Cancer Does Not Happen Suddenly: Signals Have been Sent out Two Years Ago, And Those Who Receive It Will be Lucky.

Cancer Does Not Happen Suddenly

Cancer Does Not Happen Suddenly: Many people think that when cancer is detected, it is a disaster. It seems that the body was healthy in the first second, but the cancer came to the door in the next second. This is not the case. Cancers appear for a reason, especially since there are signals sent out to test you two years ago. Those who receive it early can respond in time and receive treatment to increase the cure rate.

What Signals Will be Sent in Front of the Upper Body of the Cancer?

Signal one, the sudden appearance of an abnormal mass, it is not that the tumor will become cancer when it first appears, it is also after a long time of reproduction and growth, the possibility of deterioration is great. Two years earlier, I found a lump suddenly felt on my body. Whether you felt a hard lump on the stomach, neck, chest, creak or groin, check it out as soon as possible to avoid it as a sign of cancer. . Some lumps are not very obvious, but there is no bone in the part you touch, and the surrounding tissues that feel hard and hard are very soft. Also pay attention to the signs of cancer.

Signal two, the mole on the skin suddenly grows larger, and there are many other spots. Such a phenomenon occurs suddenly, so pay attention to it. Most of it is a sign of cancer. After all, there are a lot of people who have skin cancer, and there are many people who do not have the habit of sun protection. Long-term skin irritation, spots, and moles are more likely to become bigger. Normal moles will not grow up in a short period of time. They may be their current size for a lifetime. Moles that grow large in a few months have a high probability of being cancerous. If there is such a signal, the investigation should be done as soon as possible.

Signal three, enough rest time, long-term physical weakness and fatigue, and no obvious wasting diseases in the body, it is necessary to consider cancer. It is necessary to know that after the emergence of cancer cells, it has a great impact on the function, and it always takes away nutrients, causing the patient to not get sick and rest for a long time, which can not alleviate the feeling of fatigue. Many cancers will cause this symptom to occur before they appear. When you go to see a doctor, describe your physical condition, normal life habits, and whether your family has had any cancer. You must explain clearly and in detail to help the doctor make a judgment.

Signal four, always feel pain inexplicably, lasting for more than a month, the pain disappears within a few minutes, and the interval is long, so you don’t need to worry too much about your health. The pain always appears, I don’t know the cause, and the pain lasts for more than a month without disappearing. Most of it is caused by the damage function of cancerous cells. Because everyone’s painful parts are not necessarily the same, it is necessary to do some relevant screenings according to their personal circumstances, understand the situation as soon as possible, and make solutions to eliminate physical discomfort and prolong the patient’s survival.

Of course, the pre-cancer signals are not only these, but they all have some common characteristics, that is, the symptoms that appear, which appear more in life. To distinguish whether it is a symptom of cancer, it can be based on how long it lasts and whether it has the characteristics of repeated recurrence. As long as there are some symptoms that do not disappear for a few months, or frequent occurrences within a year, no matter whether it is a small problem or not, you should pay attention to it and do some cancer checks. Ordinary examinations cannot find out whether there is cancer. It is better to do cancer-related examinations based on your physical condition.


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