The 20 Best Series On HBO Max

Best Series On HBO Max: The US company HBO has enjoyed an exceptional position in the field of in-house TV productions for several decades. Although providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video have also scored points in recent years with some excellent in-house programs, those shows that were produced under the care of the venerable company are still considered timeless pearls of successful television entertainment.

Best Series On HBO Max

We’ll tell you 20 best series on hbo max. As always, we wish you a lot of fun with our selection!

1. Game of Thrones (2011-2019):

Pretty much every TV fan should have heard of the cult series “Game of Thrones”. The HBO production went on air between 2011 and 2019, drawing its roots from the no less famous series of novels “The Song of Ice and Fire” by the writer George RR Martin. In 73 episodes, which are divided into 8 seasons, “GoT” takes us on a dark TV journey to the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. At the center of the story is the bitter power struggle between different royal families, who try to constantly expand their sphere of influence by means of intrigues, deceptions and devious murders. As if the insidious machinations of the individual noble families weren’t exciting enough.

Exciting twists and turns, epic battles and iconic, authentically crafted characters ultimately ensured that “Game of Thrones” became an absolute darling of the public within a very short time. The HBO show is rightly considered a milestone in recent TV history – even if the last two seasons of the series were by no means only well received by the ranks of loyal fans.

2. Girls (2012-2017):

Should series like “Band of Brothers” seem too heavy TV fare for you, we advise you to take a look at “Girls”. The 62 episode comedy show puts the young adult Hannah Horvath in the spotlight, who tries to find herself and her place in this world within the storyline

Accordingly, topics such as identity, professional fulfillment and romance are fully at the center of the plot. In doing so, the creators of “Girls” succeeded in conveying the happening in an entertaining and funny way, without overpowering the humorous arc.

3. Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014):

The United States at the time of Prohibition: Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) takes advantage of the extraordinary, sometimes shattered circumstances of his hometown Atlantic City to steadily expand his influence. The protagonist could not only make a name for himself in the field of politics, but also has his fingers in the machinations of the criminal demi-world.

While Nucky initially creates a successful empire, the foundation of which is built on gambling, illegal alcohol smuggling and prostitution, the construct begins to crumble dangerously over time. In addition to the exciting story, “Boardwalk Empire” also knows how to inspire with its unique show value. The wicked nightlife of a bygone era is authentically transported to us in elaborate sets.

4. The Sopranos (1999-2007):

Stylish, dark, captivating – “The Sopranos” is considered by many series fans to be the best show ever to enter the TV world due to its exceptional position. The focus of the story is Tony Soprano, a wicked mafioso who has left a few scars on his soul after living in the turmoil of organized crime.

Within the total of 86 episodes, we get an incomparably gripping insight into a parallel society that normally remains completely hidden from our eyes. The extraordinary style of the series epic was not only received with open arms by the audience. The professional world also recognized that “The Sopranos” enjoyed a very special place in the successful ranks of HBO productions. The show, which aired between 1999 and 2007,

5. Watchmen (2019):

Admittedly, the cinema adaptation of the comic book “Watchmen” could not meet the demands of the fans of its time. In order to successfully transport the material of the comic onto the screen, HBO engaged the series creator Damon Lindelof, who was responsible for “The Leftovers” and “Lost” in the past. Long-established friends of the template will be pleased that the show, which went on air in 2019, is very close to the comics by Alan Moore.

The prominent cast, including Regina King and Jeremy Irons, does its part to ensure that “Watchmen” finally becomes the successful series that fans of the material have been waiting for so long. In contrast to many other superhero stories, the actors involved in the series are not revered as much celebrated all-salvers, but find themselves as despised outlaws on the fringes of society. In this way, “Watchmen” becomes an exciting series with a dark flair that is definitely worth a look.

6. The Wire (2002-2008):

What sets “The Wire” apart from many other series is the incomparable attention to detail. The series creator David Simon managed to plausibly weave the development of the characters involved, their mutual relationships and the social environment into the storyline, without giving the show a sedate, drawn-out touch.

The focus of the story is the US city of Baltimore, which the viewer gets to see from different angles. This gives us an insight into a wide variety of institutions. For example, we follow the everyday life of some police officers who try in vain to ban the flourishing drug trade from their hometown. But also political machinations and the aspirations of ordinary workers are examined in detail in the context of the story.

7. Euphoria (since 2019):

Coming-of-age stories don’t necessarily suit everyone. In the context of the genre, we often have to deal with shallow teenage stories, where the young actors rebel briefly in search of themselves, but the bottom line is often a little pale. The story of the schoolgirl Rue is more dramatic.

The young protagonist not only struggles with the turmoil of growing up, but also finds herself in an oppressive undertow of drugs, identity crises and various traumas. The series succeeds in portraying its young characters in a believable and multi-layered manner, without drifting into well-known clichés. Incidentally, none other than the world-famous rapper Drake is responsible for the production of the show, which is celebrated by fans and experts alike.

8. The Leftovers (2014-2017):

The series, which flickered across the international screens from 2014 to 2017, impresses with its mysterious setting. As if by magic, a not to be despised part of humanity suddenly disappears from the scene. A few years later, the bereaved are still trying to understand and process the inexplicable phenomena.

In the tranquil town of Mapleton we follow the policeman Kevin Garvey, played by Justin Theroux, who tries to cope with the dramatic events and the resulting consequences for his immediate environment. “The Leftovers” is a mixture of drama, fantasy and mystery and inspires from the first episode with its highly exciting character.

9. The Vice President (2012-2019):

Although the show “Veep” was able to take viewers’ hearts by storm in their US homeland, the HBO series in this country sometimes stayed a little under the radar. If you have anything left for successful satire series in a political setting, you should definitely take a closer look at the show, which first started in 2012.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus shines in the role of the politician Selina Meyer, who finds herself in the role of Vice President of the United States after a failed election campaign. Peppered with humor, bite and numerous swipes, “Veep” becomes an extremely entertaining series that skilfully refines cozy TV evenings.

10. Six Feet Under – People always die (2001-2005):

Not all death is the same. At the start of each episode of “Six Feet Under”, we already see how curious people’s demise can be in reality. Given that the show’s plot is centered on the employees of a funeral home, this narrative trick seems perfectly understandable. After the father of the family and company founder Nathaniel Fisher had a fatal accident, the rest of the family clan was forced to bridge internal differences and move even closer together.

Although the starting position of the series seems rather depressing, “Six Feet Under” is carried by a large portion of black humor. In addition, the HBO production, which ran on TV between 2001 and 2005, is popular with its unusual look and catchy soundtrack.

11. The Newsroom (2011-2014):

We all watch the news. While the various news programs provide us with valuable information about developments and events in a wide variety of topics, the question of how much effort has to be put into the production of the programs sometimes takes a back seat.

“The News” gives us an insight into the background of the fictional company Cable-News-Network. The focus is on news anchor Will McAvoy, who has to master the demanding balancing act of keeping a broad audience happy and reporting in a differentiated manner at the same time. “The Newsroom” gives us a realistic portrait of an often controversial field.

12. Chernobyl (2019):

As the title of the series “Chernobyl” already suggests, the 2019 show sheds light on the background to the terrible nuclear disaster of 1986. At the center of the story is the Soviet scientist Valery Legasov, who was made a scapegoat by the government following the disaster. At the same time, the commitment of those actors who prevented an even worse extent of the reactor disaster will be recognized.

With Jared Harris, Emily Watson and Stellan Skarsgard, we get to see some first-class actors who convey the dramatic, action-packed storyline in an incomparable way. The five-part mini – series was welcomed benevolently by both the professional world and the fans and represents a successful combination of drama and History series .

13. Westworld (since 2016):

Going through the iconic cities of the Wild West as a gunslinger once, that would be it. What in reality will forever remain an unrealizable dream becomes reality in the context of “Westworld”. In a futuristic setting, mankind has built a unique amusement park that is populated by androids, so-called hosts.

From now on, visitors to the Wild West Park are free to loll around in saloons, look for gold or rob banks. The weapons used were technically modified in such a way that they can damage the hosts, but leave human visitors to the amusement park unharmed. It doesn’t take long before the human-like robots begin to rebel against their role as cannon fodder.

14. Deadwood (2004-2006):

South Dakota in 1876: There are still some areas in the western United States that have not been developed industrially. In the late 19th century, the tranquil town of Deadwood was more of an improvised camp settlement than a pulsating city.

The rumors of an abundant gold deposit that is said to be located within said region, in turn, attracts a wide variety of characters to the scene. As part of the show, which combines historical events with fictional narrative threads, we learn how a new city is built on the foundations of selfishness, violence and betrayal. We viewers are relentlessly shown how brutal the last phase of the legendary Wild West was in reality.

15. Sex and the City (1998-2004):

At the turn of the millennium, “Sex and the City” was literally on everyone’s lips. The stories about the four New York friends Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda had their own charm that was not free from numerous clichés, but also peppered with a huge portion of feeling, humor and warmth.

The quartet of protagonists draws its dynamism particularly from its inner differences. The series about the emotional and professional turmoil of the four single women in the Big Apple is now one of the classics of recent TV history and offers you entertaining entertainment in its purest form.

16. True Detective (2014-2015, 2019):

Although “True Detective” is officially classified in the crime genre, the truth is that the HBO production differs significantly from comparable works. The show was conceived in detail anthologically, which means that each of the three seasons portrays a separate criminal case that is independent of the other stories.

This varied approach is finally refined by some horror and mystery elements, which give “True Detective” a very special touch. Twisted criminal cases, multi-layered characters, tense twists and turns – “True Detective” is a surefire tip for every viewer who feels at home in the nerve-wracking crime genre.

17. Big Little Lies (2017-2019):

Although the residents of the tranquil coastal community of Monterey outwardly attach great importance to a flawless appearance, a closer look reveals which moral abysses are really hidden behind the highly polished facade. A mysterious death that occurred at a fundraising gala serves as the hook.

Together with the investigators, we then look behind the mask of the model residents and at the same time try to reveal the background to the puzzling case. Originally, the show, in which we get to see Hollywood greats like Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, was only designed for one season. The immense success of the series ultimately ensured that the makers couldn’t help but add another season.

18. Band of Brothers – We were like brothers (2001):

Within the “Band of Brothers” we follow the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army. Far from home, the soldiers fight on the battlefields of Europe to help put the Wehrmacht to flight. The series produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg paints an incomparably authentic, at times blood-curdling picture of the atrocities of World War II.

We are shown the true horrors of war in opulent pictures and elaborate sets. “Band of Brothers” quickly became an absolute milestone and won countless awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

19. True Blood (2008-2014):

It is thanks to series like “True Blood” that vampires should experience a celebrated renaissance within the series and cinema landscape. While the blood-sucking flutter men in many comparable works represent a danger not to be despised for conventional people, in the case of “True Blood” the makers chose a different approach. The focus here is on the pursuit of peaceful coexistence between vampires and humans.

In order for this to succeed, the undead do not slurp up the blood in the city hospitals, but instead feed on a kind of replacement blood, the eponymous “True Blood”. Despite the cooperative approach, however, both sides repeatedly encounter unpleasant incidents based on outdated prejudices. The show, which was produced from 2008 to 2014,

20. Barry (since 2018):

Even the starting point of the show seems both bizarre and promising: contract killer Barry would like to renounce his old life and start a career as an actor.

The protagonist played by Bill Hader did not take into account that the step into the public world also calls old enemies onto the scene. The dramedy production combines black humor with action-packed sequences, which gives the work a thoroughly entertaining character.

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