How To Take Better Care of Yourself in 2022

How To Take Better Care of Yourself in 2022

Anyone who is only there for others and does not practice good self-care usually destroys himself mentally and physically!

Don’t get me wrong: It’s nice to take care of others, and it’s also proven to make you happy. But only if you don’t forget yourself.

How To Take Better Care of Yourself

How about you with self-care? Do you take good care of yourself? Or are you neglecting yourself sometimes?

If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you place yourself? If 1 was total self-neglect and 10 was perfect and total self-care. what would be your number

1. The basic assumption for self-care

The most important prerequisite for functioning self-care is: You have to allow yourself to take care of yourself at all. Sounds natural? But for many people, it is not.

“I count. My needs matter. I deserve good things in life too. I am not just a service provider to other people.”

That’s what it sounds like when you allow yourself to take good care of yourself.

How is it with you? do you allow yourself self-care

2. Your body

Self-care starts with basic physical needs. do you sleep enough do you eat regularly And maybe also foods that are good for you? are you drinking enough

Or are you often tired and powerless? Or often sick? Or do you weigh more than is good for you? This could be an indication that you are disregarding the basics of self-care.

How about you on a scale of 1 to 10?

3. Rest and relaxation

How To Take Better Care of Yourself in 2022

Do you make sure you get enough rest? In other words, times when you can freely dispose of your time and don’t have to do anything. To go for a walk. Take a nap. Go to the sauna. Meet up with friends casually for a beer.

Self-care involves downtime when you don’t have to function. Where you can simply do what gives you strength and what recharges your batteries.

How would you rate yourself here on a scale of 10?

4. Pressure and strain

There are situations in life that put us under pressure. When we’re supposed to do things we don’t want to or can’t do. When others ask us to do something that we cannot agree with ourselves. When we have a constant argument with someone. When we’re being bullied. Or if we are supposed to overperform.

Good Food For Healthy Eyes

This kind of pressure is manageable for each of us for a certain time. But if it takes too long or there is no end in sight to the stressful situation, then pressure can destroy us.

Part of self-care is making sure that the pressure and stress is lessened.

Do you have above-average pressure in your life? Your rating on a scale from 1 to 10? And if the pressure is above 5: what do you do to take the pressure off?

5. Variety

If our life becomes too monotonous, then the liveliness and joie de vivre can disappear from our everyday life. We need variety and new impulses in life so that we don’t get bogged down in our routine.

Self-care also includes providing variety, distraction, new impulses, or new fields of learning.

How exciting is your life? Where would you rate your life right now on the 10 scales in this regard?

6. Proximity and togetherness

Proximity, togetherness, exchange, and togetherness are normal human needs. And if I always just give, then togetherness often falls by the wayside.

Do you have enough equal community and exchange in your life? Exchange in which you not only give but also receive something?

Do you get enough encouragement, attention, love, and cuddles?

Self-care also includes taking care of your own need for closeness. Sometimes you have to socialize, cultivate friendships, get to know new people, and make new friends.

You’re already used to it: your self-assessment on the subject of proximity between 1 and 10? How are you doing here?

7. Self-determination

For me, self-care also includes another point: self-determination. That means I have to be able to do the things that are important to me alone. In my life, there must also be room and space for the activities that I enjoy and that fulfill me. Even if everyone around me doesn’t understand or even disapproves.

And my self-care also includes fighting for this space for myself. If necessary, even against the resistance of my family. And I know that it’s often difficult, especially when you have small children. But still possible and important in order not to go koppheister.

I’ll ask for the last time, I promise: How self-determined is your life? How well do you care for space just for you?

Conclusion: Self-test Self-care

What does your little self-test on the subject of self-care look like now :

  • Do you even allow yourself self-care?
  • Do you take care of the physical basics?
  • Are you getting enough rest and relaxation?
  • Are you keeping the pressure and stress in your life at bay?
  • Are you giving yourself enough variety and inspiration?
  • Do you ensure a healthy level of closeness and togetherness?
  • And do you allow yourself space for what is only important to you?

Please take good care of yourself. Nobody wants you to break yourself. Because when you get sick, unhappy, or freak out, it doesn’t help those around you either.


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