The Best Single Player Games For The PS5 2022

Best Single Player Games For The PS5 2022

Best Single Player Games For The PS5 2022: Playing games with friends is great. But there are times when you just want to throw yourself into a great single-player game.

The Playstation 5 has already shown that single-player games with a great story can still be extremely successful today. Regardless of whether games are exclusive or cross-platform, Sony is known for its excellent single-player experiences.

Best Single Player Games For The PS5 2022

Tired of Battle Passes and microtransactions? Here are some of the best PS5 single-player games that you should play.

1. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

When we first got our hands on a PlayStation 5, Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the game that really blew our minds. It’s breathtaking; it’s the first game we’ve seen that truly embodies the future gaming generation.

Regardless of how stunning it looks, Spider-Man: Miles Morales deserves to be included in our list of the best single-player games for the PlayStation 5. The reason is simple: Spider-Man: Miles Morales is just endless fun!

In this single-player game, Miles Morales dons the iconic Spider-Man outfit and hits the streets of New York City to fight crime. In Peter Parker’s absence, it’s up to him to protect the citizens of New York. Although the game only offers a playing time of almost 10 hours, it can still score with an extensive story and a wealth of side scenes.

2. Returnal

Returnal is one of the best PS5 single-player games if you are looking for a challenge. Developers Housemarque has created a game that combines aspects of roguelikes, shooters, and horror. And the result is just fantastic.

In Returnal, you take on the role of Selene, a woman stranded on an alien planet. During her research, she comes across bodies that appear to be identical to her. It’s only after she dies that she realizes she’s caught in a loop; after each death, she wakes up on her spaceship, with the environment around her changing a little more each time.

Breaking the cycle is possible if you take responsibility for Selene. This is a difficult task that requires a lot of practice and perseverance.

Returnal is a wonderful example of what the PS5 is capable of, thanks to its fast-paced third-person action, gorgeous graphics, and efficient DualSense implementation. Also, it’s a single-player game with no multiplayer features other than online leaderboards for daily challenges. So if you’re looking for the best PS5 single-player experiences, this game is a must for you.

3. Hit Man 3

Hitman 3 is the perfect way to say goodbye to 47 and Diana in the World of Assassination trilogy. While Hitman 3’s gameplay is quite similar to the previous two standout games in the series, the game doesn’t really reinvent the wheel but enhances an already dynamic experience.

Just jump into a mission and figure out how to take out the targets – that’s pretty much the whole point of the game. Experimenting with often hilarious consequences makes Hitman 3 one of the best stealth games ever made.

Hitman 3 is a game to play over and over again because there is so much to unlock and because each level is completely different depending on how you approach it. It’s a game that just doesn’t cease to amaze.

4. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamers may be suspicious of a Square Enix superhero game, but developer Eidos Montreal delivers Guardians of the Galaxy, a detailed, humorous, and immensely engaging campaign centered around a unique narrative. With over 20 hours of gameplay, the game is also very long.

The characters Drax, Groot, Rocket, and Gamora are as memorable as you know them from the Marvel movies. Even Star-Lord puts on a strong performance despite the lack of a Chris Pratt facial scan. Combat is deep and exciting, exploration is limited but fun, and dialogue is excellent throughout the game.

5. Demon’s Souls

The popular PS3 game Demon’s Souls revolutionized the action role-playing game genre, creating a new subgenre in the process. PS4 and PS5 players weren’t able to play the original until BluePoint Games released a PS5-exclusive remake of Demon’s Souls, which spawned the famous Dark Souls series. Built from the ground up for the latest next generation technology, this game lets you let off steam in a medieval, gothic setting like never before.

Demon’s Souls can be played in full 4K or at 60 FPS and is one of the best PS5 single-player games as it’s a faithful reimagining that upgrades the aesthetic to make it look and feel like a modern triple-A game feels like this. You’ll travel through legendary locations like the Boletarian Palace and the Corruption Valley and experience them in ways you’ve never seen before as you battle challenging enemies and try to survive. Don’t miss this resurrected action game that inspired the entire Souls Borne genre.

6. Death loop

While there’s always a chance that a real-world player other than Julianna will join your game, Deathloop is primarily a high-quality single-player experience. Quite straight forward adventure where you have to break a time warp on the island of Blackreef is an amazing experience.

Developer studio Arkane Studios has taken stealth elements from Dishonored and combined them with explosive action so you can play the game how and when you want. While the game’s ending is a little disappointing, the storyline remains entertaining throughout. Death loop is an awesome first-person shooter (PS5) that lasts around 15 hours.

7. The Pathless

The following example shows that not every open-world game has to be crammed to be fun. Considering the game came from the developers at Abzu, it’s no wonder The Pathless instead focuses on the game’s core and stunning aesthetic.

And it really works: The Pathless is one of the most original and immersive open-world games out there. You take on the role of a teenage hunter on a mission to stop the Godslayer, an evil force bent on destroying nature. You must find a way to stop the creature with the help of your trusty eagle companion and your bow.

With its non-linear gameplay, stunning graphics, and incredible music, The Pathless is one of the best single-player games on the PlayStation 5.

8. Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil: Village is the sequel to 2017’s Biohazard and continues the story of Ethan Winters, who finds himself in a spooky Eastern European village in search of his kidnapped daughter. Instead of fighting zombies, he must contend with werewolves and vampires as he makes his way through the village.

This is survival horror in its purest form. The village is one of the best single-player games for the PlayStation 5 because it takes full advantage of technology and keeps taking the scare factor to the next level.

While searching for his missing daughter, Ethan encounters an eclectic cast of evil characters, each ruling their own territory. One minute you’re visiting a creepy dollhouse and the next you’re escaping a factory that produces mechanical killing robots. One of the most diverse installments in the series in years, Resident Evil: Village is a must-read for PS5 owners.

9. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The Assassin’s Creed video game Valhalla has got off to a flying start like no other game in the series, and after playing the game for a few hours it’s not hard to see why. Players take on the role of Eivor, a Viking warrior, and sail from Norway to England, where they intend to establish their own settlement. There’s plenty to fight, loot, gather supplies, and quests to complete. In classic Assassin’s Creed fashion, you’ll have more quests than you can imagine, but that’s only half of what makes Valhalla such an amazing place.

Aside from the stunning graphics on the PS5, the game is also tons of fun. Once you assume the role of Eivor, you can conquer this virtual world as if it were your own and roam from place to place like a jack of all trades.

The sheer amount of options at your fingertips makes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla one of the best single-player games available for the PlayStation 5. You will be busy for at least 50 hours because there is so much to do…

10. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet is back, and thanks to some dimensional gimmicks, he’s found a new ally.

When Clank presented the Dimensionator to Ratchet, he believed it was giving him a real gift. But then comes Dr. Nefarious and steals the Dimensionator right under their noses. A fight later, Ratchet and Clank are separated and taken to another dimension, causing chaos. Rivet, a female Lombax, lives in a new reality where she is determined to become her own version of Dr. to stop Nefarious. In the end, Ratchet and Rivet team up and hopefully try to make things right.

On the PlayStation 5, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a technical feat, thanks to the stunningly beautiful graphics, the excellent DualSense implementation, and the extremely fast loading times. It’s also the most entertaining Ratchet & Clank game yet, thanks to significant gameplay adjustments and new characters. If you’re looking for the best single-player games for the PlayStation 5, you need to get this game.


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