The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Security Certification

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

In today’s society, many people seek certification, as do network engineers. There are also many valuable certifications for network engineers to apply for, such as the Cisco certification and the Huawei certification. Passing these certifications not only gives you a certificate but is also the criterion that helps employers assess whether you are qualified for the position. Typically, these certifications are graded. read full report.

New Cisco certification program:

On February 24, 2020, Cisco changed its certification program. The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is the successor to the CCIE Routing and Switching.

An Overview of the Changes can be Found Here.


There are no formal requirements for certification, unlike other certifications or training courses, but knowledge at the CCNP level is recommended. You should also have at least five to seven years of experience designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing networking technologies and solutions.

Passing the written exam is a prerequisite for registering for the practical lab exam.

  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam: 350-401 ENCOR
  • This exam is equivalent to the CCNP Enterprise Core exam.
  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (v1.0) Practical Exam

Switching from the previous certification:

If you passed the “old” CCIE Routing and Switching written exam by February 24, 2020, you can then take the new hands-on exam to get certified. Anyone who completed their CCIE certification under the old rules by February 24 maintains their certification status under the new recertification regulations.


CCIE certifications are valid for three years. To recertify, you must complete one of the following options before your certification expires:

  • Pass an Expert-level certification exam
  • Pass any CCIE practical exam
  • Pass any three Professional Concentration exams
  • Passing a Core and an Elective Professional-level exam (counts as CCNP certification if both are from the same track)
  • Acquisition of points through continuing education

If you use a higher-level certification to renew other certifications, the expiration date of all certifications will be extended to match the higher-level certification.

Does it make sense to pass the CCNA certification?

The CCNA certification is the entry-level certification in the Cisco certification system. SPOTO’s CCNA student pass rate can reach 100%, and the CCNA certification exam is a written exam. The nine directions are integrated into one. There are many knowledge points in the CCNA certification exam, but overall the content will not be all that in-depth. Therefore, if you are participating in the CCNA certification, the total value is still limited. However, this does not mean that you do not have to learn the content of the CCNA certification course. Finally, the knowledge points in the CCNA certification are the foundation. It is only when you have laid the groundwork that you can better study for CCNP and even CCIE certification.

SPOTO does not recommend applying for the CCNA certification exam, instead of taking the CCIE certification exam directly. With the increasing demand for senior network professionals in the market, earning a specific certificate has become of unprecedented importance. In today’s increasingly competitive job market, you can demonstrate your skills directly with a CCIE certificate, as obtaining the certificate requires passing the written exam and the 8-hour laboratory exam of the CCIE certification. The CCIE certificate is of great value and recognition in the industry. You can just visit some recruitment websites and you will find that some network engineer related jobs are open for CCIE certificate job seekers,

In addition, a CCIE certificate means that you can master the new technology. This is mainly due to the recertification rules of the Cisco certifications. During the validity period of the certificate, you should participate in recertification to make your certificate status active. With the increasing technical complexity of IT network solutions, basic knowledge of the network is no longer sufficient to meet its requirements. Employers are looking for people who can keep up with network changes and prepare for the network infrastructure revolution. Recertification allows individuals to adapt to technological innovations and meet the demands of the current market.

In addition, after passing the CCIE certification exam, you have the opportunity to get a higher salary, which, as mentioned above, is mainly due to the high value of the CCIE certificate and the technical skills of the CCIE certificate holders. If you have a CCIE certificate, you may be able to get a higher salary.

In summary, passing today’s CCNA certification doesn’t make much sense. One reason is that the CCNA certification exam is not very difficult, and the other reason is that the content of the CCNA certification is relatively simple, and there are many people who have passed the CCNA certification. When it comes to Cisco certification, an expert-level CCIE certificate is your best bet. You can start learning the content of the CCNA certification. However, you do not have to take the CCNA certification exam, you can take the CCIE certification exam directly!


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