2022 NFL Update: Double-Digit Wins Projected for 8 Teams

2022 NFL Update

2022 NFL Update: The 2022 NFL season is creeping ever closer, and as we all get ready for our fantasy drafts and survivor pools, eight teams stand out this year.

Let’s dive in and have a quick look at the preseason Top-8:

Buffalo Bills

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Buffalo Bills sit atop the list. The headlines about what about them being Super Bowl favorites abound.

As far as the offseason rankings are concerned, the Bills are projected to win 11.4 games. They are the odds-on favorites to win the AFC East and have an OVER/UNDER of 11.5 games, which coincides nicely with their projection based on simulations and schedule. I should also mention that they are favorites to go OVER that number and win at least 12 games.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are back and just as strong as last year. This means they are a perennial favorite to contend for the NFC. This is another team projected to win 11 or more games. In fact, they are tied with the Bills on the Vegas odds boards to be the team to finish with the best regular season record at +250. Just behind are the Green Bay Packers at +350 and the K.C. Chiefs at +400. That said, the Bucs have a preseason shot of 82.3% to make the postseason; this is higher than any other team in the league.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers stayed, so the Packers’ odds are up at the top of the board to win the NFC. Green Bay is one of only three teams projected to win 11 or more at TeamRankings. Although, his surest-handed receiver and buddy have hit the bricks to catch balls from Derek Carr.

Still, the Packers have a lot of weapons, especially their one-two punch run game to keep defenses honest.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are only underdogs in three games on the early boards for the 2022 slate:

  • The Buccaneers in Tampa Bay
  • The Bills at home in Arrowhead
  • The Chargers in Los Angeles

They have two other games in which they are listed as pick ‘ems, one at the Bengals in Week 13 and one at the Broncos in Week 14. They are also +155 to win the AFC West over at Caesars Sportsbook Kansas, which is a great price, even with the Broncos and Chargers coming up in the world.

LA Chargers

Justin Herbert is turning out to be a godsend for the Chargers. It’s like a complete reboot: move up to LA and get a fresh, young, talented gunslinger. What I love about Herbert is he steps up to the challenge when facing better teams instead of getting crushed by the pressure. The Chargers have on OVER/UNDER of 10 games, but the OVER is slightly favored by betting outlets at -130.

We should expect this team to make the race for the AFC West an exciting one!

LA Rams

The Rams and their brutal defense are the second favorites in the NFC to win the conference. They have a 10-win projection and an OVER/UNDER of 10.5 games on the Vegas odds boards. At -120 for the OVER, it’s only slightly juiced. That said, they have the toughest schedule in the league (as far as preseason rankings are concerned) so, I would take the UNDER on that line and predict that the Rams enter the playoffs with 10 wins.

Denver Broncos

I’ll believe it when I see it. We have seen some serious hype around the Broncos over the last couple of years, and they haven’t had a winning season. This time around, the Broncs are looking at an OVER/UNDER of 10.5 and a TeamRankings projection of 10 wins. That said, they are in a division with the Chargers and the Chiefs and generally have a challenging schedule.

I believe the Broncs are on the right path and will be better than last year, but as I said a moment ago double-digit wins? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys surprised me last year. I absolutely did not think they would have a 12-win season. Now they are projected at 10.4, even without Amari Cooper. So, I have no reason to go against them this time around, especially as favorites to win the NFC East and a Vegas line of OVER/UNDER 10.5.


It’s doubtful that all of these teams with have double-digit wins. Of them, I am most suspect of the Denver Broncos. The ones that I am almost positive will are the Bills, the Bucs, the Chiefs, the Packers, the Chargers, and the Cowboys.


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