Basics Of Solar Hot Water System Sales & Install

Basics Of Solar Hot Water System Sales & Install: The price of hot water system sales and installation will vary depending on your level of mechanical and plumbing knowledge. Click here for more info to look at the various solar hot water system types and the uses for each.

Open or direct loop systems

The water used in this kind of system is often the same water you drink throughout. For practical purposes, this would be a passive system, which uses the water pressure from the home to circulate the water. If you reside somewhere with mild winters, these systems perform quite well.

Indirect or closed loop system

In closed loop systems, potable water is mechanically pumped through a system of pipes or tubes using freeze-proof liquids—such as glycol—that have been heated by the sun. Although it uses indirect solar heating, this system performs admirably in cooler regions.

Combining the two systems

There are numerous systems that employ both closed and open systems. Many people use solar collectors, which use the sun to heat a huge tank or a network of tubes. Using do-it-yourself methods, this type is simple to construct.

According to recent estimates, a family of four would require a solar collector that is 128 square feet in size and has a 150-gallon storage capacity. The estimated cost of this system ranges from $10,000 to $18,000, depending on a few factors including the installation of by-pass valves and the use of shut-off valves. Your builder could incorporate this into the building cost if you are building a new home, saving you money right away. But what if you already own a house? The suggestion is to create your own system.

Installing a do-it-yourself solar hot water system can benefit the environment. Electricity or natural gas are typically used to power hot water heaters. You are already ahead of most others if you are fortunate enough to locate the majority of your parts at a scrap yard for plumbing supplies or a rubbish yard. For about $200, you ought to be able to construct your own system. You should be able to expand on it in a few days because it is quite straightforward.

Innovation in the tubing

Recent advancements in high-temperature plastic tubing have led to ratings that surpass those of copper pipes. Most home improvement stores carry this kind of tubing, which is surprisingly less expensive than you might expect to pay.

The benefit of flexible tubing

Utilizing flexible tubing has the significant benefit of reducing the number of connection points to just two: incoming water and return water. If you construct your system using several piping connections, these extra connection points could cause issues after many years of service. Each manufacturer will specify the product’s bending radius.

Putting in by-pass valves

Installing many by-pass valves in your system is highly crucial. These valves are crucial for system upkeep or removing your solar collector from the system. In the event of freezing temperatures, this will reroute the water flow or bypass the solar system.

Employ tempered glass.

Using tempered glass will save you a tonne of time because it will shield your equipment from hail and strong storms.


These are just a few suggestions to help your installation go more smoothly and continue for many years without any significant issues. Visit the website at DIY Solar Hot Water Heater for more information if you’re interested in constructing your own system. Feel free to leave any comments you may have.


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