The 20 Best Fantasy Series on Netflix

Best Fantasy Series on Netflix

Best Fantasy Series on Netflix: We all sometimes feel the desire to escape from our gray everyday life and immerse ourselves in a fairytale world in which fantastic adventures and fascinating stories await us. There are many ways that can lead us to the land of monsters and wizards, but typically we choose the numerous series productions of the genre that are currently on the Netflix streaming service. We have selected the 20 best fantasy series on Netflix for you and use our list to show you that the topic has much more to offer than the well-known elves and trolls. Have fun with our selection!

1. The Witcher:

The Polish-American co-production “The Witcher” started in 2019 and takes its viewers into a dark fantasy world based on a book series by the author Andrzej Sapkowski. The focus of the production is the mysterious witcher Geralt von Rivia, who is played in the series by Henry Cavill. The loner belongs to a species that is dying out and roams an elaborately staged, fairytale-like setting.

During his journey, the title hero has to deal with all kinds of magical companions and enemies, and in general “The Witcher” touches all fantasy areas within its presentation that friends of the genre can only imagine. The storytelling of the show is pleasantly complex, so different time levels are presented, the chronology of which only reveals itself as the program progresses. “The Witcher” convinces with its enormous depth. In production, not only are monsters slaughtered and heroes celebrated, but the backgrounds of the protagonists and the world are also illuminated.

2. Stranger Things:

Shortly after “Stranger Things” appeared on the market in 2016, it was clear that Netflix’s in-house production would be one of those series that the scene calls “Game Changer”. The show sets its plot in the 1980s and initially deals with the mysterious disappearance of a boy and the subsequent search for the child. In the course of the story, more and more mysterious abysses open up that cannot be logically justified from a human perspective.

“Stranger Things” shines with its excellent cast, which is mainly supported by the excellent performance of its very young actors. The equipment and setting of the show are probably among the best that the series landscape currently has to offer. The coherent soundtrack is the proverbial cherry on the sundae and plays its part in making the fantasy series, which is permeated by countless references, an outstanding work of art.

3. Black Mirror:

The approach of “Black Mirror” can safely be described as unique. The producers of the show present individual, independent stories within their episodes, which deal primarily with the advancing mechanization of everyday life and its consequences for the coexistence of people. The top-class episodes deal with topics such as mistrust, growing up and love by placing these aspects in a context that is pervaded by all sorts of technical gadgets. For example, memories can be made visible or entire personalities can be transferred to other objects.

“Black Mirror” is undoubtedly not a shallow evening entertainment, but a show that stimulates thought through its otherness. The episodes have a long lasting effect and raise fundamental questions about the future development of mankind in the audience.

4. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:

If you are children of the 90s too, then the name “Sabrina Spellman” should not be alien to you. Some time ago, the blonde witch was given a casual sitcom and also found herself at the center of a child-friendly cartoon series. However, the adaptation from 2018 pulls significantly darker strings than its predecessor.

Of course, the eponymous protagonist is at the center of the story this time too, in which case she is embodied by Kiernan Shipka.However, in addition to its coming of age elements, the story also drifts again and again into the realm of horror and knows how to entertain with gruesome scenes and real jump scares. The series manages to combine deep fantasy components with the confusion of growing up without losing focus on the magical core of the story.

5. Attack on Titan:

In contrast to many western productions, the corresponding cartoon series from the Japanese area are characterized by their gloomy presentation, which is aimed entirely at an adult audience. So in “Attack on Titan” there are no colorful mice or loosening up singing, but one of the last bastions of mankind, which hides behind a huge wall from the attacks of gigantic monsters.

The anime shines with its excellent visual workmanship, which means that the viewer has to deal with fear with a certain regularity in the face of the superhuman threat from the titans. The series is also suitable for those viewers who otherwise have little to do with the animation series from Japan and also offers an excellent introduction to the world of exciting fantasy anime.

6. Outlander:

“Outlander” can safely be described as a mixture of time travel flicks, history series, romance and fantasy. Essentially, the genre hodgepodge relates to the fate of the main character Claire (Caitriona Balfe), who first patches up wounded soldiers as a hospital nurse in World War II and then travels 200 years into the past through a mysterious event. While the protagonist has already found the man for life in “her” time, she tied up with a Scottish warrior in the 1740s and from then on stood between two chairs.

The show, the content of which is based on a book, has a nice show value and presents the inner turmoil of its title character without digressing into the realm of kitsch.

7. The Dark Crystal: Era of Resistance

If you’ve had enough of exuberant CGI effects and soulless, computer-animated mythical creatures, then you should definitely take a look at “The Dark Crystal”. The program deals with the history of the film of the same name from the 80s, for which Muppets inventor Jim Henson was responsible. The show goes back to the cinematic roots of fantasy and presents its protagonists in the form of puppets.

In combination with the coherent practical effects, “The Dark Crystal” has a unique look that inimitably transports the story of an oppressed planet.

8. Altered Carbon – The Immortality Program:

Oh yes, the future! Who does not know it? Dystopian states and the possibility of digitally storing one’s consciousness and transferring it to other bodies. Roughly speaking, that is the starting point that is served to us in the “Altered Carbon” series.

In addition to the great cyberpunk backdrop, which will delight all friends of the genre, the show lives from its exciting story, the focus of which is a large-scale plot. Due to its science fiction elements, the Netflix series has a variety of possibilities to cast a spell on viewers. In addition to the great look, the production also offers depth in terms of content and manages to raise moral questions without asking them too clumsily and with a raised index finger.

9. Locke & Key:

Keys open locks. So far, so banal. The locks that are opened in the US series “Locke & Key”, however, differed greatly from the rusty counterparts that we know from our everyday lives. The siblings Tyler, Kinsey and Bode have to come to terms with the traumatic experience of witnessing the murder of their father with their own eyes. Together with mother Nina, the Locke family then moved to an orphaned house in Massachusetts. Here the title characters gradually find a number of mysterious keys that seem to have magical abilities and can even open the portal to another world. It doesn’t take long before a nasty adversary reveals herself, who in turn tries to get the enchanted keys by force.

At the beginning, “Locke & Key” needs a little more time to start before the series really gets going. The initially leisurely pace of the narration also allows the audience to immerse themselves in the well-equipped show at their own pace, before the magical game finally develops a thrilling dynamic of its own.

10. Vampire Diaries:

“Vampire Diaries” ran between 2009 and 2017 and during this time it was able to gain a firm place in the hearts of all viewers who have a penchant for vampire stories in the present day. The spotlight of the show falls initially on the schoolgirl Elena (Nina Dobrev), who moves in with her aunt after a difficult family blow. When the mysterious Stefan (Paul Wesley) arrives at the protagonist’s school, the heroine has no idea that the charming teenager is actually an ancient vampire who has been an attractive man for several centuries.

The show, which thanks to its staging offers entertaining fantasy entertainment, should especially hit a nerve with fans of the young at heart and has also received countless “Teen Choice Awards”.

11. The Umbrella Academy:

Reginald Hargreeves is a billionaire egoist who makes seven children his own in “The Umbrella Academy”, all of whom are endowed with fantastic superpowers. The curmudgeon sees his pupils more as cattle than as lovable offspring. In the course of the story, the teenagers are ultimately trained to become real superheroes and ultimately have to save humanity from an impending catastrophe.

The series is based on a popular comic and draws its charm from the exciting constellation of its characters, who always seem to be connected by an invisible bond, even if the paths of the title heroes separate.

12. Dark:

The German series “Dark” proves to us viewers that productions from our home Federal Republic can also keep up with the much acclaimed genre greats from overseas. The fictional small town of Winden serves as the setting for a series of inexplicable events within the show, all of which are related to an ominous nuclear power plant.

We don’t want to withhold from you that “Dark” makes certain demands on its audience. The production comes with a high level of complexity, the connections of which are not always apparent to the audience at first glance. However, if you follow the program carefully, “Dark” is a rousing, exciting evening entertainment that preprogrammes extensive binge watching sessions.

13. Dracula:

Speaking of vampires, we don’t want to leave out the forefather of all pointed-toothed fluttering men. “Dracula” by Bram Stoker is generally regarded as the prime example among the undead and can now look back on a history that is more than 100 years old. In the 2020 miniseries, the bloodsucker portrayed by Claes Bang is fully at the center of the plot.

The gloomy look of the late 20th century, the great costumes and the pleasantly timed narrative speed make the three episodes of the show a delicious, blood-drenched fantasy bite for in between.

14. The Order:

“The Order” has been running on Netflix since 2019 and particularly highlights the dark side of the fantasy genre. The show, which is produced in the United States, is about Jack Morton (Jake Manley), who infiltrates a magical secret society to avenge the death of his mother. As the protagonist gets to the heart of the occult circle, all kinds of secrets are revealed to him. The war between magicians and werewolves will also play an increasingly central role in “The Order” as the story progresses.

Although the show does not offer any groundbreaking innovations within its presentation, it is solid through and through and will therefore not disappoint any fan of the topic.

15. Merlin – The new adventures:

Those of you who are at home in the world of fantasy will certainly have heard of Merlin before. The stories about the mythical magician have existed for many centuries and have since been adapted in all kinds of novels and TV productions.

The series “Merlin – The New Adventures”, which went on air in 2008, joins this ranks seamlessly and takes its fans into a medieval Camelot, headed by the legendary King Arthur. Fate foresees that the idiosyncratic sorcerer’s apprentice and the royal rulers run into each other and are henceforth united by a close bond.
“Merlin” offers fantasy food in its purest form and serves everything in terms of content and visuals that the fan heart desires. This makes the production a safe tip for all friends of the genre.

16. Shadowhunters:

Shadowhunters don’t have it easy! Not only that the members of the venerable secret society were entrusted with the demanding task of ensuring law and order in a world populated by werewolves, demons and vampires, no, the squabbles among the Shadowhunters themselves keep causing explosives. We enter the magical world of the series together with the teenage girl Clary (Katherine McNamara), who learns at the beginning of the show which path fate actually holds for the young protagonist.

The harmonious fantasy elements are complemented in “Shadowhunters” by the tense interaction of the actors, which gives the darkly tinged show a high entertainment factor.

17. Van Helsing:

Van Helsing is without a doubt one of the most famous vampire hunters that the field of fantasy has produced in the course of history. In the series from 2016, however, we do not get to see the famous Dracula adversary, but his descendant Vanessa (Kelly Overton), who now cleans up everything that gasps, moans and sucks blood.

In addition to the apocalyptic dramaturgy, the show also has many loosening scenes and even offers space for some funny elements.

18. Disenchantment:

“Disenchantment” comes from the pen of “Simpsons” inventor Matt Groening and approaches the field of fantasy in a refreshing, unconventional way. The cartoon series, which has been flickering across the screen since 2018, shines with its humorous elements and also skilfully targets many clichés of the genre.

In medieval Dreamland, Princess Bean, the demon Luci and the elf Elfo have to deal with a multitude of different adventures.The individual episodes are pleasantly short with a running time between 22 and 36 minutes. While many series require their viewers to get used to a certain amount of time in order to fully open up the presented characters and the fairytale worlds, “Disenchantmet” is characterized by its easy accessibility.

19. V Wars:

We would like to present you “V Wars”. The 10 episode show is about the war between humans and vampires and is therefore typically extremely dark.

The tension-laden sequences are only surpassed by the gruesome interludes, which gives the audience a feeling of thrill on the couch at home.

20. Good Witch:

In “Good Witch” fantasy is combined with dramedy. What at first appears to be a mixture that takes getting used to, turns out to be a successful mix.

The series, which so far has 53 episodes in 5 seasons, offers its characters a stage on which to develop in a comprehensible manner. “Good Witch” is sometimes touchingly melancholy and manages to put ourselves in the protagonists’ shoes after only a short time.


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