Brad Pitt Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actor?

Brad Pitt Net Worth 2022

Brad Pitt Net Worth 2022: Brad Pitt deserves the title “movie star”. The list of his films includes more than 50 works. Including lavishly endowed masterpieces such as “Sieben”, “Fight Club” or ”Inglourious Basterd”. The popularity of the handsome actor can also be seen in his nominations and film awards. Last but not least, Pitt has amassed a considerable fortune over time.

Brad Pitt Annual Income And Total Net Worth:

Brad Pitt has appeared on the lists of the highest paid actors since 1999. So the audience could watch him get rich and get richer. In 2015 he made about $ 16 million. A year later, the income was almost twice as high. On the Forbes list of 100 Highest Earning Actors, he took a respectable 94th place in 2016 with an income of $ 31.5 million.

Brad Pitt Net Worth 2022:

Brad Pitt’s net worth is estimated at around $ 300 million.

Between A Handful of Dollars And Dream Salaries:

The actor was born on December 18, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, as William Bradley Pitt. After high school in Springfeld, Missouri, he began studying journalism at the University of Missouri in 1982. However, Pitt dropped out of college and went to Hollywood to become an actor. Smaller roles for films and series adorn his filmography of the 1980s.

From 1991 the career began to take off with “Thelma & Louise”. In this road movie, Brad Pitt first became known to a larger audience. His income at the time was still manageable: There were 6,000 dollars for the role as “JD” which was far more than the 38 dollars that Pitt received in 1987 for an extra role in “Less Than Zero”. deserved. But every fortune needs a cornerstone …

The actor has been an integral part of Hollywood cinema since the 1990s. With increasing success and awareness, the fees also increased. For example, 1999’s Fight Club earned Pitt an income of $ 17.5 million. In 2001, “Ocean’s Eleven” was awarded $ 30 million, the unsurpassed maximum salary. The role of Lieutenant Aldo Raine in Quentin Tarantino’s war film “Inglourious Basterds” earned him $ 10 million.

Brad Pitt – Earnings Per Movie

The Art of Winning – Moneyball (2011) $ 10 million
Inglourious Basterds (2009) $ 10 million
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) $ 20 million
Troy (2004) $ 17.5 million
Ocean’s Eleven (2001) $ 30 million
Spy Game – The Final Countdown (2001) $ 17.5 million
The Mexican (2001) $ 10 million
Fight Club (1999) $ 17.5 million
Rendezvous with Joe Black (1998) $ 17.5 million
Seven Years in Tibet (1997) $ 10 million
Familiar Enemy (1997) $ 8 million
Sleepers (1996) $ 10 million
Seven (1995) $ 4 million
California (1993) $ 500,000
Thelma & Louise (1991) $ 6,000
Death Party II (1989) $ 12,000
Below Zero (1987) $ 30

Marriage To Angelina Jolie And Real Estate Together:

When it comes to Brad Pitt, the name Angelina Jolie inevitably comes up too. Under the label “Brangelina”, both were known as Hollywood’s long-time dream couple. A couple who were also socially committed. Together they founded the “Jolie Pitt Foundation” in 2006 and invested more than $ 9 million in humanitarian aid projects by 2010.

The twelve-year relationship was crowned by a marriage in 2014. Of course, money also played a role in this star marriage. However, when Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, the $ 425 million marriage contract was history.

In addition, the couple had built up an impressive real estate collection over the long years together. Since 2006 they owned a villa in New Orleans known as the “French Quarter”.

In 2016, Jolie attempted to sell the 19th-century home for $ 6.5 million. In addition to an apartment in the “Waldorf Astoria” (New York), other villas in Los Angeles and California, foreign properties were also part of the joint assets. Including the “Chateau Miraval” in Provence, which was acquired for 60 million dollars in 2012, and a villa in Mallorca for 3.7 million dollars.

Brad Pitt’s Advertising Income:

Brad Pitt didn’t get rich from his movies alone. Its popularity, as well as its good looks, also make it attractive for advertising. He earned $ 4.5 million for a commercial for the Heineken brewery that made the rounds during the 2005 Super Bowl.

Brad Pitt appeared as a brand ambassador for the Swiss luxury watch brand “TAG Heuer” until 2008. The “Carrera Chrono CV2010” model, in particular, is associated with Pitt’s name. The noble timepiece is of course also available for “normal mortals” – for around 3000 euros.

Brad Pitt’s appearance in a women’s perfume commercial is rather unusual. However, if it is one of the most successful women’s fragrances ever, men can make an exception. The short film, shot for “Chanel Nº 5” in 2012, is said to have increased the actor’s fortune by 7 million dollars. The automaker “Cadillac” made a little less money when it entered an advertising deal with Pitt in 2013. He earned 3 million dollars for the campaign launched on the Chinese market.

Financial Success At the Box Office:

A man like Brad Pitt – rich, handsome, famous – brings tons of cash to the box office, of course. Eight- to nine-digit income results for his films are not uncommon. The front runner is “Deadpool 2” from 2018, which grossed more than 740 million dollars worldwide. A film like “World War Z” (2013) came to a box office value of 540 million dollars, followed by “Ocean’s Eleven” with a little more than 450 million dollars.

A curious detail: The zombie flick “World War Z” is one of the most expensive films of the genre with production costs of 200 million dollars. Made at the height of the zombie wave, the film also turned out to be one of the financially most successful for Brad Pitt.

Honor Where Honor Is Due:

The actor should have been flattered to have noted that Brad Pitt was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by “People” magazine in 1995 and 2000. Of course, more important are the prizes in the film industry, from which he has already been able to get the famous ones. There was an “Oscar” in the “Best Film” category in 2014 for working on the production of “12 Years a Slave”.

In 1996, Pitt was honored with the “Golden Globe” as the best supporting actor in “12 Monkeys”. In the same category he also received the “Saturn Award”, a prize that is particularly important for genre cinema (horror, fantasy, science fiction, action). It goes without saying that Brad Pitt has received numerous nominations in addition to these awards.


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