The 10 Best PS4 Games Of All Time

Best PS4 Games Of All Time

Best PS4 Games Of All Time: Gaming is war. With this martial thesis we are by no means aiming at the tiring debates about so-called “killer games” and their effects on gamblers, but specifically refer to the economic battle that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been fighting for some time. In addition to the performance and the price of a console, it is above all the exclusive titles that often make the difference for or against the purchase of a daddel box.

Best PS4 Games Of All Time:

In this article we therefore take a look at the 10 best exclusive PlayStation 4 games that have appeared on the market for the Sony console so far. Enjoy with us those games that serve as flagships for the famous home console. Have fun!

1st: God of War (2018)

While PS2 players slaughtered their way across Greek mythology in the original “God of War” in 2005, the reboot of the same name from 2018 transports its players straight to the world of the Nordic deities. Of course, the protagonist Kratos is also back at the start. While the butcher of the gods always acted as a lone warrior in the previous parts, his son Atreus is at his side as a loyal companion in the 2018 version of the series.

The relationship between father and offspring gives the title a previously unimagined depth, which, in combination with the breathtaking battles, the incomparable, brutal-epic atmosphere and the excellent graphics, elevates “God of War” to a whole new level. Anyone who has a weakness for stylish battles, touching stories and Nordic mythology in general cannot ignore “God of War”.

2nd: Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)

The bare concept of “Horizon Zero Dawn” could well fill any script of any trash movie in this form. In a post-apocalyptic world with outdated weapons, the player has to face an overwhelming force of dinosaur robots. What might seem like a clumsy premise at first, turns out to be a coherent, refreshingly different story idea.

The rewarding level system always keeps the players in line. The countless side quests and crafting elements encourage us to explore the open world of the game down to the last nook and cranny. We would particularly like to highlight the detail-loving look of “Horizon Zero Dawn”, which, thanks to 4K optimization, comes into its own on the PlayStation 4 Pro in particular. In addition, the fights are pleasantly demanding thanks to their tactical elements, but without sliding into the unfair area.

3rd: Bloodborne (2015)

The bare facts about “Bloodborne” from 2015 have a chilling effect in themselves: A cryptic story that sometimes leaves many questions unanswered, a rock-hard level of difficulty that drives us to incandescence with certain regularity and a scornful punishment system that every screen deaths rewarded with the loss of valuable experience points. Nonetheless, the game from developer “From Software” is one of the most fascinating titles that has ever appeared on the market.

“Bloodborne” lives from its dark atmosphere. In the Victorian-themed town of Yharnam, we face bloodcurdling enemies whose gruesome designs could have sprung straight out of an HP Lovecraft book. As difficult as the battles against the spawned children of hell may be, the triumphant exhilaration is once again intoxicating when we have put the last boss on its knees and brought the game to its knees once and for all.

4th: Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018)

Oh yes, the friendly spider from the neighborhood. The story of the superhero climbing up the skyscraper should now be able to rattle off in his sleep: the nerdy Peter Parker is pinched by a radioactive spider and is given superhuman strength and a smart costume. In the video game adaptation from 2018, “Spidey” is at the height of his work and is challenged to a duel by many well-known villains.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” should get every fan heart pounding. The game gives us the opportunity to explore New York City freely. Of course, we don’t do this in a musty taxi or on foot, but swing acrobatically through the urban canyons with the help of our spider webs. The game works on the sandbox principle and allows us to complete countless side missions away from the main story. The combat system turns out to be fluid and creative, so we can not only bring our opponents to reason with classic slaps and kicks, but also include the objects in our environment in order to emphatically explain to the New York villains what law and order mean.

5th: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016)

In the fourth part of the “Uncharted” series, we go on an adventurous journey for the last time together with the hero Nathan Drake. The protagonist has won a firm place in the hearts of fans throughout the series as a modern Indiana Jones.

In particular, the interpersonal relationships between the treasure hunter and his loved ones were captured excellently as is typical of the series and are conveyed authentically and touching not least due to the captivating graphics of the game. M it “A Thief’s End” was awarded the series a worthy, action-packed conclusion that awakens the spirit of adventure in every gamer.

6th: Shadow of the Colossus (2018)

The original, released in 2005, was considered a playful milestone during the PS2 era. “Shadow of the Colossus” offered international gamers an unconventional gaming experience that clearly stood out from the fast-paced titles of the competition. In 2018, the developers decided to bring the melancholy action adventure in a modern style to the stores again. The graphically completely revised version captured the mood of the original perfectly.

In a lonely landscape, we set out on a journey with our loyal horse Agro to conquer a total of 16 colossi, which occasionally roam the big game world. “Shadow of the Colossus” spreads a feeling of deceleration and, together with a unique soundtrack and without many words, manages to arouse undreamt-of emotions in us.

7th: The Last Guardian (2016)

A feathered creature named Trico and a boy meet and go on an unforgettable adventure together. So, or something like that, the story of “The Last Guardian” could be summarized very roughly. In fact, the third-person adventure has a lot more to offer than you might think at first glance. At the center of the story is the unusual friendship of the two titular heroes, who try together to escape from a threatening area bristling with opponents and tricky puzzles. In practice, the many puzzle elements of the game have to be mastered by coordinating the different abilities of the characters with one another and combining them together.

“The Last Guardian” can inspire with its imaginative design and is carried by an excellent soundtrack, which was specially contributed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

8th: Persona 5 (2016)

“Persona 5” or: “How many gaudy effects fit on a screen before the player rolls around on the floor, twitching?” The Japanese role-playing game is really not short of sensory overload, but the brightly colored elements fit like a fist on the eye. In addition to the shrill look, “Persona 5” also knows how to please in terms of content across the board.

The JRPG manages to create an in-depth role-playing experience and still be easily accessible. Within the story of the game we follow a group of students who have to rid the game world of dodgy objects that sow discord in the hearts of adults. However, the fantastic excursions of the youngsters stand in stark contrast to the everyday school life of the group, which is also an integral part of the game and once again offers its own charm.

9th: Detroit: Become Human (2018)

“Detroit: Become Human” takes us into the year 2038. In the future, technological progress has made a huge leap, making the sight of cyborgs an everyday occurrence. In terms of content, we follow a small group of those androids who fight against their own programming and want to find a way to freedom.

On the one hand, “Detroit: Become Human” is pure sugar for the eyes. Character models, textures and animations all look like one piece and are in the top graphic champions league. In addition, the game appeals with its diverse decision-making options, all of which have different effects on the further course of the story. This “what if” thought ensures that the replay value of the title increases immeasurably.

10th: Tetris Effect (2018)

“Tetris” is considered to be one of the most important titles in video game history. Lively juggling with the famous little stones has always had a firm place in the hearts of gamers. Thus, “Tetris Effect” from 2018 joins a decades-long tradition and turns out to be a truly worthy heir to the throne.

The basic game principle of the title has not changed, however, it is still important to place the Tetris blocks in a tactically clever way and to get as many points as possible. However, the addition “Effect” is no coincidence. The game is accompanied by numerous graphic effects and driving tracks, giving it a refreshing, modern touch.


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