The 10 Best Left Backs In The World 2022/2023

Best Left Backs In The World 2022

Best Left Backs In The World 2022: Making an unstoppable team requires having a squad that covers all the lines.

Best Left Backs In The World 2022/2023:

That is why we analyze which are the best left-backs in the world today in an increasingly demanding and specialized position. Not only are we going to assess whether the footballer attacks or not, but in today’s modern football, top-tier teams need long lanes to attack.

How Do We Rank the Best Left Backs?

Making classification of such a specific position is not an easy task. Left-backs are less common due to the number of left-handed players, but you can get a good classification with the best of this position.

  • Tactical: 40%.
  • Physical and Technical: 30%.
  • Character: 30%.

Choose the Best Left Back in the World

10. Ben Chilwell (Chelsea FC)

Ben Chilwell became one of the most expensive full-backs in history after his massive move to Chelsea in the summer of 2020. At the time, Chelsea signed the most promising English full-back in the Premier League and, after just one year, its impact has begun to be felt at Stamford Bridge.

‘Chilly’, as his colleagues, friends and colleagues know him by profession, has shown game by game that his projection does not seem to have a ceiling and, after a somewhat complicated start, he has begun to show why Chelsea paid 55 million for him.

In 2020/2021 Premier League, Ben Chilwell played in all 27 games, in which he was able to score three goals, gave five assists, averaged 81.4 hits and generated 1.1 key passes per game. In the defensive section, he contributed to a zero goal nine times.

9. Marcos Acuna (Sevilla FC)

Marcos Acuña arrived at Sevilla FC with the complicated task of replacing a Sergio Reguilón who had played his best season as a professional in the Seville team. At first, the Argentines had a somewhat weak start. However, at the end of the season, he showed that he is one of the best in the championship and even on the continent.

As if that were not enough, at the end of the season, Acuña was one of those summoned by Scaloni to play the Copa América and, after a tournament at a very regular level, he was crowned champion of America with Leo Messi’s Argentina.

With Sevilla, Acuña played 30 games in LaLiga 2020/2021 in which he was able to score a goal, gave two assists, averaged 71.5 touches and managed to generate 1.1 key passes per game this season and left a clean sheet seven times. In Copa América, he was unable to score or assist, but in the four games he played, he averaged 1.0 key passes.

8. Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid)

Another great player who deserves a mention in this ranking is none other than Ferland Mendy. This promising left back of Real Madrid has managed to seat Marcelo who was indisputable on the left wing of Real Madrid. All this, with a lot of work, effort, and, above all, raw talent.

Mendy is a winger who generates divided opinions in Real Madrid. However, one thing is clear, not everyone is capable of gaining ownership at Real Madrid having only 26 years and a bright future ahead of him.

In LaLiga 2020/2021, Mendy played 26 games in which he scored a goal, could not give assists, averaged 69.1 touches, generated 0.7 key passes per game and left the goal at zero 11 times. Its great flaw? Possibly, its low percentage of success in the centers 0.2 (14%).

7. Kieran Tierney (Arsenal FC)

Kieran Tierney is a player who, outside of the Premier League, may not sound familiar to many. However, die-hard fans of the English competition are well aware of the quality of this Scotsman. At 24, he has established himself in full ownership with Arsenal and, after just two years in London, he is already one of the best in the world.

Premier League, Tierney played 27 games in which he could score a goal, generated three assists, left the clean sheet in eight chances, he averaged 66.7 touches and generated 1.1 key passes per game.

6. Jordi Alba (FC Barcelona)

When Jordi Alba is in shape, there is no discussion whatsoever, the FC Barcelona player is one of the best players on the planet and one of the best full-backs and partners in LaLiga Santander. However, after an irregular year, Jordi Alba is out of the top 5 of the best full-backs in the world.

Yes, it’s true, Alba was one of Barcelona’s best players this season. However, by his standards, he has signed a season at a normal level. In Laliga, Alba played 35 games he scored three goals, he gave five assists, averaged 93.5 touches, generated 1.5 key passes per game, and left the clean sheet in 10 opportunities.

5. Jose Luis Gaya (Valencia CF)

From a former Valencia CF player, we jump to the current captain of the che team. José Luis Gayà continues to show the world how good he is, and after another disappointing Valencia season, we keep wondering if the boat he’s on has not been made small. However, for the love of the club, Gayà continues to lead the team from his difficult position.

In LaLiga, Gayá has played 33 games, and scored a single goal but was in charge of distributing seven good assists. Additionally, he averaged 57.2 touches, generated 1.1 key passes per game and cleared a clean sheet five times.

4. Alphonso Davies (FC Bayern Munich)

The one of Alphonso Davies gives for study. Being only 20 years old, the Canadian full-back is already rubbing shoulders with the greatest despite not having signed a brilliant 2020/2021 season with Bayern Munich. However, as with other players, it is difficult to measure with the same bar a player like Alphonso Davies.

His explosiveness, great vision of the game and good dribbling project him as the winger of the future of world football and, despite his low statistics, his youth and projection drive him to be among the best in the world.

In 2020/2021 Bundesliga, Davies played just 23 games in which he was able to score a goal, give two assists, generate 0.9 key passes per game, average 82.4 touches and leave a clean sheet twice.

3. Andrew Robertson (Liverpool FC)

Andrew Robertson is not at his best. The Scottish full-back was the undisputed king of our ranking until last season. However, after Liverpool’s poor defensive performance this season, they have dropped two spots. But despite all this, it is still at a great level.

The Scotsman is indisputable at Anfield Stadium, since this season he played 38 games, scored a goal, gave seven assists, generated 1.7 key passes per game, averaged 96.9 touches and left a clean sheet 10 times.

2. Luke Shaw (Manchester United)

After many years ostracized with José Mourinho, Luke Shaw had never been able to show his full potential at Manchester United. However, in the season when it seemed Alex Telles would eat his toast, the Englishman woke up like never before and became one of the best left-backs in the Premier League.

This year, Shaw managed to play 32 games with the Red Devils, also being the undisputed starter for England in the EURO. In Premier, he managed to score a goal, gave five assists, generated 2.3 key passes per game, and averaged 75.5 touches. A real madness.

1. Theo Hernandez (AC Milan)

To close, the best left back in the world today is none other than Theo Hernández. The former Real Madrid player has found his best in Serie A and, since joining AC Milan, has been crowned the best in his position for various reasons. For starters, his explosiveness, vision of the game, scoring nose and defensive presence are worthy of note.

Not surprisingly, Theo has been nicknamed ‘the Train’. In his best year as a professional, Theo played 33 Serie A games in which he scored 7 goals, gave 5 assists, generated 1.3 key passes per game, and averaged 75.1 touches. In addition, he contributed to a clean sheet nine times.

At only 23 years old, it is clear that the projection of Theo Hernández seems to have no ceiling. Therefore, for us, he is the best left-back in the world today.


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