Top 10 Best Platforms To Create a Website in 2022

Best Platforms To Create a Website

Best Platforms To Create a Website in 2022: Platforms for creating a website are a perfect solution for beginners and small businesses who want to make a website with ease, without having to hire a developer and without having any coding knowledge. Platforms for building websites are the best choice for beginners who want to build a website easily and quickly.

Discover our Top 10 Best Platforms To Create a Website in 2022.

Several platforms have tools that facilitate the creation of a website and ensure optimal quality. It is sometimes quite complicated for beginners to find the best software to create their website. In this article, we have selected for you the best platforms to create your own website.

1- WordPress is the perfect solution for beginners who want to create their own website. With, you just need to take care of your content and not the technical aspects of running a website, such as hosting, backups or security.

Following our rigorous analysis of the best platforms to create its website, we believe that WordPress is ahead of all its competitors by its exceptional performance and ease of use. Thanks to, anyone can now create a website. The platform acts as a simplified version of the very famous platform. This is the best compromise if you want to build a quality site, without having to face the complexity of


The site offers several Packages.

  • The basic formula is free, but remains relatively limited.
  • Staff: costs €4 / month . It includes a personalized domain name and 24/7 support.
  • Premium: Costs € 8 / month. It offers the ability to create a single site with advanced design tools, custom CSS and Google Analytics integration.
  • Business: Costs 25 € / month. It lets you grow your business with custom extensions and themes, along with 200GB of storage and live support.
  • eCommerce: Ideal for online stores costs 45 € / month. It allows you to open your online store with a flexible and powerful platform.

2- Wix

Wix is ​​characterized by its ease of use, as well as its powerful features that make website creation easy. It provides you with a multitude of templates from which you can design your website. Wix is ​​popular software for building a website.

All models are fully customizable according to your needs. Wix provides you with a free plan to create your website with restricted functionality for the free version. However, this will allow you to test their tools to create your blog. Wix websites are suitable for smartphones, so that your website can display correctly on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Wix is ​​perfect for beginners who want a simple solution to building a website.

Wix is ​​an ideal tool for creating an e-commerce. It is also part of our ranking of the best sites to create online stores.


Wix offers several Plans.

  • Domain connection: Costs 4.5 € / month.
  • Basic: Costs 8.5 € / month.
  • Unlimited: Costs 12.5 € / month.
  • VIP: Costs 24.5 € / month.

3- Webnode

With the Webnode site, building a reliable website is accessible to everyone. It is a very simple tool for creating websites. You will be able to create a blog, a professional website or an online store quickly and easily.

Webnode was created in 2008 and has enabled millions of users to create a website. You will have the choice between different predefined templates, which you can customize according to your preferences and needs. The Webnode software is constantly improving and adding new features to offer you the best tools to make your website a success. In addition, he has excellent customer support to guide you through the creation of your website.


The Webnode Site offers 4 Packages:

  • Limited: Costs 2.95 € / month.
  • Mini: Costs € 4.95 / month.
  • Standard: Costs € 9.95 / month.
  • Pro: Costs € 16.95 / month.

4- Weebly

Weebly makes it easy to create a website for individuals and professionals. It is also renowned for the creation of e-commerce sites. Weebly makes it easy to create a website through its personalized advice and the ergonomics of its platform.

Weebly was created in 2007 and currently supports several million people around the world. If you want to start an online business from scratch or even bring your business online, you will be surprised at how easy Weebly is to help you build a great website. Weebly has powerful tools, integrated marketing and advanced analytics. They help you especially for e-commerce sites by simplifying the management of shipping costs, taxes and stocks.


Weebly offers Several Formulas:

  • The Basic Plan is free, but remains quite limited.
  • Connect: Costs 5 € / month.
  • Pro: Costs 10 € / month.
  • Business: Costs 20 € / month.
  • Business Plus: Costs € 30 / month.

5- GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the best platforms for building your website. It is also one of the most popular domain name and hosting service providers in the world.

GoDaddy gives you simple, easy-to-use tools to build great websites. Its design assistance function will allow you to easily create a website. However, it can be limited in case you want to create a custom website. Another great thing about GoDaddy is its internal photo library which includes professionally produced images that you can embed into your website. The GoDaddy web designer is also smartphone compatible. This allows you to work on your website whenever you want.


GoDaddy offers you a month’s free trial on any plan to familiarize you with the platform and determine if this website builder is right for you.
It offers 4 different formulas:

  • Basic: Costs € 7.19 / month.
  • Standard: Costs € 11.99 / month.
  • Premium: Costs € 17.99 / month.
  • E-commerce: Costs € 23.99 / month

6- SITE123

The SITE123 platform is a website creation tool for beginners. SITE123 offers you the possibility to create very basic websites. It puts tools at your disposal so you don’t have to acquire technical knowledge or programming skills.

This website creation software is particularly suitable for users without technical experience. On the other hand, it risks quickly becoming restrictive to use when the technical requirements are too important. Thanks to the advanced guide including several predefined templates, you will learn how to create a website easily. Plus, their customer support will help you build your website more easily.


There are 2 formulas offered by SITE123:

  • The 1st Plan is free with 500 MB of storage, 1 GB of bandwidth and a subdomain.
  • The second “Premium” plan costs € 10.80 per month.

7- Shopify

Shopify is without a doubt the most popular platform for building online stores and e-commerce sites. For people looking for solutions to build a carefree eCommerce site, Shopify is arguably the perfect solution.

Shopify has enabled more than 1,000,000 businesses in 175 countries to generate more than $ 150 billion in sales. The Shopify platform offers a full service, so you don’t have to worry about managing software, installing updates, or backing up data and security. It also offers an integrated payment service. Shopify also provides integrated inventory management services, unlimited products, a powerful system of statistics and simple and effective marketing tools. With its intuitive interface, Shopify will allow you to easily create a complete and efficient online store.


Shopify gives you a 14-day trial period.
Three formulas are available:

  • Basic Shopify: At € 29 / month.
  • Shopify: At € 79 / month.
  • Advanced Shopify: At € 299 / month.

Shopify Plus: For professionals, you also have the Shopify Plus solution, which allows you to take advantage of tailor-made sales features.

Shopify Lite: There is also the Shopify Lite extension allowing you to sell on Facebook, receive credit card payments for € 9 / month.


IONOS provides you with all the tools you need to create a classic and efficient website. It offers services allowing businesses to start and grow their business online.

Create a website easily with IONOS

IONOS is the essential partner for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform supports entrepreneurs in carrying out their project on the Internet. The customer service offered by IONOS ensures high quality service and provides you with a personal advisor. Whether you need to make your first online store or create a bespoke website, IONOS will help you do it easily.


IONOS does not offer a free plan but offers you a significant discount during the first months.
You will find below the different formulas available:

  • Now: For a ready-to-use website costs € 1.20 / month for the first 6 months, then € 15 / month.
  • Creator: To create a custom professional website costs € 1.20 / month for the first 6 months, then € 15 / month.
  • e-Commerce: Costs € 1.20 / month for the first 12 months then € 25 / month.
  • e-Commerce Plus: Costs € 25 / month for the first 12 months, then € 50 / month.

9- Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the best web designers for professionals. It is renowned for its careful designs, reliability and ergonomics. Squarespace has a number of website templates available to get you started.

You can easily customize these templates according to your needs. It is also very easy and intuitive to add new content to your website. Squarespace also has an e-commerce system that allows you to create an online store on your website. In particular, it allows you to manage your goods, your stocks, as well as your orders, in an optimal way.


Squarespace offers several plans:

  • Staff: Costs 11 € / month.
  • Business: Costs 17 € / month.
  • Trade: Costs 24 € / month.
  • Advanced Commerce: Costs 36 € / month.

10- Jimdo

The Jimdo site is a tool for creating simple websites, rather than more elaborate ones. Jimdo seeks above all to develop an easy-to-use website editor that meets the expectations of individuals and small businesses.

Jimdo uses artificial intelligence to create fully personalized sites. The platform offers a simple and effective method, like many of its competitors. However, you might be a little disappointed with the limited customization features on your site.


Jimdo offers you several formulas:

  • Play: Is free.
  • Start: Costs 9 € / month.
  • Grow: Costs 15 € / month.
  • Grow Legal: Costs 20 € / month.
  • Unlimited: Costs 39 € / month.

What is the Best Platform to Create a Website Easily?

Among the many platforms available to create a website, it is sometimes difficult to choose. The ideal site builder will depend on your needs and the type of website you want to create.

For beginners, platforms like or Wix are great to start with. These platforms are versatile, they will offer you different setups for your site. But above all, they are easy to use while keeping a wide variety of customizations.


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