Charlize Theron Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actress?

Charlize Theron Net Worth 2022

Charlize Theron Net Worth 2022: Charlize Theron is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. The South African-born actress, model and producer has a net worth of $160 million.

Main Source of Income: How Much Money Does Charlize Theron Make From Her Films?

In many films, actors’ ultimate wages are well-kept secrets. In the case of Charlize Theron, it is certain that she earned 10 million US dollars each with “Kaltes Land” and “Eon Flux” in 2005.

The average annual income is expected to be around $ 15 million.

But Theron’s career has been very mixed financially, as her films grossed different amounts at the box office. Even if an actress seldom earns a pro-rata amount of money, the income from previous films still influences the value of an actress and thus has an impact on income.

The Theron-produced film “Dark Places – Dangerous Memories” grossed just USD 208,588 worldwide, while “Fast & Furious 8” grossed a whopping USD 1.236 billion.

In 2012, when “Snow White and the Huntsman” (worldwide revenue: $396.6 million) and “Prometheus – Dark Characters” (worldwide revenue: $ 403.4 million ) were released, Charlize Theron made $ 18 million. Her income was higher than in any other year. So it’s definitely the big blockbusters that made the actress rich.

Money From Other Sources: What Is In Charlize Theron’s Income?

Like many other celebrities, Charlize Theron has grown her fortune with promotional deals. In 2006 she received $ 3 million from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Raymond Weil for her advertising activities.

Another Swiss jewelry and watchmaker, Chopard, gave Theron US $ 200,000 in 2006 for wearing Chopard’s jewelry at the Oscars.

She also made $ 2 million in 2004 through a promotional deal with Christian Dior for promoting the J’adore brand. Another source of income was the 2013 resale of Theron’s Malibu and Hollywood Hills mansions.

Charlize Theron’s Career & Personal Life:

Charlize Theron was born on August 7, 1975 as the daughter of the French-born building contractor Charles Jacobus Theron and his German-born wife Gerda Jacoba Aletta in Benoni, South Africa.

She grew up on a farm near Johannesburg. At the age of fifteen, Charlize Theron watched her mother kill her father, who was a violent alcoholic, in self-defense.

A little later, at just under sixteen, Charlize Theron won a modeling competition. As a result, she initially modeled in Milan with moderate success. She then continued her training as a ballet dancer, which she had already started in South Africa. She performed with a ballet company in both Europe and the United States and was eventually accepted into the Joffrey Ballet in New York.

However, due to a knee injury, she had to give up her career as a dancer. At this time she was also working as a photo model again. She was discovered by an agent while she was waiting at a bank in her new adopted home, Los Angeles, where she had moved when she was eighteen.

Charlize Theron had her first role in 1995 in “Children of Wrath III”, a horror film. Theron’s first, bigger role was that of Mary Ann Lomax in “The Devil’s Order” alongside Keanu Reeves (Kevin Lomax) and Al Pacino (John Milton / Satan).

After that, she often played the role of the beautiful woman at the side of the hero. However, this changed with her first major character role: In 2003 she played the role of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in “Monster”. Theron’s courage to be ugly and her acting skills were rewarded with a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Actress.

Theron’s career after her Oscar win was mixed and included both flops like “Head in the Clouds” or “Eon Flux” as well as successful films like “Prometheus – Dark Characters” or “Hancock”.

In addition to her cinema career, she also worked for television productions such as the film “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers” or the series such as “Arrested Development” and “The Orville”, in which Theron had guest appearances. Theron is not only active as an actress but also as a producer – for example on “Monster” or “Dark Places – Dangerous Memories”.

Since 2007 Theron has both South African and US citizenship. Her mother tongue is Afrikaans and English is her second language.

After some failed relationships – including with singer Stephan Jenkins and fellow actor Stuart Townsend – she adopted a boy in 2012. The relationship with the two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn also failed after a year and a half. Immediately after breaking up with Penn, Theron adopted another child, this time a girl.


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