owe this to the vitamin B in the walnut. Vitamin B is conducive to concentration and has been proven to lower our stress levels. Walnuts also provide valuable energy.

3. Walnuts help with diabetes

Scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health found out in a study that people who regularly eat walnuts can reduce the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

10 Reasons Why Walnuts Good For Brain

4. Walnuts lower cholesterol levels

Elevated LDL cholesterol is unhealthy. Because too much LDL cholesterol in the blood is deposited in the arteries and can lead to arteriosclerosis. Walnuts can help minimize LDL cholesterol in the blood, thereby lowering cholesterol levels.

5. Walnuts are healthy during pregnancy

Especially during pregnancy, you want to give your body and baby only the best. B vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium – are all these are contained in the walnut, among other things. 

The good ingredients of the walnut are important for many processes in the body. The immune system is strengthened, bones and teeth are supported in building them up and the ability to concentrate is also promoted. However, pregnant women should always consult their doctor about their diet.

6. Walnuts are good for digestion

Walnuts can also help with digestion. 100g of walnuts contain 6g of fiber which, contrary to its name, does not ballast but rather digestive. If you eat walnuts regularly, you stimulate your digestion.

7. Walnuts may reduce cancer risk

Although walnuts are not a cure for cancer, they can reduce the risk of some cancers with their positive health effects. Walnuts contain so-called polyphenols, which support the regeneration of the body. 

When the body absorbs polyphenols, it converts them to ellagic acid. This in turn has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, this compound can counteract the onset and progression of specific cancers.

Unfortunately, the effects of walnuts on reducing the risk of cancer have not been adequately researched.

8. Muscle building: Walnuts contain a lot of proteins

The crunchy nuts are not only delicious and healthy, but they also contain a lot of protein. And these are important for building muscle. 100 g of walnuts contain 15 g of protein. This makes walnuts a great source of vegetable protein. In addition, they also provide healthy fats and carbohydrates that are important for muscle building.

10 Reasons Why Walnuts Good For Brain

9. Walnuts counteract age-related diseases

Walnuts are packed with antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. These are caused on the one hand by stress and on the other hand by environmental influences such as exhaust fumes or cigarette smoke. 

As a result, walnuts can prevent diseases that can cause free radicals, such as age-related diseases such as cataracts, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s. The vitamin E contained in the walnut and the hormone melatonin are primarily responsible for this.

10. Weight control: lose weight with walnuts

In the evening on the sofa, people like to grab chips or chocolate. Why not reward the body with some walnuts? They taste delicious, are crunchy, full of good ingredients, and reduce the feeling of hunger because they are filling. One study even found that walnuts help minimize our hunger pangs and prevent cravings. If you eat walnuts regularly, you can lose a few pounds with it.

Strength Training For Weight Loss

Although walnuts contain many very healthy ingredients, due to the high proportion of healthy fats, walnuts also have around 674 calories per 100 g. If you want to reduce your weight and focus primarily on calories, you should be cautious when eating walnuts and not eat more than the recommended daily amount of 8 whole walnuts per day.

Walnuts: Versatile in the kitchen

The recommended daily amount for walnuts is 8 whole nuts. This small amount is enough to benefit from all the health benefits of walnuts and is consumed in moderation so that consumption does not harm the body due to excess fat. Whether raw, roasted, in a salad, or in pasta – we always like walnuts. With these ideas you can do something good for your body and support your health:

  • Snack:
    Walnuts are the perfect snack between meals. They work effectively against the midday slump in the office and make you happy straight away.
  • Roasted:
    Walnuts can be roasted in a pan without oil – this way they develop an even nuttier, more intense taste.
  • Topping:
    Raw or roasted, walnuts are the ideal topping for porridge, muesli, smoothie bowls, or healthy sandwiches.
  • Bread:
    Walnuts can be added to almost any bread dough. With their healthy ingredients, they not only make the bread healthier but also add flavor and bite. Both sweet jam and hearty cheese, creamy quark, and spicy sprouts taste good with it.
  • Salad:
    Adding walnuts to your salad creates an extra crunch effect. Walnuts go well with all-leaf salads, but also with carrot salads or the Waldorf salad. Raspberries or blueberries always go well in combination.
  • Pasta:
    Unfortunately, pasta is rarely really healthy, but pasta dishes can definitely be upgraded and provided with vitamins with walnuts. Walnuts go great with pasta dishes with gorgonzola or lemon sauce. You can also use walnuts to make an excellent pesto.
  • Cake:
    It doesn’t matter whether it’s carrot cake, nut cake, or chocolate cake: walnuts are almost always a good choice! The crunchy nuts enhance every cake. On the one hand, they can be added directly to the dough, on the other hand, they also look pretty as a cake decoration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Walnuts

Are walnuts healthy?

Walnuts are very healthy. Walnuts contain many vitamins, and healthy fats and have an antioxidant effect. Walnuts support many processes of the organism and even prevent diseases. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented, the cholesterol level is lowered and the ability to concentrate is promoted. With their healthy properties, walnuts ensure that the body is supported in its performance.

How many walnuts a day are healthy?

The recommended daily amount for walnuts is 8 whole walnuts or 16 halves. Walnuts are ideal as a snack or as a crunchy ingredient in bread dough, muesli, or salads. Walnuts are very versatile and go well with many dishes.


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