Top 10 Best Crime Series on Netflix That Not Everyone Knows

Best Crime Series on Netflix

Best Crime Series on Netflix: Crime is probably the most popular TV series genre of all. Series classics like “Columbo” still find enthusiastic audiences today. With “Twin Peaks” the genre was also a pioneer of today’s dominant series formats, which tell a continuous story over one or more seasons.

Best Crime Series on Netflix

Since crime thriller fans – like all series junkies – are insatiable, we went in search of good series material in the shallows of. We interpreted the term crime thriller or crime drama in a more classic way, i.e. (mostly) preferred the investigator’s perspective.

10. Bodyguard (season 1):

The British crime drama “Bodyguard” is one of the most successful BBC series in recent years. Richard Madden, known as Robb Stark from Game of Thrones, plays the traumatized war veteran and police officer, David Budd. He lives separately from his wife and children, but he takes his job very seriously.

When he is promoted to the personal bodyguard of the British Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes), he gets caught in a vortex of political intrigue and ultimately even in the crosshairs of a conspiracy.

9. Unbelievable (season 1):

This great crime drama, based on a true case, is one of the best Netflix series of 2019 and an exciting crime series: One of the storylines follows the victim of a rape, the teenage Marie Adler (Kaitlyn Dever), standing in the second storyline, the two police investigators Grace Rasmussen (Toni Collette) and Karen Duvall (Merritt Wever) take center stage. In the first case, the police of the problematic youth do not believe their story.

The insecure girl withdraws her complaint and has to live with the consequences of the stigmatization. At the same time, Rasmussen and Duvall are investigating several unsolved rape cases in another state, in which the perpetrator behaved exactly as Marie reported.

8. The Fall (seasons 3):

The BBC series “The Fall” caused quite a stir in Great Britain and caused fantastic audience ratings. Gillian Anderson , known from ” The X-Files “, as London investigator Stella Gibson hunts a serial killer in Belfast who is after attractive young women.

It is clear from the start who the serial killer is: The psychopathic family man Paul Spector ( Jamie Dornan ) is given just as much time as the investigator. The series has therefore often been criticized as misogynist and (aesthetically) glorifying (sexual) violence, although Anderson has taken on a thoroughly feminist role again with Gibson: the investigator reveals herself from the sexist world of men at the Belfast police station completely unimpressed. But on the other hand, the series delivers a character study of the almost likable serial killer. The partially justified criticism does not change the fact that “The Fall” is a crime drama for genre fans that is well worth seeing.

7. Bordertown (season 1):

The focus of the eleven-part crime series from Finland is the chief detective Kari Sorjonen ( Ville Virtanen) and his family. After his wife became seriously ill, the chief investigator of the criminal police decided to take it easy in the future.

He moves to the tranquil town of Lappeenranta on the Russian border with his wife Paulina and daughter Janina. His family should come to rest there. But still waters run deep: no sooner has the new police chief started work than murders keep him busy. It soon turns out that there is a connection between the murders and that a serial killer is apparently up to mischief in the town.

6. The Sinner (seasons 3):

Cora Tannetti ( Jessica Biel ) stabs a man completely unknown to her on the beach in an uncontrolled fit of anger. There is no doubt about their perpetration, but the motive is a mystery. For the investigating detective Harry ( Bill Pullman ), however, some things do not fit together in the case. He doesn’t trust Cora to do it. But she undoubtedly did it. Ambrose therefore begins to rummage through Cora’s past and tries to find answers from her strictly religious family.

The eight-part miniseries tells a complete story. In the second and third (from February 6, 2020 on Netflix) seasons, Bill Pullman as Harry Ambrose each solves a new mysterious murder case.

5. American Crime Story (seasons 2):

Where is the tension in a TV series about a world-famous criminal case that was followed and cannibalized by all media in the USA? Anyone who goes into the first season of “American Crime Story” with this point of view will be surprised. However, the series by producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk is more of an exciting court drama than a crime series. The makers of “American Horror Story” and “Glee” stage this drama in the usual exciting way. The focus is not on OJ Simpson ( Cuba Gooding, Jr.), but on defense attorney Johnnie Cochran ( Courtney B.Robert Shapiro ( John Travolta ) and the entourage of advisors to the defendant.

The second season of the anthology series on US broadcaster FX is even better. This time it’s about the murder of the fashion designer Gianni Versace. This spectacular criminal case will also be rolled out in the usual exciting way in front of the audience. Two more seasons of the series are already in development.

4. The Forest (season 1):

Just as Gaspard Decker (Samuel Labarthe) starts his new job as police chief in the small village of Montfaucon, a 16-year-old girl disappears in the nearby forest. Together with the local police officer Virginie Musso ( Suzanne Clément ), the former soldier starts the investigation.

After a find in the forest, the teacher Eve Mendel (Alexia Barlier) offers her support, because she too had a traumatic experience in the forest in her past. The six-part mini-series from France has some dark surprises in store.

3. Marcella (seasons 2):

Everything in the crime thriller by the Swedish screenwriter Hans Rosenfeldt (“Die Brucke”) is mysterious and unexplained. Already in the pilot episode of “Marcella” it becomes clear that with the eponymous commissioner Marcella Backland (Anna Friel) some things are wrong.

She is prone to outbreaks of violence, followed by gaps in memory. There is no question that the woman is in a life crisis: her husband has left her and the two children (who live separately from her in the boarding school) after a long marriage. Now, after 12 years, she is returning to her job with the London Homicide Squad. At that time she gave up her promising career for her husband and family. More than stupid. But it gets even better: as soon as Marcella is back in the office, Marcella is assigned to one of her old cases. A new series of murders bears the same signature. Is the killer active again or is it a copycat offender? The highly unstable investigator is on dangerous ground.

2. Fallet (season 1):

The eight-part crime comedy from Sweden is a parody of the popular Nordic crime series such as “The Killing”, “Die Brücke” or “Marcella”, which are summarized as “Nordic Noir”. In the Swedish town of Norrbaka, a British citizen is murdered in a macabre manner: the man is found hanging on a tree, stabbed, drowned and split in two, a Bible pressed to him.

Swedish investigator Sophie Borg ( Lisa Henni ) and British colleague Tom Brown ( Adam Godley) work together. She’s hardy, he’s more of a rabbit’s foot. But what connects the different police officers is that the two pesky pains are on their superiors’ hit list. This case is your last chance. The result is an entertaining and (thanks also to the only 30-minute episodes) entertaining crime parody that combines tension and humor.

1. Seven Seconds (Season 1):

In the crime drama “Seven Seconds” by “The Killing” creator Veena Sud, nothing is just black or just white. Especially not the truth. It always consists of many shades of gray. Black, however, is the boy whom the white policeman Pete Jablonski (Beau Knapp) runs over during a hectic drive to his wife in the maternity ward.

He immediately calls his colleagues to the scene of the accident. But they fear the racist allegations that the accident could result in the police. The colleagues therefore persuade Pete to cover up the accident and to flee from the scene of the accident. This triggers a series of fatal entanglements. The accident turns into a crime.


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