Top 30 Best Netflix Series Ever In World

Best Netflix Series Ever In World

With the number of series that premieres each week, it is very difficult to keep up with its catalog, but among all Best netflix series ever, there are some that stand out and that have been seen by millions of people around the world.

The Top 30 Best Netflix Series Ever In World

30. Memories of Idhun (Season 1)

  • Release Date: September 10.
  • Genre: Action, fantasy, animation.

What is it about: Adaptation of the literary trilogy by Laura Gallego, where a teenager discovers, after the murder of his parents at the hands of strangers, a whole magical universe of which he forms a very important part.

Verdict: Perhaps the controversy over the dubbing was more of a fan tantrum than anything else, but seeing the series you have to agree with them. The animation already seems somewhat mechanical, closer to a video game than to the agility and naturalness of a Japanese anime series, and some voices certainly do not help us to fully enter the fantastic story that it tells us. Luckily, the source material is interesting enough to look forward to a second season that will hopefully bring some improvements.

29. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Season 3)

  • Release Date: January 24.
  • Genre: Fantasy, teenager.

What it’s about: After the revelations of the second season, especially about who is Sabrina’s father (Kiernan Shipka), and the tragic outcome of the final dance, where Nicholas Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood) is trapped in Hell, the new episodes arrive with more adolescent love, satanic witchcraft and even a possible apocalypse.

Verdict: Now that its cancellation has been announced, we value even more the existence of Netflix’s teenage witch, who gave us romance, a sense of humor, magical adventures and iconic characters, from Sabrina’s aunts to Lilith herself. Although perhaps it was coffee for very coffee growers.

28. Julie and the Phantoms (Season 1)

  • Release Date: September 10.
  • Genre: Teen comedy.

What it’s about: After tragically dying from a bad hot dog, members of a 90s boy band move like ghosts to 2020 and meet a teenage girl, Julie, the only one who can see them. Together they will start a musical project that will help the young woman overcome the death of her mother.

Verdict: Fresh and youthful, this series that has the collaboration of Kenny Ortega (creator of ‘High School Musical’) has all the ingredients to be a success among a teenage audience, although for now it has gone unnoticed in the Netflix catalog. Good music, the essence of high school and good vibes among its protagonists.

27. Damn (Season 1)

  • Release Date: July 17.
  • Genre: Fantasy, action.

What is it about: Reinterpretation of the Arthurian myth through the figure of the Lady of the Lake, although we know Nimue (Katherine Langford), a teenage girl with a magical heritage who tries to find her place in the world and her role in the genocide that a religious sect is perpetrating against its people and other magical beings. There will be Arthur, Merlin or the Green Knight, but as we have never seen before.

Verdict: In favor of this series it must be said that, with so many past adaptations of the Arthurian myth through its multiple characters and stories, this new perspective feels fresh and novel, although not completely satisfying.

26. Barbarians (Season 1)

  • Release Date: October 23.
  • Genre: Action, historical.

What it’s about : The story centers on a historical event, the Battle of Teutoburg in AD 9, where the lives of three characters intersect as Germanic warriors try to stop the expansion of the Roman Empire.

Verdict: Of course, ‘Barbarians’ does not show us anything that we have not seen before in other series like ‘Spartacus’, but that does not mean that it does not work. A story may be hackneyed but, well done, it can still be attractive to lovers of this era. And that’s the case here, with a lot of violence and blood, action and historical portraiture.

25. Locke & Key (Season 1)

  • Release Date: February 7.
  • Genre: Horror, fantastic.

What’s it about: Based on the comic series by Joe HIll (Stephen King’s son), it tells the story of a family made up of a mother and three children who, after the murder of their father, move to a mysterious mansion where a series of keys and locks give way to different magical powers. But they are not alone and with these powers they must face an evil being that lives in the house and yearns to get hold of those keys.

Verdict: As we can see, the series is based on very interesting original material, a story between terror and fantasy that makes for very tense situations and spectacular moments. On the whole, it may not have been able to do justice to Hill’s creation, but it does mark a remarkable season that makes us want to see more.

24. Midas’ Favorites (Miniseries)

  • Release Date: November 13.
  • Genre: Thriller.

What’s it about: Based on a story by Jack London, but set in a contemporary Madrid where protests in the streets are causing chaos, a young businessman (Luis Tosar) inherits a highly influential media group and immediately begins to receive letters from a group that calls itself Midas’s Favorites. They ask you for a large sum of money, threatening to kill a random person if you don’t pay. When the first victim dies, the protagonist will have to decide what he is willing to give up for his ideals.

Verdict: Mateo Gil and Miguel Barros ingeniously exploit the idea of ​​the American author, with a simmering thriller where the important thing is to discover if the protagonist is capable of resisting a blackmail that tests his own concept of himself. The result is exciting and very appropriate for our present.

23. Kingdom (Season 2)

  • Release Date: March 13.
  • Genre: Action, zombies.

What’s up: Set in the Joseon Dynasty period of Korean history, ‘Kingdom’ took us to a place where corruption and famine are the order of the day, as well as a mysterious plague that turns people into bloodthirsty monsters.

Verdict: The great strength of this series is its ability to mix fast-paced action, the best tradition of zombie cinema and also a curious sense of humor. All this results in an exciting adventure that, in this second season, repeats the same formulas again without aspiring to anything more than pure afterlife entertainment.

22. The Politician (Season 2)

  • Release Date: June 19.
  • Genre: Comedy.

What’s up: Payton Hobart is fighting to topple Dede Standish in the New York State Senate race. As the admired acting leader of the Senate majority, Dede’s reelection seemed easy, but Payton – who sees this as the next step on his way to the presidency – must decide what kind of politician he wants to be.

Verdict: After an irregular first season, it seems that Ryan Murphy’s series takes hold in this second, where the protagonist takes another step in his career and everything becomes more intense, crazy and even absurd. If the development of the series will be bottom-up, as it suggests, it could become one of the most interesting comedies on Netflix. For now, it remains a remarkable.

21. The Umbrella Academy (Season 2)

  • Release Date: July 31.
  • Genre: Action, superheroes.

What it’s about: Almost by magic, a series of babies are born on the same day, and they all seem to have a special gift . A billionaire manages to gather seven of them to instruct them in the superhero arts. After experiencing the end of the world, what stories will the future hold?

Verdict: More action and time jumps.

20. Dracula (Miniseries)

  • Release Date: January 4.
  • Genre: Horror, fantastic.

What is it about: A rereading of ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker, through three episodes that explore the figure of Count Dracula and also a Van Helsing turned into a cloistered nun.

Verdict: This version of the classic created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat (creators of ‘Sherlock’) is so short and entertaining that it almost looks like a shot of fresh blood. There is a desire to make us look at the character with new eyes, but also to be true to his essence. A little surprise without big fireworks, but one that works.

19. Ratched (Season 1)

  • Release Date: September 18.
  • Genre: Drama, mystery.

What it’s about: The series focuses on the figure of Mildred Ratched, the nurse we saw in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, Milos Forman’s 1975 film. Now it’s time to tell her story, how she ended up working as a nurse in the psychiatric center and what secrets her past hides.

Verdict: The series has all the color and style that Ryan Murphy has us used to, but sometimes it is difficult for him to spice up this thriller with few things to say and a character that perhaps did not give so much. Even so, it is a pleasure to see Sarah Paulson being the most mysterious in the place, and Cynthia Nixon falling under her spell.

18. Dead to me (Season 2)

  • Release Date: May 8.
  • Genre: Comedy, drama.

What’s up: Picking up the fallout from the bloody backyard reveal at the end of season one, the lead couple of Jen and Judy will once again fight to keep their secrets buried. With the arrival of a surprising visitor in town and Detective Pérez on their heels, they will take drastic measures to protect their loved ones and each other. It does not matter at what price.

Verdict: Its two protagonists, Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate, are pure gold on the screen, and only because of them this series that still goes unnoticed (although it was a multi-nominated at the Emmys) rises higher than it should. It combines the tragic with the comic very well and gives us a friendship between women that we want to continue seeing for a long time.

17. This shit gets over me (Season 1)

  • Release Date: February 26.
  • Genre: Fantasy, teenager.

What’s it about: We meet Sydney (Sophia Lillis), a teenage girl who is beyond life. Between the situation at home, the sexual awakening she is developing with her best friend (Sofia Bryant) and a neighbor (Wyatt Oleff) with whom she has found a very special connection, Sydney finds herself in a perpetual state of anxiety. And that manifests itself in an unexpected way.

Verdict: While it is true that it is a compendium of many things seen, the tandem between showrunner Jonathan Entwistle and graphic novel author Charles Forsman, creators of the acclaimed ‘The End of the F *** ing World’, is always a safe for the viewer. Lillis is a charismatic protagonist and her journey through a psychic-powered adolescence is super entertaining. Too bad it was canceled.

16. The alienist: Angel of darkness (Season 2)

  • Release Date: October 22.
  • Genre: Thriller, suspense.

What it’s about: A new mystery looms over New York at the end of the 19th century, and that reunites Dr. Kreizler, Detective Sara Howard and journalist John Moore. They will try to discover who is dedicated to kidnapping and murdering babies, and what other shady issues underlie the case.

Verdict: This second season fully embraces her more feminist streak and gives more prominence to Dakota Fanning’s Howard, who surrounds herself with the women’s rights movement of the time while developing her career as a private detective. The result is a new story, which works and engages and surprises, within the parameters that were already presented to us in the first season. Very entertaining.

15. Feel Good (Season 1)

  • Release Date: March 19.
  • Genre: Comedy, romance.

What it’s about: The story is based on the romance between stand-up comedian Mae (Mae Martin) and Professor George (Charlotte Ritchie). Both live a movie crush, but the reality is different: the first battle with addictions and anxiety, while the second still has doubts about her sexual orientation and how to tell her friends.

Verdict: As a more modest and romantic version of ‘Fleabag’ and with the rough and agile sense of humor of ‘Catastrophe’, ‘Feel good’ takes us on a roller coaster of emotions that seems natural and organic. The dialogues flow quickly, nervously, with a realistic plot despite its eccentricities and bright despite its tragedies.

14. The Mess You Leave (Miniseries)

  • Release Date: December 11.
  • Genre: Thriller, suspense.

What’s it about: In the Galician town of Novariz, nothing is what it seems. Raquel (Inma Cuesta), a young literature teacher, moves there with her husband when she is offered a job at the institute. But her students will not make it easy for her, nor will the shadows of the figure of Viruca (Barbara Lennie), a teacher who seems to have marked the lives of everyone around her.

Verdict: Tension in vein with this series by Carlos Montero (co-creator of ‘Elite’ and author of the novel on which the series is based), which has two full-length leading actresses and a plot that unfolds surprise by surprise Turn by turn, until he has us completely trapped. He did not invent the wheel, but he certainly knows how to make it work. A great thriller to bite your nails.

13. Never have I (Season 1)

  • Release Date: April 27.
  • Genre: Teen comedy.

What’s up: Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) is a 15-year-old girl who is going through a difficult time: after the sudden death of her father and the inexplicable paralysis of her legs for months, she faces a new year in high school determined to Leave all that stigma behind and become the popular girl you’ve always wanted to be. For that, she decides that she needs a boyfriend, but not just any one. She wants Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet), the hottest boy in high school.

Verdict: It’s fresh, modern, fun, bright, and full of soul. It is pure adolescent cinema of 2020, which not only talks about the most recurrent themes (friendship, first love, sex), but also about loss and grief. The female lead is as flawed as she is charismatic, and we can’t wait to see her puberty adventures continue in a third season.

12. Cobra Kai (Season 2)

  • Release Date: August 28.
  • Genre: Action.

What’s It About: Late sequel to the iconic ‘Karate Kid’. The young protagonists of the final battle of that film meet again as adults, in very different situations and wanting to return to the dojo.

Verdict: It’s funny how, by going from YouTube to Netflix, ‘Cobra Kai’ has become a success. And deep down we are not surprised: it is a sequel full of nostalgia, but also of good ideas and interesting and exciting plots. There is a lot of heart in his story, and that will continue in an already confirmed third season. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon of this series, which promises to be alive for a long time.

11. The Curse of Bly Manor (Season 2)

  • Release Date: October 9.
  • Genre: Horror.

What’s up: Second installment in Netflix’s horror anthology, featuring a new standalone story based on Henry James’s ghost stories (especially ‘Another Turn of the Screw’) The story takes us to the Bly Manor mansion, where a nanny will come to take care of two orphaned children. Little by little the secrets that the place keeps will be revealed.

Verdict: If you liked ‘The Curse of Hill House’, you can’t miss this standalone sequel (although it maintains the theme of haunted mansions, ghosts as projections of trauma, and quotes from Hamlet). It may not be as full of scares as its predecessor, but it contains a beautiful love story that leaves us an important message: those who are not still living in the memory of those who loved them.

10. The Bridgertons (Season 1):

  • Release Date: December 25.
  • Genre: Romantic comedy.

What it’s about: It tells of the love and vital adventures of the Bridgerton family, especially the search for the husband of the older sister, Daphne Bridgerton, and their strategic friendship with the Duke of Hastings.

Verdict: Those who enjoy the romantic comedies of the Regency era, in the style of the Jane Austen novels but with a modern twist, will have no objection to this Chris Van Dusen series, produced by Shonda Rhimes. She’s funny, flirty, sexy, parodic, romantic, smart, and incredibly entertaining.

9. The Good Place (Season 4):

  • Release Date: January 30.
  • Genre: Comedy.

What’s it about: After death, one can end up on the Good Side, where all dreams come true in seconds, or on the Bad Side, torture for all eternity. But in this dichotomy there are more secrets than we want to reveal here, and that ‘The Good Place’ explores with many philosophy lessons.

Verdict: In this final season, it has ended up proving that it has been one of the great comedy series of our time. We will miss his philosophical teachings, and how his great sense of humor and his charismatic and heterogeneous characters make up an important argument (today more than ever) about the need for coexistence and empathy, the importance of travel over destination, about which nothing should last forever and we need others to become the best version of ourselves.

8. Tiger King (Season 1):

  • Release Date: March 20.
  • Genre: Documentary.

What’s up: Documentary series that portrays the lives of some of the main owners of big cats in the United States, as well as their internal wars of power, their practices that border on illegality and their eccentric personalities.

Verdict: Among the Netflix phenomena of the year, we must count ‘Tiger King’. Also among the craziest series we’ve ever seen. It is structured as a ‘true crime’, in which we are presented with a crime and some protagonists, and little by little we discover all the aspects that surround the case. And it’s amazing in the most literal sense of the word.

7. Dark (Season 3):

  • Release Date: June 27.
  • Genre: Drama, science fiction.

What it’s about : It takes us to the small German town of Winden, which has been turned upside down after several mysterious disappearances, corpses that appear out of nowhere and unspeakable secrets between the main families that live there. In this third season, we will discover that everything is connected in a surprising way.

Verdict : What we know a drop, what we do not know is an ocean. That is the maxim of this brilliant German Netflix series, which has given its final note with an exciting and revealing season. His story is a journey that must be lived, although there are parts in which we do not understand absolutely anything.

6. Unorthodox (Miniseries):

  • Release Date: March 26.
  • Genre: Drama.

What’s up : With four episodes, ‘Unorthodox’ gives us a quick tour of the decision and path that led to the young Etsy (Shira Haas)to escape from his ultra-religious community in New York and move to Germany in search of a different life.

Verdict : It has become one of the great Netflix phenomena in 2020, and no one expected it. Its premiere caught us in full confinement and we threw ourselves into it with great enthusiasm, and it did not disappoint. Created by Anna Winger and Alexa Karolinski, it is a defense of freedom beyond oppressive traditions and the need to find a new path according to the rules that you set yourself.

5. The Eddy (Miniseries):

  • Release Date: May 8.
  • Genre: Drama.

What’s up: We follow retired musician Elliot Udo (André Holland), who runs together with his friend Farid (Tahar Rahim) a Parisian club dedicated to jazz, in which a band led by the Polish Maja (Joanna Kulig) tries to get a record deal.

Verdict: The catch is that it has the participation of Damien Chazelle, the director of the Oscar-winning ‘La La Land’, but this series is totally different from the musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. It is worth immersing yourself in its moments of pure live jazz, which is combined with a criminal plot and creates a very interesting hybrid.

4. Sex Education (Season 2):

  • Release Date: January 17.
  • Genre: Teen comedy.

What it’s about: The second installment in the series follows Otis, the young relationship expert and occasional sex therapist who wants to advance his relationship with Ola, his girlfriend, a little further. However, not everything is perfect, as his friendship with Maeve is on the line.

Verdict: This series tells you everything you wanted to know about sex and never dared to ask when you were a teenager. She is funny and intelligent, and under her 1980s ‘teen’ movie appearance hides a rabid modernity, either in her representation of diversity in all its forms or in her ability to deal with complex issues, such as sexual abuse, in a way. conscientious and rigorous. A triumph among Netflix originals.

3. Queen’s Gambit (Miniseries):

  • Release Date: October 23.
  • Genre: Drama.

What’s up: Beth Harmon is orphaned at a young age and is placed in an orphanage, where she will learn to play chess with the janitor. Her skills will lead her to be one of the most promising chess players in the country, but she will also have to deal with her traumas and addictions.

Verdict: It is one of those series that captures you with its history, its suspense mechanisms, its characters and especially the eyes of its protagonist. Anya Taylor-Joy is fantastic as this chess player who fights against her demons, and Scott Frank is able to present us with a story based on chess games as exciting, tense and even sexy. A triumph for Netflix, which from time to time gives us these jewels that nobody expected, but that we have all enjoyed.

2. The Crown (Season 4):

  • Release Date: November 15.
  • Genre: Drama, historical.

What it’s about: The chronicles of the British royal family continue on Netflix with this new period in their history, which includes two important central aspects: Margaret Thatcher’s long tenure as Prime Minister of the country and the arrival of Diana Spencer at Buckingham Palace as the wife of Prince Charles. Its ten episodes review numerous historical events, marriages that make waters and controversies of the ‘royals’ that now come to light again.

Verdict: Few series today are as robust as ‘The Crown’, a veritable masterclass in nuanced storytelling, turning a true story into the setting for the great UK debates. This new season continues to shine not only with its impeccable historical setting, but above all, as usual, with its interpretations: the trio formed by Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson and newcomer Emma Corrin is infallible.

1. Bojack Horseman (Season 6):

  • Release Date: January 31.
  • Genre: Animated tragicomedy.

What it’s about: The journey of Bojack Horseman, the horse who used to be a television star and is now an old glory victim of addiction and regret, comes to an end with an exciting and heartbreaking final season.

Verdict: It is probably one of the best series ever created. Also one of the saddest and most devastating. Prepare your heart well, because this last section is hard. The success of Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s series was to create a kind of showcase for characters who represent and bring together the greatest dilemmas in our society.


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