Top 5 Best South American Players in The History of The Premier League

TOP 5 Best South American Players in The History of The Premier League

Best South American Players in The History of The Premier League: South American football players are among the most technical, brilliant, unpredictable and at the same time sought-after players in the world. There has never been such a thing that at least one decade passed without the intervention and dominance of representatives of Latin America in the football ring.

Pele, Maradona, Garrincha, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi, and Neymar – this is just a small part of the stars of the continent who have delighted or delighted the public to this day with their elegant play.

Best South American Players in The History of The Premier League

It so happened that the best football players at some point in their careers move to Europe and many of them choose the English Premier League – the strongest championship on the European continent. In this post, there will be information about the 5 best Latin American players who have played in the Premier League.

5. Gilberto Silva (Brazil)

The Brazilian played phenomenally for the national team at the 2002 World Cup, won the trophy and then accepted the offer of the London Arsenal. Gilberto became the mainstay and reliability of the Gunners. Together with Patrick Vieira, Silva formed a strong center for Arsene Wenger’s team, which in the 2003-2004 season went through the entire season in the Premier League without a single defeat.

 It was thanks to Gilberto’s responsible work in the support zone that the attack with Henry, Junberg and Bergkamp could safely play their own football, without being particularly afraid of losing the ball, because Gilberto was waiting for the center of the opponent.

In total, Gilberto Silva played 170 matches for Arsenal, he was one of the team’s leaders on the field and in the dressing room, as well as a great example and role model for promising young players like Cesc Fàbregas. 

The Brazilian had the nickname “The Invisible Wall”. Indeed, he did not play the main roles in Wenger’s club, he simply did his job responsibly in the support zone: he made a lot of interceptions, tackles, hedged the defense – in general, the fan notices such actions less often than scored goals and beautiful feints.

4. Carlos Tevez (Argentina)

Carlos Tevez joined West Ham in 2006 and played only 1 season for the Hammers. It was a good debut season in the Premier League for the Argentina, which helped the team to maintain a residence in the elite of British football. 

Then Tevez signed a contract with Manchester United, in which he collected as many as 6 trophies in 2 seasons, among which were the title of champion of England, as well as the winner of the Champions League. However, due to a difficult relationship with Alex Fergus, the Latin American striker had to leave Old Trafford.

Carlos did not leave England, he found a new club right here and it became the principal rival of the Red Devils – Manchester City. As part of the “citizens” Tevez played from the very first matches. 

All in all, he had 2 amazing first seasons in the City shirt. Also, as in Manchester United, Tevez also won the Premier League with MS, and he remains the first and only Latin American to win this trophy with different clubs.

3. Fernandinho (Brazil)

Fenandinho moved from Shakhtar to Manchester City in the summer of 2013. Few would have thought then that this player would have such a big impact on the club and the Premier League as a whole. Ferna quickly adapted to the difficult British football and became a reliable support for the team for long seasons.

Fernandinho is arguably the most important MC player on Manuel Pellegrini’s team and on Pep Guardiola’s current team. He is an excellent defensive midfielder who does his job so meticulously that there is nothing to complain about. The Brazilian creates reliability in his zone, and this in turn allows the attacking players to move forward freely without fear for the rear.

This season we also saw Ferna’s versatility. He is Guardiola’s lifesaver. Since key central defenders have not played for some time this season due to injuries, Pep put Fernandinho there and he adapted to the new position from the first minutes, as if he had played there all his life.

2. Luis Suarez (Uruguay)

Suarez spent only 3 seasons in the Premier League, but even in such a short period of time, the Uruguayan managed to leave an unforgettable mark on English football. The bite of Branislav Ivanovic and other similar episodes slightly spoiled the reputation of the Latin American striker, who showed himself simply flawlessly on the field. 

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Suarez’s last season with Liverpool was especially successful. Recall that because of the bite of Ivanovich, the striker was sanctioned in the form of a disqualification for 7 games. 

But even these matches did not prevent Luisito from scoring as many as 31 goals in the Premier League and becoming the top scorer. After that phenomenal season, Suárez went to Barcelona, ​​but his achievements in the Premier League are still remembered.

1. Sergio Aguero (Argentina)

This list ends with Sergio Aguero, the footballer whose goal in the last round of the 2011-12 Premier League gave Manchester City the title. During his stay in Manchester, they won 4 Premier League trophies, an FA Cup, 3 FA Super Cups and 4 English League Cups. Sergio is a prolific striker, currently the top scorer in MS history and one of the best in Premier League history.

Aguero scores goals at every level, from the FA Cup to the Champions League. His ability to score in decisive matches is unmatched. Sergio spends his 9th season in the Premier League and he still pleases with performance. 

There were only 2 seasons when the Argentine scored less than 20 goals in a season in the Premier League, he has been going smoothly throughout his career without much recession. Such a high quality striker could play in any top club in Europe, but Kuhn faithfully serves the City, with whom he has achieved great heights.


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