Chris Hemsworth Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actor?

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth 2022

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth 2022: He is one of the most famous actors of the 21st century and best known for his role as the Norse god Thor. We are of course talking about Chris Hemsworth, who wields the hammer with a flowing mane in the Marvel Universe. In addition to Thor, the Australian embodied many other characters and has thus made a fortune. In this article, we explain to you how big the actor’s income was for certain films, how rich he really is and what Hemsworth spends his money on.

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth 2022:

The actor was born in Melbourne in 1983. The profession apparently runs in the family, because his older brother Luke and younger brother Liam are also well-known actors.

Chris had his first appearances on TV in the soap opera “Home and Away”, for which he was in front of the camera from 2004 to 2007. Hemsworth only got rich when he left Australia and made films in the United States. He first became known to a wider public in “Star Trek” in 2009, before he celebrated his international breakthrough with the first Thor film two years later and laid the foundation for his current fortune of an estimated 90 million US dollars!

Chris Hemsworth: Income Per Year

In 2013 alone, Chris Hemsworth earned $ 130 million from starring roles in Rush and Thor. Between June 2016 and June 2017, Chris made an estimated $ 30 million. In 2018, Hemsworth was seen in three major movies: “Operation: 12 Strong”, “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Bad Times at the El Royale”. The actor earned a staggering $ 65 million from these three films. In 2019, Hemsworth reportedly made $ 75 million.

The Career After Thor:

Since then, Hemsworth has been a fixture in Hollywood. Two other solo films appeared as Thor, and he also played the Nordic god in the “Avengers” films.

Chris Hemsworth also landed leading roles in the films “Cabin in the Woods”, “Rush” and “Blackhat”. In 2012 he also starred in “Snowwhite and the Huntsmen”. For this performance alone, Hemsworth has increased his fortune tremendously: The Australian made a full five million dollars with it. For the first Thor film, Hemsworth only managed to increase his net worth by $ 150,000. The increased level of awareness ensures extremely lucrative contracts.

Chris Hemsworth’s Promotional Deals:

Sure, there is no such thing as an actor in Hollywood who doesn’t increase his income through advertising contracts. Chris Hemsworth is no exception here either. The actor shot advertisements for “Tourism Australia” and has been the new face of Hugo Boss’s advertising campaign since 2017. How rich Hemsworth became through advertising is not known. But it is also clear: There was certainly no little money here.

What Does Hemsworth Spend His Income On?

Anyone who has $ 130 million in their account naturally also wants to spend their money. During the time of his breakthrough, Hemsworth was still living in Los Angeles. In 2015, he and his family, consisting of Mrs. Elsa Pataky and three children, had enough of the US and the paparazzi: Hemsworth moved back home to Australia and did some shopping extremely luxurious property.

The property alone measures over four hectares and houses six different buildings. For around seven million dollars, Hemsworth can now own a complex that looks like a luxury resort in Bali. Located in the Byron Bay area, the family now has various houses with eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms available, plus two swimming pools and a personal stretch of beach. And as if that weren’t enough: fellow actor and good friend of the family Matt Damon lives next door, who has also ended up in Australia due to the lack of public interest.

Even a small fleet of vehicles is part of every successful actor. With Chris Hemsworth, a family-friendly SUV, the Acura MDX, is included (price: 44,000 dollars ), but that’s by no means all: For just under 90,000 dollars, the Australian bought an Audi Q7 and a Cadillac SRX. The heart of his cars, however, is the Cadillac Escalade, which cost the Australian about $ 200,000.

Chris Hemsworth And His Approach To Money:

The actor made a fortune in his life. With an income of many millions of dollars a year, Hemsworth is rich and makes more in a day than the average person in a year.

In an interview, the Australian had said that he would be a little disgusted with his own money. A story from his own childhood should support this statement: Back then, as a child, he had to save for a whole year for a surfboard that he didn’t even want to try out – for fear that it could be damaged.

These days, Hemsworth doesn’t have to think twice – he’s made enough money to buy anything he wants. The fact that his own income repels him is hardly credible, however: In the same year, the actor turned down a role because the salary was too low. It is not known exactly how much the actor would be paid. For Chris Hemsworth, however, it should not have been about little money.


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