Top 10 Best Selfie Apps for IPhone and Android 2021/22

Best Selfie Apps for IPhone and Android

Best Selfie Apps for IPhone and Android: With the development of social media applications, it is easier for people to post their daily photos and selfies on social media to share everything with friends and family. For the reliability and satisfaction of customers, mobile companies provide extraordinary selfie cameras and selfie applications (Selfie cameras).

However, the performance of the camera alone is not enough to post great selfies on social media.

Top 10 Best Selfie Apps For iPhone and Android 2021/22

Similarly, users need a fully functional selfie camera app and editing options to make their photos and selfies great for posting on social media walls. Social media users always like to find the best selfie app for their iPhone or Android phones, But they are confused about choosing a good choice for them. iPhone has many good selfie apps with multiple functions and editing tools.

The Best Selfie Apps for iPhone And Android 2021 are listed below in detail.

1. Sweet Selfie Camera App

Sweet Selfie Camera App is very popular and one of the best selfie apps for iPhone users as well as android user to click their extraordinary selfies. This is one of the best apps to take selfies.


  • The camera application offers a compelling face and body art filter editor to make pictures more attractive.
  • This camera has an automatic application in landscaping features, photo smoothed and photos Sharpen processing to make photos look more professional.
  • The app also provides functions and tools to edit pictures with makeup as needed & other available tools.
  • Real-time filters allow you to select filters for photos while taking pictures.
  • Users can also use this application To creates collages of different images.

2. Facetune selfie app

FaceTune is one of the perfect selfie camera apps for iPhone users and Android Users. Selfie Lover can use this app to take beautiful photos and then edit those pictures as needed.


  • FaceTune app provides multiple smooth editing Image options, editing, reshaping etc.
  • This application can help you edit pictures to make you look perfect on social media.
  • You can smooth your skin, brighten dark circles, refine your chin and reshape you nose, improve your smile,emphasize your eyes and so on.
  • This app can perform instant plastic surgery on your face in photos and selfies.
  • You can use these selfie apps to accurately edit photos.
  • You can use this selfie camera to elevate your selfies to a professional photography level & editing app.

3. Beauty Plus selfie app

Beauty Plus is one of the most powerful selfie camera applications that can provide iPhone users with a relaxing photo editor and selfie camera.


  • This is a world-renowned selfie camera application and provides a series of functions and tools that can be used to edit selfies.
  • The service provided by the app can make your pictures look perfect and elegant through editing.
  • Users can retouch the skin and make adjustments accordingly.
  • It also allows you to edit eyes and eliminate dark circles to beautify Picture.
  • This app provided other makeup tools that took your beauty to another level.
  • However, there are various filters on the app by using this filters you will take the least time to make your photos look beautiful.

4. Candy Camera Selfie App

Candy Camera Selfie App is world-renowned for its extraordinary selfie effects and features.


  • This app is a beauty app that provides you beautiful pictures with smooth skin and perfect filters.
  • Users can use real-time filters on this app to take a selfie, and you can change the filter by swiping on the screen.
  • it makes it easy for users to use when taking pictures.
  • Candy Camera is a beautiful application that can provide excellent effects to your photos.
  • By using the artificial intelligence algorithm in the camera to detect your face in the camera, it can make your face glow and look beautiful.
  • Slimming, whitening features make it a perfect selfie app.
  • There is a huge library of filters in this application to use that filters it makes pictures more beautiful.

5. YouCam perfect selfie app

YouCam Perfect is also one of the biggest competitors in the list of top selfie apps in the world. Millions of people use this app to take selfies and edit pictures. With the beauty camera of this app, it can make every photo Perfect. You will feel professional when you use this application to take pictures and take pictures. The combination of iPhone camera and this application provides impressive results for the photos taken by the user.


  • There are many features in this app, i.e. face and body reshaping, etc.
  • There are more than 100 filters in this app users use this for selfies and picture making.
  • They look perfect on the social media wall.
  • Users You can also create a collage of the following content.
  • Use this application to display different pictures.
  • This application has advantages over other applications as a selfie application because it is easy to use & understand by users.

6. Retrica selfie camera app

This is another best selfie camera app for iPhone users and Android Users. The app provides gorgeous filters, with beautiful effects. After all, this is not only a selfie camera app, but this app also provides you the functions of making friends and follow others. This is a social community where you can make friends and share beautiful photos.


  • This app also allows you to create your own filters on Retrica.
  • You can make your photos through the many filters of this app.
  • This app also provides the function of adding graffiti and stickers on the pictures.

7. Perfect365 selfie camera app

There is also an app for the best selfies of iPhone And Android users, called Perfect365. Like its name, this application is ideal for social media users. Social media users can use this application with amazing photo effects and filters to enhance photos.


  • This application is suitable for the customer makeup and beauty tips.
  • This is an easy-to-use.
  • More than 80 million users are using this app to look perfect on social pictures.
  • Artists create new styles every week to make the app perfect for fashion lovers.
  • You can change your looks through this complete selfie application because it provides the option to edit your face and body by perfect makeup and editing tools.

8. Selfie Camera HD App

Selfie Camera HD provides a great experience to the selfie lovers through its magnificent features and tools. The user can use this application easily through its interactive layout.


  • This application allows the users to add different filters on their pictures and selfies.
  • It will enable you to add different stickers on the pictures, and the user can find thousands of them on this selfie camera application.
  • Similarly, the selfie camera enhances the result of the pictures taken through this application.
  • It also adds the filters according to the choice of the user.
  • It works for both Android and iPhone users, and provides extraordinary picture effects.

9. Camera 360 selfie app

Compared with other apps, Camera360’s popularity is slightly lower, but this app also provides beautiful pictures and many functions. Users can not only use this app to take and edit pictures, but this app The program also allows users to take short videos.This app can be used on android and iOS, but this is the best compatible with iOS.


  • There are multiple filters in this camera app that provide users with fascinating images, i.e. mirror filters, high dynamic range, etc.
  • Users can also add 3D stickers.
  • This application also provides dynamic stickers.
  • These pictures are more attractive and elegant, you can be posted it on the wall of social media.

10. CamMe selfie camera app

CameMe app is the new selfie camera app and is also considered to be one of the best options for selfie lovers using iPhone OR Android.


  • The Best features of this app is it will turn selfies and pictures into beautiful photos.
  • This application has a timer that may have been taken before the image adjustment adjust them, when you posed with a group of people.
  • it can be an excellent long-range shooting photos.
  • This app also provides access to Photobooth and Gunshot templates to create and capture more beautiful pictures.
  • This app fills in the missing functional space in the iOS camera app.
  • This camera app easy for users to use It.



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