The 20 Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses In The World 2022

Most Beautiful Turkish Actresses In The World 2022

Beautiful Turkish Actresses In The World 2022: Turkish actresses have achieved internationalization thanks to the fact that in recent years, after the appearance of Netflix and other on-demand television services, Turkish productions have been able to reach audiences that were unthinkable until a few years ago.

Although the quality of its productions has proven to be at the level of the best productions in the world, the beauty and talent of its actresses is one of the elements that most attracts attention.

Beautiful Turkish Actresses In The World 2022

Hence, today, we can present the 20 most beautiful Turkish actresses in the world.

1- Hande Ercel

Surely we will see her very soon in some North American super-production and this is because this Turkish beauty is training as an actor in Los Angeles and has been taking English lessons to perfect her accent and language, so if she is clear about how far she wants to go.

The beauty and talent of this spectacular Turkish actress will surely guarantee her success and glory in many roles in the Hollywood industry.

2- Aslı Enver

She was born in England, the daughter of Turkish parents and she was nationalized in that country. She has spent most of her life there, where she has developed her professional career, even becoming a Turkish national.

Her talent and beauty have earned her multiple leading roles in soap operas, video clips, and movies, thus proving that she is much more than a pretty face.

3- Esra Bilgic

She has participated in more than 30 Turkish productions, becoming known for her incomparable talent and beauty. She is one of the most beautiful Turkish actresses in the world and also one of the most talented.

The look of this beautiful Turkish princess makes time stop and it is that few women in the world are possessors of such beauty.

4- Ayca Aysin Turan

Born in 1992, from a very young age she showed her talent and artistic inclinations, her family worried that she would learn to play the violin and venture into small acting roles.

Graduated in film and TV from the University of Istanbul, since 2011 she has participated in leading roles in Turkish film productions Ayça Ayşin Turan is synonymous with beauty and talent.

5- Bensu Soral

His face first appeared on Turkish television in the Yol Ayrimi series, an adaptation of Kemal Tahir’s book, which takes place in 1930s Turkey.

Sister of actress Tabien Hande Soral Bensu Soral She comes from a family linked to the artistic world. She was born in 1991 and is one of the most beautiful Turkish actresses in the world.

6- Beren Saat

She made her first artistic appearance in a reality show in 2014, today she is one of the highest-paid Turkish actresses.

The more than 14 audiovisual film and TV productions in which he has participated are the constant proof of his incredible talent.

7- Burcu Biricik

Born in 1989, her talent has earned her the status of the winner of multiple awards as an actress in her native land.

Movie, tv, and theater actress, this girl whose face seems sculpted by the gods was not only a beauty queen, but she is also a graduate in archeology, so her beauty is only compared to her intelligence, without a doubt she is one of the most beautiful actresses in Turkey.

8- Cansu Dere

This beautiful girl of Greek and Bulgarian origin is one of the most beautiful women in the universe, at least she was in the year 2000 when she managed to be the Turkish candidate to aspire to this title.

A Harvard University study says that the beauty of women reaches its zenith at 40 and this beauty is the absolute confirmation of this because with the passage of time it is more and more beautiful.

9- Deniz Baysal

She has studied acting since she was ten years old, so her youth is not synonymous with a short career.

This Turkish princess studied foreign trade and her multiple roles show her talent.

10- Ebru Sahin

For this beautiful Turkish actress and model, the sport has played a central role in her life and she graduated in sports from the university, however, life had plenty of fame and success in the field of the arts, so acting has been the path that you have traveled.

She is the protagonist of a novel broadcast in Latin America by the Telemundo network in which all South American viewers have been able to delight us with her talent and beauty.

11- Berguzar Korel

She is the daughter of two important Turkish actors, since her childhood she was involved in the artistic world, she is an actress and singer. One of her most important roles was that of sheresade in the Turkish television series Binbir Gece, thanks to this role she has achieved great projection as an actress.

This beautiful Turkish actress is also a singer and has even managed to record a very successful album, so talent and beauty are left out of any discussion.

12- Ceren Moray

Born on June 5, 1985, she is recognized for having a markedly naturalistic acting style.

From a very young age, she managed to work in the theater which led her to study for a degree in performing arts at a renowned university in Istanbul.

Her roles in soap operas have been massively accepted by the Turkish public so she is not only a beautiful woman but also a talented one.

13. Hazal Kaya

Possessor of particular and exotic beauty in which her green eyes are something like the jewel that adorns the crown of a spectacular crown.

This Turkish actress whose beauty is capable of stopping traffic on the busiest avenue in the world is one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the most talented actresses in Turkey.

14- Hilal Altinbilek

Her career is barely beginning and yet she has already given much to talk about not only because of her enigmatic beauty but also because of the talent she possesses.

This beauty confirms that Turkish actresses are among the most beautiful in the world.

15- Meryem Uzerli

This woman is the personification of beauty in the midst of so many beautiful women, her beauty stands out above all.

With her blue eyes like the Mediterranean sea and lips that seem to be about to pronounce the meaning of life, this beautiful Turkish-German actress and model is admired for her beauty and talent alike.

16- Neslihan Atagül

Winner of the best actress award at the Tokyo film festival and participant in one of the best-selling tv series in turkey, she is one of the most beautiful and talented women in that country.

His talent has earned him more than a dozen awards in honor of his talent in different film and TV productions.

17- Demet Ozdemir

There are those who say that humor is one of the most important traits of intelligence and this beautiful girl with almond-shaped eyes is a faithful example of it.

Demet is a Turkish actress who began her career as a dancer but has developed mainly in roles where comedy plays a fundamental role.

18- Farah Zeynep Abdullah

Halfway through our countdown of the most beautiful Turkish actresses in the world, we meet this blonde beauty whose beauty is akin to that of a Greek sculpture.

His partly French education as well as his acting and musical qualities have allowed him to develop a great career full of successes, achievements and awards for his talent.

19- Saadet Aksoy

Despite his young age, he has already managed to be a cinematographic reference, he was a jury at the international festival of Egypt, one of the oldest in the world.

He has also acted with other actresses such as Penelope Cruz in international productions.

Her blue eyes that are capable of electrifying the environment of the place where they look is just one of her many attributes, beauty and talent is what this beautiful Turkish actress has leftover.

20- Ozge Borak

She is one of those women whose beauty makes you feel at peace, it is as if when you see her you will reach the sky to land on a cloud.

Her light-filled gaze makes her one of the 20 most beautiful and talented Turkish actresses in the world.


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