The Best Fighters Of The UFC 2022 Season: MMA fighters

Best Fighters Of The UFC 2022

The Best Fighters Of The UFC 2022 Season: These martial arts professionals are characterized by their disciplinary perseverance, their important records, and have won world championships.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to mixed martial arts, we must talk about the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). This event is responsible for bringing together the best talent of this genre worldwide. And it is that since 1993 you can enjoy various combat disciplines such as Taekwondo fighting, boxing, muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu karate, judo and sambo. Continue reading that in this article you will know which are the fighters of UFC 2022.

It is valid to highlight that this type of martial arts event has a regulation. First of all, the rounds can vary according to the level of competition. For example, if it is called non-main fights, 3 rounds should be done. Championships now last for 5 rounds. In any case, they have a break between rounds for only 1 minute.

In this sense, the UFC fighters must fight without shoes and have shorts approved. The use of a jockstrap, mouth guard, and lightly padded gloves are essential to fight and protect yourself from the opponent. These martial arts can be seen both on live TV and via streaming on the Internet. It can be said that most of the confrontations are carried out in the United States.

The best fighters of the UFC 2022 season: MMA fighters

Throughout these confrontations, many recognized talents in the world have passed. And it is that also according to the level of fame will be the figure that they will charge for each game. Therefore, it is necessary to highlight who are the best fighters of UFC 2022.

It should be noted that the biggest events of the UFC 2022 can be seen online and totally free. For this reason, we have left for you a list of the best portals where you can watch UFC 2022 online for free and on live TV.

Kamaru Usman

His true intention is to become a pound-for-pound world wrestling winner. Born in Nigeria, he has been ranked number 1 of the best fighters that this important championship has had in all time. His most recent win was in 2020 at the 251st edition of the UFC. He is considered one of the best UFC welterweight fighters in MMA.

Dustin Poirier

Of American origin, Dustin Poirier has been recognized as an interim champion of the UFC in lightweight. At the age of 20, he was already a professional fighter and since then he has been perfecting the technique. At UFC 2022 he is ranked Number 8 in the pound-for-pound ranking. He has gained high prestige proving to be one of the best fighters in this competition.

Islam Makhachev

This talented Russian gained recognition for winning a Combat Sambo world championship. In 2021 he claimed two wins at lightweight. In the 2022 season, he competes for lightweight among the UFC fighters. He, therefore, is known to be a great professional in mixed arts.

Brandon Moreno

His greatest achievement is being the first Mexican to win the UFC. This fighter has made history in the history of the UFC and currently competes in the flyweight category. He is characterized by having a high sense of perseverance and discipline that, without a doubt, has taken him very far. Throughout his career, he has won important records that have gradually taken him to the top of success.

Ciryl Gane

This French talent participates in the UFC in the heavyweight category. To his credit, he has many titles as a winner. In fact, he’s already ranked No. 8 in heavyweight. In less than 10 years he has achieved great recognition as a fighter.

Rose Namajunas

After becoming the first woman to regain the UFC championship, the Lithuanian-American, Rose Namajunas, has taken it upon herself to show what she is made of. The double champion of the UFC, she is currently considered one of the best fighters in the genre and is ranked Number 3 pound for pound.

Beneil Dariush

Born in Hamadan, Iran, Beneil Dariush is a professional lightweight martial artist who is currently ranked #3 in the UFC competition. He has won many awards for his effort and dedication. His big debut was in 2014 and he has taken it upon himself to build his own path of success among the UFC fighters this season.

Charles Oliveira

He is one of the best champions in the world who is currently ranked number 5 in the pound for pound and among the most outstanding fighters in the UFC. And it is that this Brazilian fighter has won multiple championships and in 2010 he was recognized as the best prospect in Brazil. There is no doubt about his great talent in martial arts.

Terrance McKinney

It has been considered an exemplary wrestling model. So far this year he has already completed at least 4 times which makes him a totally inspiring prospect within the martial arts. He has had brilliant participation with an overwhelming force that makes him one of the most important UFC fighters of recent times.


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