Top Best Countries To Emigrate In 2022

Best Countries To Emigrate In 202122

Best Countries To Emigrate In 2022 Fact, there can be many reasons why someone decides to leave their native country to emigrate to another; however, most likely all are summarized in “the search for a better future.”

Best Countries To Emigrate In 2022

Having an interest in emigrating can be to improve your economic situation, live in a place where your integrity is not in danger (in the case of refugees or political asylees), or simply when you are looking to live in a country whose culture, values ​​and beliefs adhere a lot better to yours.

Whatever the reason for wanting to emigrate, this is not a step that can be taken lightly, as it is very likely that this decision will turn your life 180 degrees. Therefore, making the wrong choice and emigrating to a country that does not meet your expectations could result in a great waste of time, money and peace of mind.

Whether you intend to do it temporarily or permanently, it is important that you carefully See all your options before getting on a plane.

That is why we want to help you in the process, sharing with you the list of the best countries to emigrate and some visa options to which you could apply.

1. Canada

Canada is known as a friendly and tolerant country, and is ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live.

Here, you and your family could enjoy great benefits in terms of safety, health care, housing, education and (last but not least) a lot of culture.

This country has the most stable banking system in the world and is one of the most peaceful places in the world.

If you are looking for a comfortable, beautiful and very safe place to live, where all immigrants and their varied cultures are not only accepted and respected, but also celebrated, Canada is the ideal option for you.

It also has a large number and variety of immigration programs that you can apply to, and it has 3 of the most livable cities in the world, which are: Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Under the direction of its President Justin Trudeau and the implementation of the new “Multi-Year Level Immigration Plan”, Canada expects to receive approximately one million new immigrants by 2020.

In addition to all this, keeping a Canadian passport (which is one of the most respected in the world) would allow you to visit up to 172 countries without the need to apply for a visa.

2. Australia

Today Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne are considered some of the most livable cities in the world, so Australia has much more to offer than just beaches and great weather.

Possessing great economic stability, a high level of education, a truly safe environment, good medical care and a comfortable lifestyle, this country has become one of the best options for migrants seeking to improve their quality of life.

Additionally, Australia maintains many facilities to obtain permanent residence within its Immigration Program, which is even easier if you are a student (this may change soon).


But while it is true that Australia has great benefits for those who wish to emigrate, it is important to mention that it is also considered one of the most expensive places to live and, therefore, the cost of the process to ensure residency or citizenship, is also high.


However, if you decide to study at a university in Australia, at the end you could apply for citizenship, having invested in your career only 25% of the total annual amount that the application for residence would cost you in the traditional way. In this way, you obtain in exchange not only your citizenship or permanent residence, but also a university degree of great international value.

Australia maintains many programs for international students, with most offering scholarships and job opportunities. Even a 2017 report shows that Australia hosts more than half a million international students every year and the results of job prospects and applications for visas and / or international residences are usually very positive, so that a large part of these students apply for the permanent residence at the end of their degrees.

3. Spain

Our first choice to reside legally in Europe, due to the facilities it provides in terms of immigrant opportunities for those who qualify.

For example, in addition to opening the doors to the option of nationalizing hundreds of thousands of Latin American descendants of Sephardic Jews, Spain has various Immigration Programs that are relatively easy to access, for the thousands of digital nomads who are already generating income online , as is the case of the Non-Profit Residence program, to which you can easily apply if you have enough income.

4. Germany

While it is true that the process of obtaining a permanent residence in this country can be quite complicated, it is full of history, modern cities (with impressive architecture) and other very beautiful places.

Another point in favor if you manage to find a legal way to reside in Germany is that it has a strong economy (one of the best in the world), a high level of education and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world; which makes him an excellent candidate for a new future abroad.

By the way, I think it is worth mentioning, is that its gastronomy and beer are the best you will taste in your entire life.

5. United Kingdom

If education and health are decisive factors in your choice of countries to emigrate, this could be the right option for you.

Another great advantage of being a legal resident of the UK is that you will have easy access to the national health service (which provides medical care for free).

Additionally, being in the middle of several European countries and having a passport that allows you to visit up to 175 different countries (without having to apply for visas) is not bad at all.

6. Switzerland

Switzerland has been ranked as the best country to live in the world on more than one occasion, which is probably because it maintains one of the strongest economies in the world.

With an almost zero unemployment rate, a highly trained armed force, many open businesses and different entrepreneurship programs, Switzerland has become one of the best options for those looking to grow in the professional field.


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