Can Dog Eat Cooked Eggs? That’s Why Dogs Are Allowed To Eat Eggs

Can Dog Eat Cooked Eggs

Can Dog Eat Cooked Eggs? Can I give my dog ​​an egg to eat? Raw or cooked? What about the eggshell? Dog owners often ask themselves these questions. That is a good thing, because dogs are not allowed to eat everything that people eat. We researched and summarized:

Dogs are allowed to eat an egg every now and then. Raw, boiled and fried. With raw eggs, however, you should pay attention to the freshness. The eggshell can also be fed. However, this should be cleaned and crushed beforehand.

That’s Why Dogs Are Allowed to Eat Eggs:

Eggs are not only valuable sources of energy for humans. Eggs can also be on the menu of dogs. Eggs have an optimal composition of many important nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

The protein is a good source of protein and is particularly easy to digest.

The egg yolk is high in unsaturated fatty acids. It also contains the minerals calcium, phosphorus and iron and vitamins A, B1 and B7 (biotin).

The eggshell contains many important minerals and is a good source of calcium.

What’s In The Egg?

In addition, the egg contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K and water-soluble vitamins such as B1 and B2, which are important for the metabolism.

  • Good to Know: Vitamin A is the most important vitamin in the egg and is found in the yolk. It is good for the eyes and improves the shine of the coat.

Raw, Cooked or Fried?

Boiled eggs are safe to give to a dog. They tolerate these best as they are not salted and there is no risk of salmonella.

With scrambled or fried eggs you should make sure that there are no flavor enhancers such as Maggi or too much salt. Otherwise fried eggs are safe.

Because of the avidin contained in raw egg whites, the dog should not get too many raw eggs . Avidin binds the vitamin B7 (biotin) to itself. Biotin is important for the skin and the coat. If a dog gets too many raw eggs in the long run, it may be that it has too little biotin in its body and that this can lead to subsequent problems.

To avoid salmonella, you should only give your dog fresh eggs, raw. Also make sure that the egg does not come straight out of the refrigerator, but is at room temperature. The dog can take that better.

  • This is how I do it: I feed my dog ​​both. Raw as a BARF additive and cooked or fried if something is left over at breakfast.

Can You also Give The Eggshell?

The eggshell can also be fed. But this should be ground or crushed beforehand.

  • Important: If you also feed the eggshell, you should wash the egg beforehand. As it may be that there is still chicken droppings on the bowl.

How Often Can a Dog get an Egg?

As with all things, one should also pay attention to the amount here. Every now and then you can give your dog an egg.

Our Recommendation:

  • Small breeds of dogs: 1 egg per week
  • Medium breeds: 1-2 eggs per week
  • Large breeds of dogs: 1-3 eggs per week

With BARF, for example, feeding raw eggs is completely normal and is recommended 1 to 3 times a week.

  • Don’t forget: if you give your dog an egg, it should be removed from the food

Can Dogs Eat Quail Eggs?

Dogs are also allowed to eat quail eggs. Quail eggs are said to be healthier than chicken eggs. They have a higher zinc and iron content and a higher concentration of vitamins.

Are Puppies Allowed to Eat Eggs?

Puppies are also allowed to eat eggs but only eat fresh eggs and no more than one egg per week.


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