Amidst the Crypto Hype, Google Closed to Create a Web3 Team

Amidst the crypto hype, Google closed to create a Web3 team

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The cloud unit of Google declared an internal team’s formation. They will be building services for developers of blockchain and those who will be running applications that are blockchain-based. It comes in the middle of a huge explosion of interest apart from activity or acceptance of crypto and tools of Web 3 from conventional economy sectors. Speaking of crypto, people are using since the trading experience can work differently for everyone, the process of choosing an asset can also depend on the user.    

Web3: Future infrastructure

  • Amit Zavery, Google Cloud’s vice president sent an email to his team.
  • He told them about the aim of making the platform of Google Cloud the only option for Web3 developers.
  • It is the cloud computing services suite of the company.
  • All projects related to Google run on this.
  • According to CNBC, the email had few mentions.
  • It included that as the world is still trying to embrace Web3, this market has already started to demonstrate huge prospects with various customers asking them to increase their Web3 support and also for technologies involving crypto.
  • Recently there was a survey involving Stack Overflow’s 595 developers. Based on this recent survey, 85 % of the participants are yet to create any software or apps that will use a blockchain.
  • Yet Google Cloud is all set to make it very convenient for developers to create apps of Web3 and also services making use of its tools. Thus everything may change soon.
  • One internal team with a great focus on the development of Web3 shows the commitment of Google to all innovations viewed in this space.
  • It too follows all creation of one digital assets team.
  • It was due to the huge interest in NFTs.
  • The vice president also mentioned that Google’s future moves may entail one system.
  • It will simplify access to data of blockchain and a simplified process to build and run transaction nodes that are blockchain-based.
  • So postings of new jobs appeared on the internal Grow tool of Google.
  • Many believe that the attention of Google to Web3 is not worthwhile.
  • Grady Booch the popular software engineer of America tweeted about this disappointment.
  • He said that it is all about wasting resources.

Web3 and Big Tech

  • The only giant of Big Tech is not Google which can have all its sights set on decentralized infrastructure’s future. Significant industry players like Amazon and Meta have also started their entry into the space with the involvement of Metaverse and interest in NFT.
  • Yet the challenge for the Big Tech’s cabal is within the Web3 space’s very ethos that they will enter.
  • The crypto world has been built off decentralized and peer-to-peer methods that surpassed surveillance along with the harvesting of data from many companies similar to Google.
  • For anyone having interaction with the space and having the intention of high freedom in this digital realm, the entry of giants such as Meta and Google may lead to some concerns.
  • To gain some advantage over Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and AWS in the current cloud wars, Google wished to offer some backend service to any developer who has an interest in making their software for Web3.
  • But according to one interview with CNBC and Zavery, the initial plans of Google intend to aid in the acceptance of innovative technologies of Web3.  
  • He also said that they are never trying to become part of that wave of crypto directly. They are offering technologies for many companies to make use of and gain all benefits of the Web3 distributed nature in their present enterprises and business.


The back-end cloud service of Google dims in comparison with that of Microsoft and Amazon. The new team will be helping increase growth in such an area where early offers could have better management of nodes and all data software that is a blockchain-based through a third-party application. It may be the start of the footprint of Google in the space of decentralization. If Google is capable of relinquishing hyper-centralization, then their bet for entry into the Web3 world may be significant. Everyone needs to wait for the formal announcement of Google cloud about its new team for Web3. Yet only the fact that they are working to make services for helping developers build all applications for Web3 can give the internet’s next version a great boost.


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