The 10 Best Center Forwards in the World 2022/2023

Best Center Forwards in the World 2022

Best Center Forwards in the World 2022: We classify the best attackers on the planet of the moment. The center forward position is one of the most in-demand and his scoring ability is key to determining who is the best in the world.

Best Center Forwards in the World 2022/2023:

The demarcation attacker is possibly one of the most important positions in modern football. That is why we want to make a ranking of the best forwards in the world in which we will choose the most decisive players of the moment. We may miss out on a good player outside of the top 10, but they don’t all fit.

To make this classification we will be able to include very specific statistics unlike the ranking of the best center-backs in the world.

How Do we Make the Ranking of the Best Center Forwards (CD) in the World of the Moment 2022/2023?

There are forwards who contribute much more than goals to their team, making other teammates play, assisting and opening holes in rival defenses, defensive work …

  • Goals Per Game: 70%.
  • Attack Game: 30%.

The impact it has on game creation beyond assists. A clear example is Benzema.

CLARIFICATION: It is important that you know that we are talking about the position of pure center forward (CD). This means that we exclude players like Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah, Neymar Jr, Sterling, Mané… for not being their position. For this reason, only the cigars or the players who have played this course in that position are included. The list of center forwards present in TransferMarkt is taken as a reference to determine the players that can appear in our ranking.

10. Luis Muriel

  • Age: 30 – April 15, 1991
  • Current Team (2021): Atalanta.

Luis Muriel has completed one of his best seasons at the individual level in the 2020/2021 academic year. The Colombian player was heavily involved in the shortlist for the golden boot and, with his 22 goals in Serie A, finished the season in ninth position.

In the Copa América, Muriel was left dry, since he could not score a single goal in the contest. However, he was a key piece in the Colombian team that obtained third place in the tournament.

A detail to highlight is that the Colombian player managed to beat his own records by adding 26 goals in the season with 30 years. So if you continue at this level, you can continue to mature and could be on this list next year.

Luis Muriel Statistics (2020/2021):

Atalanta (20/21)PjGoalsAttendGoals/min
A series3622965′
Italy Cup512303′
Champions League730117′

9. Andre Silva

  • Age: 25 years – November 5, 1995
  • Current Team (2021): RB Leipzig

André Silva is one of the newcomers in this ranking after his great 2020/2021 season. The 25-year-old Portuguese had a year to remember at Eintrach in Frankfurt, prompting RB Leipzig to sign him in early July.

For this reason, this promising forward will have the necessary leadership to be able to shine in a team with even greater pretensions. than those of his previous team.

Without a doubt, André Silva has vindicated himself after having served a few seasons at a somewhat irregular level after so much was expected of him a few years ago. Today, he ranks among the best in the world after finishing fourth in the Golden Boot thanks to his 28 goals in the Bundesliga.

André Silva statistics (2020/2021):

E. Frankfurt (20/21)PjGoalsAttendGoals/min
DFB Cup212180′

8. Karim Benzema

  • Age: 33 years – December 18, 1987.
  • Current Team (2021): Real Madrid.

One more year, Karim Benzema has proven to be the great offensive star of Real Madrid despite the fact that the passage of time does not cease in the legs of the “Cat”. At 33 years old, Benzema has improved his records from last year, adding 30 goals throughout the season, 23 in LaLiga, six in the Champions League and one in the Spanish Super Cup.

This versatile player was the reference in attack for a Real Madrid that still cannot find a worthy replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo, who averaged 50 goals per season. However, Benzema continues to do everything possible to make the Portuguese forget.

As if that were not enough, his excellent level of form , added to the resolution of personal problems with Deschamps, made Benzema return to the French team, playing in the Eurocup and being a very important player.

Karim Benzema Statistics (2020/2021):

Real Madrid (20/21)PjGoalsAttendGoals/min
The league34239126′
Champions League1060140′
Copa del Rey100
Super Cup11088′

7. Gerard Moreno

  • Age: 29 years old – April 6, 1992.
  • Current Team (2021): Villarreal CF.

Gerard Moreno has had a dream season this year. The Spanish striker has found his best version at the top of the attack and his 30 goals prove it. While it is true that Moreno is a band player, his killer statistics and his strong influence in the area sneak into this ranking.

This year, thanks to his 23 goals in LaLiga , he remained in the highest positions in the fight for the Golden Boot, culminating the season in seventh position. In total, the Spaniard scored 30 goals during this season in which, in addition, it was fundamental in the UEFA Europa League that the yellow submarine won against Manchester United.

Gerard Moreno Statistics (2020/2021):

Villarreal (20/21)PjGoalsAttendGoals/min
Europa League1274125′
The league33237303′
Copa del Rey100

6. Romelu Lukaku

  • Age: 28 years old – May 12, 1993
  • Current Team (2021): Inter Milan

Another player who has touched the sky this season is Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian forward continues to prove that he made the right decision by opting to lead Inter Milan and, in the season in which Inter was finally able to lift the Serie A title again, Lukaku was the top scorer.

After a complicated and criticized stint at Manchester United, Lukaku has been at a magnificent level in Serie A for two years and his 24 goals in the domestic competition prove it. This season, he added all 30 goals, finishing the season in eighth position in the Golden Boot.

Romelu Lukaku Statistics (2020/2021):

Inter Milan (20/21)PjGoalsAttendGoals/min
A series362410120′
Italy Cup328115′
Champions League540111′

5. Harry Kane

  • Age: 28 years – July 27, 1993.
  • Current Team (2021): Tottenham.

Harry Kane has completed one of his best individual seasons at Tottenham Hotspur. The English forward ended the year being not only the top scorer in the Premier League, but also the top assistant in the championship.

All this, in a season in which he found his best partner in Heung-Min Son, the talented South Korean with whom he formed a partnership to remember. Between them, they added 64 goals this season, being one of the deadliest couples in the five major leagues.

In addition, Kane was the leader of the English team that managed to reach the final of the Eurocup in 2021. However, the painful loss to Italy is what prevents Harry from climbing more places in our ranking, as well as having a lower goal average than the other contenders.

Harry Kane Statistics (2020/2021):

Tottenham (20/21)PjGoalsAttendGoals/min
UEFA Europa League532103′
Clas. UEFA Europa League35139′
Premier League352314133′
FA Cup21099′
EFL Cup410290′

4. Erling Braut Haaland

  • Age: 21 years – July 20, 2000.
  • Current Team (2021): Borussia Dortmund .

Another year, Erling Braut Haaland shows us why he is called to be the new great star of world football. In a difficult year with Borussia Dortmund, Haaland continued to prove that the UEFA Champions League is his favorite competition and that, were it not for Robert Lewandowski, he would be the best striker in the entire Bundesliga.

The Norwegian forward completed one of the most spectacular seasons of his short career, averaging practically one goal per game and scoring at the major European events. However, he was duty-bound on some occasions and his inexperience and innocence typical of a player of his age in some cases comes out.

Beyond that, Haaland has room for improvement that has no ceiling. For this reason, it retains the fifth position in our ranking, waiting for it to make the leap to another league and demonstrate on the big stages that it has the wood to stand out in any team in the world.

Erling Haaland Statistics (2020/2021):

Bor. Dortmund (20/21)PjGoalsAttendGoals/min
DFB Cup431119′
Champions League821070′
DFL Super Cup11167′

3. Kylian Mbappe

  • Age: 22 years – December 19, 1998.
  • Current Team (2021): PSG.

Although it is true that Kylian Mbappé is a player who is normally associated with the bands, in recent months he has had to change his position to center forward due to the absence of some decisive teammates such as Neymar Jr.

TransferMarkt compiles the number of meetings in which the Frenchman has had to play in this position during his short career, showing that it is not only the position in which he scores the most goals. But it is also the position in which he has played the most in recent times.

Therefore, thanks to his impressive figures in the 2020/2021 season, we can speak of Mbappé as one of the best center forwards in the world today. Since, during this course, he added all 44 goals. In addition, with his 27 goals, he finished the season in fifth position in the fight for the Golden Boot.

Kylian Mbappé Statistics (2020/2021):

PSG (20/21) PjPjGoalsAttendGoals/min
Champions League1083112′
League 13127788′
Coupe de France57149′
League Cup320135′

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Age: 36 years old – February 4, 1985.
  • Current Team (2021): Juventus.

The Cristiano Ronaldo thing is, without a doubt, for the history books.The 36-year-old legendary player has played another season at a very high level despite failing to help Juventus win the Serie A title.

However, this goes beyond the impact or leadership of CR7. Since the Portuguese managed to add an enormous number of 35 goals throughout the course. Which made him the top scorer in Serie A with 29 goals.

Sadly for Cristiano Ronaldo, the dream of lifting the UEFA Champions League has been cut short again due to the uneven level of his team. However, with the return of Allegri to the Juventus benches, anything can happen.

Now, it is true that its presence in ranking in such a high position can generate some controversy. However, it must be remembered that the Portuguese is the oldest player of all those present in the ranking. For this reason, that a player of almost 40 years adds figures of this magnitude is something that we will not see again in the history of the sport.

Cristiano Ronaldo Statistics (2020/2021):

Juventus (20/21)PjGoalsAttendGoals/min
Champions League642142′
A series3329397′
Coppa Italy420180′

1. Robert Lewandowski

  • Age: 32 years old – August 20, 1988.
  • Current Team (2021): Bayern Munich.

Finally, the player who returns to take the crown as the best center forward in the world is none other than Robert Lewandowski. The Polish player has completed a frankly unrivaled season and only within the reach of some of the best strikers of all time.

Without a doubt, “Robert Lewangolski” has goal in his DNA, averaging the most goals scored in the five major European leagues and concluding the season with an impressive average of one goal every 54 minutes.

Thanks to his wonderful year, which scored all 46 goals, he has won the Golden Boot with record numbers, scoring 41 goals in the Bundesliga. For this reason, the Pole continues to be one of the favorites to lift, now, the Ballon d’Or.

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Undoubtedly, the great debt this year Polish was that the Bayern Munchen did not measure at UCL. However, it is fair to mention that Lewandowski missed an important stretch of the Champions League and, perhaps, with the Pole on the pitch things would have been different.

Robert Lewandowski Statistics (2021/2022)

Bayern Munich (2021/22)PjGoals
Champions League912

EXTRA: Once again, Luis Suárez has been left out of the top 10 of the best center forwards in the world because, although it is true that the Uruguayan was decisive in the Atlético de Madrid title, he did not add statistics better than those of any of the chosen players. Therefore, symbolically, it could occupy the eleventh position in the ranking of the best battering rams on the planet.


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