Best Free Kick Takers In The World 2022

Best Free Kick Takers In The World 2022

Best Free Kick Takers In The World 2022: Fouls, free kicks, or direct kicks are an art that only some footballers can exploit in a satisfactory, beautiful, and effective way. In general, many of the  Best Free Kick Takers in history have been characterized by mastering one aspect or another of this art.

In short, it is easy to name these aspects if we put them in such basic terms as finesse, speed, power, placement, or simply liveliness. However, the really difficult thing is to master each and every one of these aspects to be able to nail all kinds of direct occasions into the angle.

Best Free Kick Takers In The World 2022

10. Daniel Parejo

The tenth place in our ranking goes to a player who never tires of teaching with the ball at his feet. Dani Parejo is a player born to shoot fouls and to generate play based on them.

Despite having lowered his effectiveness a bit, Parejo remains one of the most lethal players in LaLiga Santander when taking a direct free kick.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

The ninth place in our ranking goes to one of the best players of all time: Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker from Juventus has been improving year after year like a good wine.

However, his statistics as a free-kick taker have been rather sour over time. He went from being a very effective pitcher at Manchester United and in his early years in Madrid to living a real Russian roulette when it came to hitting him. However, every time inspiration comes, he is able to score real goals (like the one he scored against Spain in 2018).

8. Bruno Fernandes

The Premier League sensation is also a true free-kick master (and his recent strike against Liverpool attests to that). This great player has been in charge of turning his team’s free hits into poisoned daggers.

Whether he throws a very dangerous cross or tries to hit the target, one thing is for sure: if Bruno Fernandes takes the foul, you have already scored half a goal.

7. Dominik Szoboszlai

The youngest footballer on our list is none other than Leipzig’s new big star, Dominik Szoboszlai. This Hungarian player has surprised locals and strangers with his great talent and ability to understand the game despite his young age.

In the free kick section, although he has a lot to improve, he reminds us of Hakan Çalhanoğlu in his early days. Lots of power, very good punch and a killer curvature. If he gets better, we could be talking about him as the best in the world in this matter.

6. Neymar

Neymar is a player who needs no introduction. The Brazilian star knows how to play and makes everyone around him play. However, in free throws, he has nothing to envy the best in the world.

Despite not having exceptional technique, Neymar knows where to place the ball and is a master at making it reach its destination. Therefore, it is noteworthy.

5. James Rodriguez

James Rodríguez is a player who is living a second youth under the orders of Carlo Ancelotti. The Colombian player, when he is well, has one of the best left-handers on the planet.

Therefore, in the section on free throws, it is impossible not to mention James’s delicacy in placing the ball where he wants it.

4. Trent Alexander

Trent Alexander-Arnold, in addition to being, for us, the best right-back in the world, is also a teacher in various sections of the game. In terms of free throws, Trent has been in charge of launching true wonders of free kicks that have ended in the back of the net.

It should be noted that all this he does from the difficult position of the winger and that the vast majority of his goals with the Red team have been through this route. For this reason, added to his youth, we can affirm that Trent is one of the best in the world.

3. Hakan Calhanoglu

The player who opens our top three is none other than Hakan Çalhanoğlu. This Turkish AC Milan player has been proving to us for years that he has the potential to be one of the best free-throw shooters of our time.

In terms of power, placement and effectiveness , there are very few capable of matching the Turk. For this reason, and with the difficulty of standing out in a sunken club (although they are currently reborn) like Milan, we highly value Hakan’s impact on the art of fouling.

2. James Ward Prowse

The second place in our ranking goes to a player who may not sound familiar to many football lovers. However, Premier League fans could already smell that James Ward-Prowse was a player who would be in the top three of this ranking.

Currently, the Southampton player is probably the best direct free kick taker in the entire Premier League. As in the case of Hakan, it is more difficult to stand out in a second-line club, making Ward-Prowse’s merits worthy of praise.

In addition, after the departure of Højbjerg from Soton, Ward-Prowse took over the captaincy of the club at the age of 26 and with his direct fouls has led his team to the top of the table.

1. Lionel Messi

How could it be otherwise, Lionel Messi is the best free-kick taker today. Despite the fact that the Argentine had a long period without scoring from a direct free-kick, his effectiveness, impact and importance have been practically unattainable.

In terms of technique, it may be that Messi is not the most virtuous, but like Neymar, Leo knows how to place the ball where he knows that the goalkeeper does not arrive and that type of action is only available to the greatest.

For all this, for us, Messi is still the best free-kick taker today. However, this could change in any part of the season. Who do you think deserves the lead? Do you agree with our choice? Let us know your opinion in the comments section!


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