Best Crime Series on Netflix: 22 Series About Cops, Investigators, etc.

Best Crime Series on Netflix

Best Crime Series on Netflix: The favorite series is over, so you spend hours looking for the best new series and in the end the evening is over before the new favorite series is even found. It doesn’t have to be. You will find 22 best crime series on Netflix, which will make any boredom on the couch vanish and guarantee excitement, summarized for you here.

Best Crime Series on Netflix:

Here is the 22 Best Crime Series on Netflix.

1. Mindhunter:

Nowadays it is perfectly normal for the hunt for criminals to include the psychological background and behavioral patterns of suspects in the investigation. During the 1970s, however, the field of criminal psychology was still in its infancy. It is therefore not surprising that agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) encounter incomprehension within their staff at best when they try to analyze the patterns of serial killers in a scientifically sound manner.

“Mindhunter” draws its charm from the knowledge we viewers have over investigators from the 1970s. The show, which is based on the novel “The Soul of the Murderer” by John E. Douglas, scores particularly thanks to its excellent staging and the acting of its protagonists.

2. Bodyguard:

The opening scene of the first episode of “Bodyguard” is stuck, and the series never really eases off during its six-episode first season. The series premiered in the UK with overwhelming ratings before making its debut on Netflix.

She follows a police officer named David Budd (Richard Madden), who is charged with protecting the life of Conservative Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) amid a political crisis – the debate over how to deal with terrorism. David Budd’s personal life and background are slowly revealed as the series progresses, forcing viewers to keep wondering whether he is a true hero or a potential villain. If you loved the first season of Homeland, this show is for you.

3. Freud:

The famous philosopher and psychologist Sigmund Freud is an important figure in psychology and education to this day. This is also the case in the Austrian-German series named after him from 2020. The psychologist is working on a criminal case from Vienna at the end of the 19th century. The case is becoming more challenging and conspiratorial. With the help of a police officer and a spiritualist named Fleur Salomé, he tries to solve the murder.

The crime thriller series works in a special way with the psyche of the viewer. Spirituality and criminology meet in “Freud” as a historical crime thriller.

4. Making a Murderer:

The story of the US production “Making a Murderer” sheds light on the fate of Steven Avery, who was innocent in prison for a total of 18 years due to a miscarriage of justice. After the wrongly imprisoned sued the state for a compensation payment of 36 million US dollars after his pardon, he was shortly afterwards accused of murder and again put behind Swedish curtains.

The documentary series shows its viewers many original recordings of interrogations and court proceedings and gives us viewers the feeling of belonging to the investigative team ourselves. The production was created over a period of ten years and gives us an insight into a real thriller that shouldn’t leave anyone indifferent on the couch at home. The question of whether Steven Avery was innocently jailed again so that the state can avoid paying the multi-million dollar damages lies like a dark veil over the show’s 20 episodes.

5. When They See Us:

The Netflix in-house production “When They See Us” leads us viewers straight to a controversial criminal case that took place in 1989 in the United States. At the center of the act is Trisha Melli, who was brutally raped in New York’s Central Park. On the basis of the description of the perpetrators, five suspicious young men are subsequently arrested and imprisoned, even though they had nothing to do with the atrocity in reality.

The series, which is based on a true story, shows us the catastrophic consequences that serious legal errors can have for individuals. The omnipresent feeling of injustice spills over to us viewers thanks to the authentic presentation, so that during the entire four episodes of the mini-series we quickly fall into genuine despair due to the illegality of the judgment. For the embodiment of Korey Wise, the actor Jharrel Jerome was able to win a Primetime Emmy Award in the section “Best Actor – Miniseries or TV Film”.

6. Elite:

“Elité” is the story of a murdered high school girl. With flashbacks and insights into the school days and the social environment of the dead Marina, the story of the murder comes to the surface. Marinas Eilte High School students, one at a time, are suspected of murder while the true story of their lives is being told while in high school.

The series stands out for its extraordinary focus on the life of a high school girl. In this way, the story of the everyday school life of a murdered woman becomes an exciting and emotional detective story.

7. The Sinner:

“The Sinner” was published in 2017 and deals with the story of an innocent young mother who suddenly becomes a murderer, but without knowing what caused her to commit this heinous act. The facts speak against the main character, of course, but nevertheless a courageous police officer tries to uncover the background of the crime and to exonerate the protagonist.

While we can admire the actress Jessica Biel in the title role in the first season of the show, the second season of “The Sinner” tells a new, independent case that deals with the investigation of a mysterious double homicide.The narrative speed of the series picks up pleasantly as the story progresses, the puzzling circumstances of the cases always keep us viewers engaged and give us the opportunity to try ourselves out as investigators.

8. Sherlock:

We all know the famous stories about the master detective Sherlock Holmes and his loyal assistant Dr. Watson. The character invented by Arthur Conan Doyle has often been shown on the screen in various TV and cinema productions in the past few decades. Thus, a further adaptation of the popular book template would be nothing new in and of itself. However, the way in which the series makers of “Sherlock” stage their highly talented investigator is very different from all previous TV appearances of the nose.

In the show, which went on air in 2010, we don’t see the title hero in the rustic setting of Victorian London, but witness how the master detective goes on the hunt for criminals in the present day. The tricky cases that Benedict Cumberbatch solves in the role of Sherlock Holmes are designed to be exciting and atmospherically coherent. In addition, the British production also takes up the inner workings and backgrounds of its protagonists, which gives “Sherlock” a personal touch.

9. Fargo:

Anyone who liked the film “Fargo” from 1996 will also like the series of the same name from 2014, which is loosely based on the fabric of the canvas.

In terms of content, we are served an exciting mixture of murder, kidnapping and blackmail with the US-American work, which is conveyed by excellently crafted characters. The individual seasons of the show offer different stories and a changing cast, which gives the series an entertaining feeling that inspires us again and again with its fresh wind. The roles were cast with top-class actors. In “Fargo”, the viewer gets to see Kirsten Dunst and Ewan McGregor, among others, in addition to “The Hobbit” star Martin Freeman. The numerous plot twists and the pronounced black humor of the show ultimately make “Fargo” an entertaining TV experience that skillfully sweetened many a gray evening.

10. Marcella:

Former Commissioner Marcella returns to police work after the breakdown of her marriage, divorce and fresh start. She begins chasing a serial killer whom she tried to put behind bars a few years ago. The memories of the past allow the old anger and desperation in the fight against the murderer to come up again and so it intensifies itself further and further into the investigation of the murder cases – until it gets itself in the crosshairs.

With a strong, strong lead role, “Marcella” becomes a well-thought-out crime drama that remains exciting from start to finish with new storylines.

11. Criminal:

“Criminal” is about the criminal investigations of different countries and individual cases. Instead of the setting, however, the cast changes depending on the season: “Criminal: Deutschland” is a German production and revolves around the investigation of three cases that could not be more different. The three-person team of investigators tries to elicit the confessions from the respective accused in order to be able to reconstruct the individual events and to be able to close the case files.

With only a little equipment, this series brings the viewer right into the action of investigations in different countries. The unusual conception of the constant settings and changing crew of the investigators reinvents itself again and again and makes the series unique.

12. Better Call Saul:

When “Breaking Bad” was launched in 2008, the series created by Vince Gilligan triggered a real earthquake in the TV landscape. In addition to the rousing story about the former chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who has become a ruthless crystal meth mogul from lung cancer, it was above all the ingeniously written characters that pulled us so much under the spell of American production . One of the most popular supporting characters was without question the fickle lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).

With “Better Call Saul”, the lawyer was given his own spin-off in 2015, which brings the viewer closer to the background and the development of the shady legal advisor. Fans of “Breaking Bad” will be happy to see many well-known characters. But apart from the fan service, the series knows how to inspire completely thanks to its own charm, puns and dynamism.

13. Money Heist:

The classic crime series is regularly among the top 10 on the Netflix chart list. The biggest robbery in Spanish history is planned and carried out in a spectacular way in the media in “House of Money” by a man who calls himself a “professor”. More and more people are being manipulated. With the aim of fleeing with 2.4 billion euros, the Spanish police are influenced and the plan is becoming more and more complex in practice.

With 4 seasons “House of Money”, the story of the eight main actors is examined more and more and convinces with intelligent story writing in combination with precise film technology.

14. How to Get Away With Murder:

Annalize Keating teaches her student how to get away with murder as a professor at Middleton Law School and works intermittently as a criminal defense attorney on murder cases in her law firm. However, her everyday work is suddenly completely changed by unplanned murders by five of her students, whom she has chosen as helpers in her law firm. Using the example of the manipulative and strong approach of Annalize, a case must now be clarified in which everyone is involved.

The mystery classic “How to go away with murder” is a technical film highlight that intelligently maintains the tension, episode by episode, with a strong female lead and gloomy flashbacks of a murder case.

15. Unbelievable:

The sexual crimes of a lone perpetrator are told in the Netflix in-house production “Unbelievable” from the perspective of the victims in a woven story of several women. The leading actress Marie Adler is fighting desperately for the credibility of her story and is increasingly moving into the role of a liar. While she herself is little believed, police officers are investigating a similar case elsewhere, like the one from the stories of the girl who turned into a desperate young adult three years later. With emotional insights into the investigations of two police teams, the same sex crimes are examined in two different ways.

The numerous nominations speak for the quality of the crime drama “Unbelievable”. With emotions and special acting performance, the fate of abuse is presented to the victims in a dignified manner.

16. Broadchurch:

A team of investigators who come from a wide variety of backgrounds must jointly lead the sad and poignant murder investigation in a small village at “Broadchurch”. The 11-year-old Danny died in an unexplained manner and initially the whole village is under suspicion.

A classic thriller that portrays the police work in a murder case through a good story and rousing dialogues.

17. Jessica Jones:

The Marvel character Jessica Jones looks after a run-down detective agency in New York. With her special skills she is now supposed to solve the disappearance of a girl whose parents are looking for her daughter. Threatened by her competitor Kilgrave, however, she is always tense. When she meets the invulnerable Luke, her human side comes to the fore.

The science fiction thriller continues to spin the comic-based character of Jessica Jones from the Marvel series. This creates a unique combination of thriller, action and science fiction.

18. 13 commandments:

The police department works against time in the series “13 Commandments”: A serial killer gradually kills his victims in a bestial way. Based on biblical traditions, he torments those condemned to death by him without hesitation. The deeds of the murderer, who is now known as “Moses”, is now also prominent in public and is gaining more and more fans despite his bloodthirsty deeds.

The rough thriller production “13 Gebote” is not for the faint of heart, but hard to beat when it comes to tension. Released only from 16, the Belgian Netflix series will undoubtedly meet their expectations.

19. Narcos:

Based on the story of the Colombian drug giant Pablo Escobar, the historical thriller shows the rise of the drug cartel as a result of the drug cocaine, which became fashionable in the 1970s. The fight between the unscrupulous Mafia and the Colombian authorities is visualized with humor and from the point of view of Pablo Escobar and his associates.

A crime thriller with the popular motif of a drug dealer is perfected here. Not only is the story of one of the greatest drug lords of the past 50 years told – the series also gives unprecedented insights into the criminal system of the black market.

20. Safe:

In “Safe”, the crime writer Herlan Coban presents a French-British series about Tom Delaney from England, who lives in high circumstances. He lives with his family as a widower in a large house when his eldest daughter disappears without a trace. Suspicious news and secrets of her daughter come to light when the family man decides not to wait for the tough investigation by the police. The entire neighborhood also seems to have something to do with his daughter’s disappearance. Driven by his desperation, Tom Delaney’s investigation soon begins without the help of the police.

By means of film technology and emotional insights, this crime series becomes an exciting series that can score with good acting.

21. Ozark:

Although the financial advisor Marty Byrde has nothing to do with the criminal financial transactions of his colleagues and his best friend, he must atone for their actions in order not to be murdered by a vengeful drug lord. So he soon finds himself as an accomplice of the drug lord in the Ozarks to launder money. The idyllic landscape of the Ozarks, into which Marty has to flee with a new identity with his family in tow, turns out to be a hotspot for drug trafficking and money laundering, which the local police leave completely in the dark.

The dark mood and brutal story of the series has potential due to its extraordinary mixture of political conflict, financial know-how and drug-related crime, and it continues to convince with positive criticism on the internet.

22. Collateral:

In the golden age of series, it’s impossible to see it all, but here’s a series that you can watch in a very limited amount of time and get maximum satisfaction in return: Collateral. The four-hour limited series produced by the BBC is by writer David Hare (The Hours) and director SJ Clarkson (Jessica Jones).

Carey Mulligan plays a confident and charismatic detective in London whose job is to solve the murder of a pizza delivery man who may be an immigrant or a refugee. A Robert Altman-like ensemble sets the stage for this story, but at the end of the four hours you’ll be amazed at how well the storylines of all the different characters fit together. This is a series that delves deep into immigration and racial tensions in a post-Brexit England, while maintaining a sense of joy and humor so as not to despair the viewer like some other British dramas.

The show is immensely compelling, extremely satisfying, and Mulligan does a damn good lead actress who is a little reminiscent of Fargo’s Marge Gunderson. And it’s only four hours long! This is an incredibly easy recommendation.


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