The 10 Best Penalty Shooters In Football History

Frank Lampard

Best Penalty Shooters In Football History: The penalty is an exercise that may seem easy, but it requires having a strong mind and not succumbing to the pressure. Some players have always been able to stay calm and convert most of their penalties, especially at important moments.

Find out Which are the Top 10 Best Penalty Shooters of All Time.

In our ranking, we find mostly players from the last two decades. This is due to the fact that penalty statistics have only been recorded for about twenty years.

Top 10 Best Penalty Shooters in History

Following our Top 10, you will also find several historic players, who were renowned for their ability to score from the penalty spot.

10. Francesco Totti:

  • Total Penalties Taken: 104
  • Total Penalties Scored: 86
  • Ratio: 83%

Francesco Totti is a legend of the Italian team and AS Rome. He is a playmaker with great technical ease and a very good vision of the game which allows him to offer good balls to his teammates. Totti is also a good finisher, as evidenced by his 316 career goals. Of those goals, 86 were scored from the penalty spot for 104 attempts. He is therefore in tenth position in our ranking of the best penalty shooters in history.

The Italian player has remained loyal to his club AS Roma throughout his career. He won the title of Italian champion in 2001, before finishing runner-up nine times thereafter. Totti also allows Roma to win the Italian Cup twice, as well as the Italian Supercup twice.

Francesco Totti is also an Italian international player. After failing in the Euro 2000 final against France, he got his revenge in 2006, where Italy won the World Cup, again against France in the final. Totti is also present in our ranking of the best Italian players in history .

9. David Villa:

Total Penalties Taken: 83
Total Penalties Scored: 70
Ratio: 84%

David Villa is a Spanish international player, who went through several big clubs in Spain. He’s a formidable striker, able to score in almost any situation. His excellent finish allowed him to score numerous goals, including 70 penalties on 83 attempts. David Villa is quite simply one of the best penalty shooters of all time.

After starting at Sporting de Gijón and Zaragoza, he joined FC Valencia in 2005. Villa won a Copa del Rey there, before moving to FC Barcelona five years later. It is with the Catalans that he will win the majority of his club titles, including a Champions League and two La Liga titles. He won La Liga once again in 2014 with Atlético Madrid.

David Villa is also considered one of the best Spanish players in history. He notably won Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup with the Spanish team. With 59 goals in 97 caps, he is the top scorer in the history of the Spanish team.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimović:

  • Total Penalties Taken: 99
  • Total Penalties Scored: 83
  • Ratio: 84%

Zlatan Ibrahimović is one of the greatest strikers of the 21st century. Very physical and powerful, he can just as well win in the air game as thanks to his powerful strikes. Ibrahimović is a very good finisher, and he also shows it on penalties, with 83 goals for 99 attempts. He is one of the best penalty shooters in football history.

Passed by several of the biggest European clubs, Ibrahimović has made a name for himself on the European scene. These include Ajax Amsterdam, Juventus, the two clubs of Milan, Barcelona, ​​PSG and Manchester United. The Swedish striker has won numerous trophies, including champion titles in 4 different championships.

The only major trophy Ibrahimović lacks is the Champion’s League. He is still one of the top scorers in the history of the Champions League. With Sweden, he participated in several major international competitions but failed to win a title for his country.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo:

  • Total Penalties Taken: 166
  • Total Penalties Scored: 139
  • Ratio: 84%

Cristiano Ronaldo is clearly one of the best players of all time. Both physically and technically, he is the perfect modern striker. CR7 is one of the top scorers in football history , and he has scored many penalty goals. Out of 166 penalties attempted, he scored 139, and is in 7th position in the ranking of the best penalty shooters of all time.

After his debut with Sporting Portugal, Ronaldo quickly made a name for himself in England with Manchester United. After winning his first Champions League and 3 Premier League titles, he joined Real Madrid. The Portuguese player will then win 4 new C1, and two La Liga titles before leaving for Juventus, his current club.

Along with the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo has also become a legend in his country. He is also found in the ranking of the best Portuguese players in history . In addition to having recently become the top scorer in national history, CR7 also won Euro 2016, the first major international competition for Portugal.

6. Steven Gerrard:

  • Total Penalties Taken: 53
  • Total Penalties Scored: 45
  • Ratio: 85%

Steven Gerrard is an England international player and a legend of Liverpool FC. Known for his powerful strikes, long passes, and general outlook on the game, Gerrard was one of the best midfielders of his generation. Very efficient on the penalty spot, he has scored 45 of his 53 attempts and is one of the best penalty shooters of all time.

Gerrard is the man of one club, Liverpool FC. He has spent almost his entire career at his training club, with the exception of his last season at LA Galaxy. He won the FA Cup twice, the UEFA Cup in 2001, but failed twice in the Champions League final.

Gerrard is the fourth-most capped player in England. Despite no major title won, he remains one of the iconic English players of the 2000s. Steven Gerrard participates in several major international tournaments, but will not win a title for his country.

5. Frank Lampard:

Total Penalties Taken: 70
Total Penalties Scored: 60
Ratio: 86%

Frank Lampard is, like Gerrard, one of the best midfielders of his time. He is a relay midfielder, as good in the defensive field as in the offensive field. A true all-rounder, Lampard is also a good finisher. With 60 penalties scored out of 70 attempted during his career, he is one of the best penalty shooters in history.

Trained at West Ham United, he made his professional debut with the club and won his first title, the 1999 Intertoto Cup. In 2001, the English player joined Chelsea where he spent most of his career. With the Blues, he won the Premier League 3 times, the FA Cup 4 times, and especially the Champions League in 2012.

A true legend in England, Lampard is also a great player for the Three Lions. It is also found in the honorable mentions of our ranking of the best English players of all time . With 29 goals and 106 caps, he is the eighth-most capped player and the tenth top scorer in the history of the English team.

4. Eden Hazard:

  • Total Penalties Taken: 57
  • Total Penalties Scored: 50
  • Ratio: 88%

Eden Hazard is a Belgian striker who plays for Real Madrid today. He is a fast player and a very good dribbler, who plays most often on the left-wing. Able to score important goals and withstand the pressure, Hazard has become one of the best penalty shooters in the world, with 50 penalties scored for 57 attempts.

Trained at LOSC, the Belgian player will demonstrate the full extent of his talent with his training club. After the title of champion of France and a Coupe de France won, he joined the English club Chelsea for 7 seasons. Hazard won the championship twice, an FA Cup, and twice the Europa League. Since 2019, he has been playing with Real Madrid in Spain.

Hazard is without a doubt one of the best Belgian players of all time. With 110 caps, he is the fourth-most capped player in Belgium and the second-highest scorer with 32 goals. Despite a good run at the 2018 World Cup, Hazard and Belgium lost to the French in the semi-final.

3. Leighton Baines:

  • Total Penalties Taken: 28
  • Total Penalties Scored: 25
  • Ratio: 89%

Leighton Baines is an England international player and a legend at the Everton club. He is a solid left-side defender defensively, but who can also bring danger in front. He is best known for his efficiency on the penalty spot. With 25 penalties scored out of 28 attempted and an impressive 89% ratio, he is undeniably one of the best penalty shooters in history.

Baines made his debut with his training club Wigan in the English 3rd division, where he quickly became the holder. The club managed to be promoted twice in the space of 3 seasons and joined the Premier League. In 2007, he joined Everton and will remain there until his retirement from the sport in 2020.

The full-back is also an English international player, with 30 caps and 1 goal on the clock. He participated in particular in the 2014 World Cup, which unfortunately ended for England with elimination from the group stage.

2. Michael Ballack:

  • Total Penalties Taken: 31
  • Total Penalties Scored: 29
  • Ratio: 94%

Michael Ballack is a German midfielder, who has come through big clubs like Bayern Munich or Chelsea. Very versatile, he can also evolve in an attacking environment as a sentry in front of the defense. Often realistic in front of goals, Ballack is also realistic on penalties, with 29 penalties scored out of 31 taken. He, therefore, takes second place in our ranking of the best penalty shooters in history.

The German player started with Chemnitzer FC, and soon joined FC Kaiserlautern, where he won his first trophy with a Bundesliga in 1998. After a stint in Leverkusen and a lost Champions League final, he left for Bayern. With the Bavarian club, Ballack is crowned three times German champion and three times won the National Cup. He will also spend 4 seasons with Chelsea and win the Premier League there as well as 3 FA Cups.

Very good with the German selection, Michael Ballack is also a legend of the Mannschaft. Despite a lost World Cup final in 2002 and a lost Euro final in 2008, he remains one of the great German players of his generation. In 98 selection matches, he scored 42 goals and is, therefore, the ninth top scorer in the history of the German selection.

1. Matthew Le Tissier:

  • Total Penalties Taken: 48
  • Total Penalties Scored: 47
  • Ratio: 98%

Matthew Le Tissier is an attacking midfielder and a great legend at English club Southampton. He is a very creative and unpredictable player, as well as a very good finisher. Despite his slowness, he was able to dribble through a whole defense and score. But one of his best assets was his ability to score penalties. In 48 attempts during his career, he has missed only one and therefore logically finds himself in first place in the ranking of the best penalty shooters of all time.

Le Tissier has remained loyal to the Southampton club throughout his career, despite offers from bigger clubs. He didn’t win any trophies during his career, but he has become a true legend to all Southampton fans. Matt Le Tissier is also the first midfielder to reach the 100-goal mark in the Premier League. In total, he has scored 208 goals in 540 games for the Saints.

With the English selection, Le Tissier will only have participated in 8 international matches. He did not participate in Euro 96 or the 1998 World Cup, two tournaments where England was eliminated on penalties and where his help could have been invaluable.

Best Penalty Shooters In Football History:

Statistics concerning penalties have only been taken seriously since the years 90-2000. It is therefore difficult to classify the former players in this classification. We can nevertheless cite a few historic players who could have been part of the Top 10 of the best penalty shooters of all time.

Michel Platini:

Michel Platini is without a doubt the best French player of his generation. He is a playmaker with exceptional technique and vision who has become a legend at Juventus. Excellent on set pieces, it is also found in our ranking of the best free kickers in history . Despite the fact that we do not have precise statistics on his penalties, he was a specialist in this field and surely could have been one of the best penalty shooters of all time.

Gerd Muller:

Gerd Müller is a German striker, a great legend of Bayern Munich. He’s one of the best forward attackers in history, able to score in any situation, even with his back to goal. Thanks to his excellent finish and unmatched sense of goal, he allowed Bayern and the German side to win the biggest trophies. A scorer at heart, Müller was also a very good penalty taker, who rarely missed his attempts.

Davor Suker:

Davor Suker is certainly one of the best Croatian players of all time. A very talented striker, he has passed through several major European clubs, including Sevilla FC, Real Madrid and Arsenal. But Šuker is even better known for his performances with Croatia, especially in Euro 96 and the World Cup 98. Thanks to his coolness, he has also become one of the best penalty shooters of his generation.


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