Top 10 Best Players of Atlético De Madrid

Best Players of Atlético De Madrid: When we talk about Atlético de Madrid, we are referring to the third largest team in our country, after the all-powerful Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​of which, to this day, it is very close. Third in the historical classification, it has 10 league titles in its showcases, which allows it to occupy this third place, despite having descended into the hell of the Second Division on more than one occasion.

Best Players of Atlético De Madrid

Historically described as “El Pupas”, due to his bad luck or jinx in some key matches, Atlético has challenged its history and, in recent years, led by ‘Cholo’ Simeone, has left this qualifier behind to hang his laurels from one of the most powerful teams in Europe.

Thus, there have been many and very great players who have worn the elastic mattress, so selecting a classification with the 10 best in the history of Atlético is a difficult task that we will try to solve.

Ranking With the 10 Best Players in the History of Atlético De Madrid

Before starting with this ranking, we will explain how we are going to establish the ranking and how we are going to score each player. In addition to relying on our own opinions, we will use some data to establish this ranking and thus be able to classify the 10 best players in the history of Atlético de Madrid.

How Will we Make the Ranking of the Best Players of The Atlético De Madrid?

In order to establish the classification, we will use three criteria that will help us to order the best Atlético players:

  • Individual Quality: 30%.
  • Titles: 40%.
  • Leadership: 30%.

Although many young mattress fans do not know some names or simply know them by hearsay, the truth is that we are going to analyze more than 117 years of history and many players who have raised the fans of Metropolitano, Vicente Calderón, from their seats, and the new Wanda Metropolitano .

10. Diego Godín:

Diego Godín is one of the last great captains to have worn the Club Atlético de Madrid armband and one of the great extensions of ‘Cholo’ Simeone on the field during the last titles won, which have caused this player to leave Atleti with a few How many titles to his credit: a League, a Cup, a Spanish Super Cup, three European Super Cups, two UEFA Europa League, in addition to being a finalist in the Champions League in the 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 seasons.

He is also the foreign player who has dressed the rojiblanca on the most occasions (389).

9. Simeone:

There is no doubt that Diego Pablo Simeone, “el Cholo”, is one of the most important people in the history of Atlético. If we took into account the role as a player and as a coach, he would probably be in the first or second position of this ranking .

In any case, his role as an active player was also very relevant for the history of the mattress, being a key element in the famous double won in the 95/96 season, with Radomir Antic as coach.

8. Koke:

The present great mattress captain already deserves to occupy a place in this classification. The great continuation of Cholo in the field has been the undisputed starter in the last great conquests of Atlético: a League, a Copa del Rey, a Spanish Super Cup, two UEFA Europa League and three European Super Cups, which means that we are already talking about one of the athletic players with the most titles. He is already the third player who has worn the Atlético shirt the most times and the only one who has done so more than 100 times in European competition.

Given the age at which he debuted with the club of his loves, and if injuries respect him, he will surely become the player who wears his shirt the most times. The success that continues to characterize Simeone’s stage as a coach will also cause his record to continue to grow. When Koke Resurrection ends his football career, he will find himself, indisputably, much higher in this ranking.

7. Calleja:

Isacio Calleja García is one of the most important players in the history of the Metropolitano team. He would make his debut with Atlético in the First Division on January 4, 1959, facing Real Oviedo at the Carlos Tartiere.

It would be the beginning of a very long career as a mattress player, with a total of 14 seasons, in which he would play a total of 424 games. During these 14 seasons, Calleja would win 2 league titles, 4 Generalissimo Cups and the 1962 European Cup Winners’ Cup, in addition to the Euro Cup won in 1964 with the Spanish National Team.

6. Squire:

Adrián Escudero García is Atlético’s historical top scorer in the League (150 goals), and the second highest scorer in all competitions (169 goals), statistics that are worth him to appear as the sixth classified in this ranking.

As a player, he participated in 330 games, in a total of 13 seasons as rojiblanco, in which he would win two leagues (49/50 and 50/51), a Spanish Football Federation President Cup and an Eva Duarte Cup.

5. Paolo Futre:

If we talk about Paolo Futre, we are talking about one of the most important forwards in the history of the club, who would arrive in 1987, as an electoral promise of Jesús Gil and Silver Ball, after having an excellent year with Porto, conquering the European Cup.

In total, there were 7 seasons that the athletic elastic wore (the first 6 consecutively), which would allow it to win two King’s Cups, one of them, against the eternal rival, Real Madrid. In total he would score 52 goals in 215 games.

4. Fernando Torres:

An idol and athletic legend that goes beyond any statistic. A rojiblanco symbol, nicknamed “El Niño” for his early debut with the first team, at the age of 17, in the Second Division. This debut took place in the late Vicente Calderón, on May 27, 2001, against CD Leganés. A week after his debut, he would score his first goal with the Atlético shirt, in a match against Albacete.

In total, he would end up playing 321 games with the mattress club, scoring 109 goals. The culmination of his career as a player for the team of his life would be in 2018, winning the UEFA Europa League.

3. Gárate :

Gárate is one of the most important players in the history of Atlético de Madrid, as he has an enviable record, both individually and collectively.

He played as a forward, which allowed him to win the Pichichi Trophy on three occasions , one of them tied with his teammate Luis Aragonés. On a collective level, he managed to win three Leagues (69-70, 72-73 and 76-77), two Cups (1972 and 1976) and an Intercontinental Cup (1974) , which complete an unrivaled record by many athletic players. .

2. Adelardo:

Adelardo Rodríguez Sánchez, nicknamed “The Legend” by the Atlético de Madrid fans, is, nothing more and nothing less, the player who has worn the rojiblanca shirt the most times, on a total of 550 occasions, which has also allowed him to have the best record as an active player of all those who have worn the elastic mattress. He scored 114 goals, which earned Atlético to conquer 3 leagues (1965/66, 1969/70 and 1972/73), 5 Cups (1960, 1961, 1965, 1972 and 1976), an Intercontinental Cup (1974) and 1 Recopa of Europe (1962).

He made his debut with Atlético on September 13, 1959, against Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, forming part of the first mattress squad for 17 seasons.

1. Luis Aragonés

Luis Aragonés is, without a doubt, one of the great legends in the history of Club Atlético de Madrid. A character who has transcended beyond the field, due to his character, the titles he has won, both as a player and as a coach, and the link he maintains with the Atleti fans today. As a player, he participated in a total of 368 games, scoring 172 goals, which earned him to conquer 3 leagues (1965/66, 1969/70 and 1972/73), 2 Cups (1965 and 1972) and the European Cup Winners’ Cup at the level collective, and a Pichichi Trophy (1970) at the individual level.

Although this classification tries to summarize and classify the role as players, in the case of Luis, it is impossible to separate his role as a coach. In total, he led the rojiblanco first team 677 times, winning a League, 4 Cups, a Spanish Super Cup, and promotion to the First Division in the 2001-2002 season.

Luis Aragonés is an unforgettable mattress legend over time, who has been directly linked to his club, if we take into account the games as a player and as a coach, in more than 1,000 games.

These are the best players in the history of Atlético de Madrid that we from Fútbol Moderno have voted for. What is the ranking of the best athletic players for you? Who do you think we have left on the list?

There is no doubt that the stands of the Calderón, and now of the Wanda Metropolitano, are very demanding, but they know how to reward those who have worn the mattress shield with class and honor. Now, we are in a brilliant stage, led by Cholo Simeone and some great “henchmen”, such as the retired Gabi, or the current Koke or Saúl Ñíguez, who have years ahead to turn this classification upside down.


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