Adam Levine Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Singer?

Adam Levine Net worth 2022

Adam Levine Net Worth 2022: Adam Levine is best known to the general public as the front man of the band Maroon 5. The fact that he also earns his money as a songwriter, actor and on American television is less consciously perceived. You can find out everything about his career, his successes and the path to his fantastic net worth of 120 million US dollars in this article.

The First Steps In Business To The Breakthrough:

Adam Levine and his friends formed the band Kara’s Flowers in 1994. The band was discovered at a small gig, received a recording contract and quickly released their first album. However, that fell far short of expectations and only sold 5,000 times. Disappointed by this result, the band broke up shortly afterwards and indirectly paved the way for Adam Levine and Maroon 5.

The members of Kara’s Flowers were supplemented by a fifth person and the now new band Maroon 5 changed their musical style. It went further away from classic rock ‘n roll, instead more groove elements flowed into the music of the band around Adam Levine. It was only a short hop from there before the band started making real money and Levine started building his fortune.

” Songs About Jane” was the name of Maroon 5’s first album and contained songs that all deal with the changeable relationship between Adam Levine and his ex-girlfriend Jane. The album with hits like ” This Love” was a resounding success and made the band a fortune.

Adam Levine Net Worth:Adam Levine’s Income:

The debut album “Songs About Jane” alone brought the band an income of about $ 10 million. The band subsequently released four more studio albums, which, although not building on the success of the first, brought the band around $ 2 million in income each.

In addition to fronting Maroon 5, Adam Levine has a number of other avenues that can add cash to his coffers and make him rich. He has appeared since the first season of the American edition of “The Voice”. How much exactly he earns there per season is not entirely clear. The fact is, however, that Levine receives a sum between six and eight million dollars per season. As of 2017, the annual salary he receives at The Voice is $ 13 million.

In addition, his income is increased through his work as an actor. Adam Levine played a minor role in the series ” American Horror Story” and in the movie ” Can a Song Save Your Life?”.

Another component that makes Adam Levine rich is being a businessman. In 2013 a series of perfumes he had created was launched, and further engagements with the brands K-Mart, for which Levine designed clothes, increased his fortune.

So the singer has a lot of other income besides music, so it’s not surprising that Levine has now amassed over $120 million in fortune.

Adam Levine And His Real Estate:

Anyone as rich as the American superstar can of course afford a correspondingly expensive home. Initially, Levine spent an estimated $ 5 million on a villa, which he sold for three times that amount a few years later. This was followed by a brief stint in a property that cost him $ 18 million and that he got rid of for the same price.

Not so long ago, then, he spent a handsome chunk of his fortune to give himself and his family the home they deserved. In the Los Angeles area, Levine has the staggering $ 35.5 million spent to give his wife (supermodel Behati Prinsloo) and child a wonderful home. Although the price consumes a large proportion of Levine’s fortune, seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a large pool and a guest house of its own make for enough compensation.

In early 2019, the singer and his girlfriend spent $ 32 million to buy the former home of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in the Pacific Palisades. Ben and Jen paid $ 17.55 million for the house in 2009. In total, Adam owns real estate in Los Angeles valued at at least $ 80 million.

Levine also likes to spend the money he earns on cars. His fleet includes a Ferrari 365 GTC and a classic Porsche 356.

The Career Of Adam Levine:

Adam Noah Levine was born on March 18, 1979 in Los Angeles. When he was seven years old, his parents divorced and sent their son for therapy. A superfluous measure, as Levine said: Although he had howled, screamed and kicked around when he found out about his parents’ divorce, he recovered within a few weeks and was able to live with it. He saw his mother on weekdays and spent the weekends with his father.

His mother exercised the musical influence, who was able to inspire her son for the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and Fleetwood Mac, among others. So it was no surprise that Levine was fascinated by music and had the big dream of one day getting rich as a musician himself. At school he met Jesse Carmichael and Mickey Madden,

During a period of rebellion, Adam Levine tried various drugs, but asserted that he had never misused them. After a negative experience with the sleeping pill zolpidem – Levine was unconscious for about an hour – he stopped using it.


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