There Are 4 Abnormalities in Men After Morning Up, Out of Ten, The Liver Has “Hardened”,

Abnormalities in Men After Morning Up

Abnormalities in Men After Morning Up: The liver is the first of the five internal organs, and it can be said to have a high weight. Many harmful substances entering the human body need to be broken down by the liver. The metabolism of fats is also dominated by the liver. Therefore, many people have the trouble of losing weight but cannot reduce it. It may be related to poor liver.

The liver function seems very powerful, but the defense function of the liver is quite weak. Staying up late, eating spicy food, drinking too much alcohol, being angry, and overwork all can cause liver damage. The most indefensible thing is that the liver has no painful nerves. After the liver is damaged, it is not possible to send a distress signal to the human body in time, so that patients with liver disease cannot be found in time in the early stage of liver disease until the late stage.

Abnormalities in Men After Morning Up:

The liver is abnormal, and the four symptoms of waking up in the morning cannot be hidden

Abnormal 1: Strong Yellow Urine

In the early morning, if the texture of the first urine is clear, there is no too much impurities, and it is only slightly yellowish, it means that the body is good and healthy. However, if it is the first morning urine when you wake up in the morning I found that my urine is very turbid, and the very yellow is mostly caused by irritability. If it is not treated in time, it will turn into liver disease in the later stage.

The liver function is weakened, and its metabolic function will also be reduced. The bilirubin in the body is not metabolized in time, and it will be incorporated into the urine, making the urine appear strong yellow, and accompanied by a strong smell .

Abnormal 2: Frequent Gum Bleeding

The human body’s teeth are very strong, and the gums are also very strong to ensure the health of the teeth. If you often find yourself with symptoms of bleeding gums when you brush your teeth, you must be vigilant.

This is mostly due to bleeding gums caused by the weakened liver function. This type of bleeding is abnormal bleeding in the body. The reduction of blood clotting factors in the body, such as platelets, will cause the body’s blood clotting function to become impaired, leading to symptoms of gum bleeding, except for the gums Bleeding is also accompanied by nasal bleeding.

Abnormality 3: Weakness

Although people’s physique is generally not as good as it was decades ago, they are not so weak that they often feel sleepy and always feel that they can’t wake up. You should pay more attention to your physical health. This has little to do with mentality and spirituality. Most of it is caused by the human body’s inability to support qi and blood in physiological terms. Symptoms such as liver cirrhosis will occur after liver disease occurs, and liver cirrhosis will affect the synthesis of glycogen in the body, causing symptoms of muscle weakness and mental deterioration.

Abnormal 4. Bad Breath is Severe

In the early morning, bad breath is one of the most obvious symptoms of patients with liver disease. Bad breath is mostly manifested as a dry mouth and a strong smell. This is caused by excessive ammonia in the human body, which is discharged from the mouth. It is healthy. The liver can regulate breath. If the mouth is abnormal, the liver is damaged.

Poor liver, there may be 9 manifestations in the early stage, one does not account for it, congratulations

  • 1. Difficulty falling asleep, waking up suddenly at 1-3 in the morning
  • 2. Abdominal bloating and excessive exhaust
  • 3. Bitter mouth and bad breath
  • 4. Tiredness, irritability and depression
  • 5. Dry eyes, astringent eyes, blurred vision
  • 6. Vertical lines appear on nails
  • 7. Yellow, greasy, itchy, and long-spotted skin
  • 8. Stool sticks to the toilet, yellow urine smells big
  • 9. The hair is oily, the hair loss is obvious, and the temples are early white

The above signals account for more than two, which is often the body reminding you: You need to raise your liver in time

The natural king of liver nourishment is by your side. Keep three things in mind when nourishing your liver.

1. Eat a Healthy Diet:

People eat whole grains, only through nutrient intake can the functioning of the body be ensured. Secondly, food is also the guarantee of human energy. Three meals a day provide the human body with a sufficient source of energy.

However, it should be noted that there must be some taboos in the diet. Don’t eat everything and overeating. Eating anything will lead to excessive impurities in the body, such as cholesterol and fat, and overeating will lead to Excessive free radicals affect liver health, so we must build a good diet and eat more green and fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Drink Plenty of Water Every Day:

Decomposition, synthesis and metabolism in the human body. The liver is the main organ. If the liver is not good, the metabolic function will be weakened. Toxins will accumulate and the body will not defecate smoothly. So you should drink plenty of water and add some herbal plants to the water. , Such as chrysanthemum, cassia, honeysuckle, etc.

3. Stay Optimistic:

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Many diseases are related to mood. The same is true for the liver. If you are depressed for a long time and put your state in a depressed state, it will cause symptoms of qi and blood disorder and liver qi stagnation. Therefore, you should pay attention to adjusting your mentality. health.


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