The 10 Best Shooters Games On PS4 2022

Best Shooters Games On PS4 2022

Best Shooters Games On PS4 2022: Aim, pull the trigger, go on! Firing shots has become an integral part of video games and has been part of the everyday activities of devoted gamers since the beginning of the medium. A lot has happened over the decades, not just on a technical level: From “Space Invaders” to “Doom” and “Half-Life” to today’s masterpieces, the shooter genre has grown enormously in diversity and depth.

Best Shooters Games On PS4 2022:

Aesthetics and exciting stories influenced by blockbusters in the cinema characterize some of the most successful representatives on the Playstation 4, while smaller titles cleverly use their limitations through sheer creativity and condensed gaming fun to their own advantage. We have put together where owners of Sony’s fourth home console can safely pull the trigger!

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 2016

Third Person Shooter / Action Adventure, Developer: Naughty Dog

Let’s start our lead-containing list of best with a long-serving Sony mascot: In his last assignment as the main character, the moody treasure hunter Nathan Drake – despite all his wishes for a well-deserved retirement – takes on one more great adventure, in which his brother Sam is anything but innocent.

Even years after it was first published, Drake’s farewell performance is an absolute showcase title for the Playstation 4, the action sequences of which easily put a number of more current genre colleagues in their pockets! Wonderful backdrops, breathtaking set pieces and a cinematic staging in perfection make the long-serving dream of the playable Hollywood hit come true.

2. Doom Eternal 2020

First-Person Shooter, Developer: Id Software

Between endless fountains of blood, demonic beasts and brute metal riffs, at first glance it is all too easy to dismiss “Doom Eternal” as a crude baller orgy. However, a refined, rhythmic complexity is hidden in the daily work of the Doom Slayer, who has to recognize the weak points of his opponents in a split second and use them against them – an absurdly brutal dance in front of a hellish backdrop, which demands the players not only the necessary dexterity but also undivided attention and a strategic approach!

Adrenaline-charged action as well as masterpieces in sound and design make this reincarnation of the forefather a reference title for single players, against which all other shooters have to be measured.

3. Overwatch 2016

Hero Shooter, Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Exceptions confirm the rule here, too, but Blizzard simply has that certain Midas touch: After acclaimed milestones in the strategy, role-playing and MMORPG sectors, the software company has also submitted a pioneering genre representative in the broad field of shooters! Instead of generic avatars, distinctive heroes are used, who usually compete in teams of six and, ideally, have been coordinated with one another with regard to their personal skills.

The eager hunt for the “Play of the Game”, a detailed look or characters that were only so inviting for cosplay made “Overwatch” the popular darling of the public in no time at all.

4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Wins 2015

Tactical Shooter, Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Ubisoft is taking it, Ubisoft is there: After the largely classically conceived “Rainbow Six: Patriots” was crushed, this alternative with a clear multiplayer focus came on the scene. In it, players slip into the role of anti-terrorist units and prevent an opposing team from achieving their goals.

Different operators rely on individual skills and gadgets for the most thoughtful access possible, but can also head through the wall if necessary – after all, destructible environments provide a refreshing number of options to fight for victory for your own side. The post-launch treatment of the title in the form of a similar number of updates is also exemplary!

5. Battlefield I 2016

First-Person Shooter, Developer: DICE

Blessed are those who do not have to see a battlefield with their own eyes for a lifetime. Perhaps that is precisely why the monumental “Battlefield” productions impress us all the more? After offshoots in the future and present, the series debuted here in any case in World War I, which proves to be the perfect scenario for the many, well-known strengths of the franchise.

The typical multiplayer battles in large format fit perfectly with the technical status of the setting and benefit from varied maps, which for the first time can be contested in contiguous operations. Overall, the best “Battlefield” for the Playstation covered here – even considering the great memories of the fourth part!

6. Borderlands 3 2019

Loot Shooter, Developer: Gearbox Software

In view of the long range on offer, it is easy to forget that the “Borderlands” saga plays a significant role in the salon ability of the “Diablo with a gun” principle. After porting the previous parts, the finale of the trilogy represents the actual debut on the Playstation 4, which is unmistakable: For the first time, inclined Vault Hunters leave the stress-ridden planet Pandora and explore all kinds of corners of space – including their wacky characters – in the extra-detailed cel- Shading look.

Polarizing humor, pop-cultural references, an acutely addictive gameplay loop, multi-faceted character classes, extensive skill trees and varied DLC round off the familiar but definitely rich menu!

7. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus 2017

First-Person Shooter, Developer: MachineGames

When the eager swap of “Wolfenstein 3D” floppy disks probably nobody speculated that the main character William “BJ” Blazkowicz would be a prime example of a larger than life hero with emotional depth many years later.

The resistance fighter, branded by the enemy as “Terror Billy”, also takes maximum severity against the global Nazi rule in his modern adventures, but is at the same time a tangible person with friends and worries. Frenetic gunplay is enriched by a genuinely interesting plot – a tricky combination that such brute first-person shooters seldom attempt at all.

8. Fortnite 2017

Battle Royale, Developer: Epic

A pop culture portal cannot possibly report on shooters without appreciating this worldwide phenomenon! After years in the development hell, “Fortnite” had its first few months as a moderately acclaimed survival game before Epic followed up with a Battle Royale mode as a stand-alone, free expansion.

The rest is history, as the saying goes: A player base in the three-digit million range, highly endowed tournaments, the birth of numerous streaming careers, high-profile live events, sports stars cheering with emotes or collaborations with similarly sought-after franchises (Marvel, John Wick, Star Wars ) cement the status of the greatest mainstream success of this generation.

9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

First-Person Shooter / Battle Royale, Developer: Infinity Ward

Curtain up for the undisputed giant of the genre! The “Call of Duty” series has dominated the sales charts with alarming reliability since the seventh generation of consoles. As a loose reboot, “Modern Warfare” benefits from the return of popular series characters such as Captain Price, who leads the game through a plot inspired by real headlines and theaters of war.

The bread and butter of the franchise, however, lies in the continuing popular multiplayer, which, in addition to new and old modes, also invites you to take a trip to the “Warzone” – the free standalone expansion that offers the usual super-fluid gunplay and up to 150 participants via a battle royale Throws off battlefield.

10. Titanfall 2 2016

First-Person Shooter, Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Hardly any other game in this generation of consoles was played so badly by its own publisher: “Titanfall 2” appeared as an underdog right between two competing blockbusters and even genre fans easily forgot. A shame, after all, the mech sequel is a second part as it should be!

The brilliant multiplayer mode is back in an improved form and allows even more sophisticated fights between man and machine, but the campaign steals the show from him in all seriousness: wonderfully creative missions such as “Into the Abyss” or “Effect and Cause” are just as firmly anchored in his memory like the surprisingly poignant friendship with BT-7274.


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