Cloudways Hosting Review: Is Cloudways the best managed Hosting Service?

Cloudways review

The success of a website directly depends upon a good web-hosting service. Medium to large business owners prefer managed cloud hosting because this type of hosting is scalable, flexible, and robust compared to other hosting services.

Cloudways hosting, being the pioneer of managed hosting is the talk of the town because of its amazing set of features. We cannot manage to host services without the assistance of technical expertise because it is a rough and challenging task. In this post, we’ve shared a detailed yet precise review about cloudways hosting after ample research, testing, and personal experience. But first of all, let’s start with what’s “cloud” in cloudways.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting enables websites or applications to be accessible by using cloud resources. Cloud hosting is unlike traditional hosting because a cloud-hosting solution is not deployed on a single server. It ensures greater flexibility or scalability.

What is Cloudways Hosting, And How Does It Work?

Cloudways offers managed hosting services, specifically targeted at Small Businesses. Agencies, freelancers, developers, and entrepreneurs. They make it easy to deploy, manage and monitor high-performance applications on the leading cloud infrastructure. The hosting interface is user-friendly and has a quick response time. Clouds leverage the resources of several clustered servers, which help to balance your website load easily.

It does not work like traditional VPS or shared plans. The company offers several hosting services plans that are tailored to your individual need.

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Cloudways Hosting Features

Here are some features that distinct cloudways from traditional hosting.

Security management

According to statics, thousands of hacking attacks are attempted on different websites daily. Hacking attacks are becoming hostile. However, cloudways enable several firewalls to keep your data safe and secure. Expert security team patches OS and firmware daily to keep user websites safe and secure.

Firm Infrastructure

All cloud services strongly depend on the availability of infrastructure. Cloudways uses the world’s best hosting providers for their services. What this means is that when you signup for the platform, you can pick from the best cloud services to host your website. This includes Google Compute Engine (GCE), Amazon Web Service (AWS), Vultr, DigitalOcean, and more.

High-End Hosting Stack

Cloudwaays use thunder stack technology by combining cached, Apache, Nginx, and MySQL to create utterly secure server configurations for all WordPress sites.

Easy to set up

With cloudways, launching your website is fairly simple. When you create your account, you will have to make two choices:

  • Choose the application where you want to host your website (WordPress, Magento, and other CMS)
  • Choose the cloud provider

After selecting the desired option, you must choose the hosting location along the server resources and click on the launch button. Once your system launches, you will be directed to the window panel. In the window panel, you can find the “manage server” option. The console of cloudways is packed with unique features such as

  • Server management tab
  • Application Management tab

Cloudways Review of Speed

Many people switch hosting providers just because of poor site speed. Either they lack behind performance or the speed is just not up to the mark. Since cloudways use the best cloud servers, its performance is one of the best in the industry.

You can enjoy a faster-loading speed than more expensive providers like WP engine. Sometimes you might experience a bit of downtime hosting in Vultr Server so that you can use more stable options like “DigitalOcean.”

Cloudways Review OF Customer Support

In terms of customer support, cloudways have one of the best support one can find. We never had any issue with cloudways support services. Their technical team has always been responsive and friendly to the customers. Cloudways Support adds-on services include:

  • Troubleshooting of theme or Plugin

You will have to contact them if you face any errors in the theme or the plugin. Their team checks all errors or conflicts and resolves them like a breeze.

  • The issue in Customization:

You can also get help from them if you face any customization issues.

  • The issue in account managing:

You can contact the cloudways support team if you have faced any account issues.

  • DB optimization or performance:

Support team optimizing DB performance regularly to ensure everything is running without breakdown.

  • Phone Support: 

 To get the support of their engineers, you can call them 24/7.

  • Private Slack Channel:

You can even contact their engineers through a private support channel, and they will resolve any issue, error, or conflict within no time.

Types Of Hosting Plans Offered By Cloudways

Cloudways offer the best hosting services at a fair price, making them unique and the best among all hosting service providers. Comparing them with other hosting providers, their services are affordable especially for SMBs since you’re getting full-fledged performance and manageability.

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Cloudways VPS Hosting Plan

Cloudways VPS plan has three categories: primary, premium, and standard. For the first time, you can get a free VPN basic hosting plan, which includes 10GB bandwidth and 1GB storage.

The cost of the premium plan is $12, which includes 40GB of bandwidth and 4GB of storage. The standard price is $5 per month, which includes 20GB of bandwidth and 2GB of storage.

Cloudways Shared Hosting Plan

A shared hosting plan is the best option for small businesses or startups. It costs $5 per month, in which you can get 5GB of bandwidth and 1GB of storage.

The unlimited hosting plan costs $25 per month, in which you can get 100GB of bandwidth and 10 GB of storage. The business plan costs $10 per month, which includes 10GB of bandwidth and 3 GB of storage.

Is Cloudways A Good Option For High-Traffic Websites?

After looking for excellent results and hosting reviewsI would recommend cloud-hosting services to even those websites where monthly traffic exceeds 1-2 million viewers per month.

The main reason is cloudways has a Vertical Scaling feature through which you can easily upgrade or downgrade your server anytime. Plan cost starts at $10; later on, you can easily upgrade your plan as your traffic grows.

Is Cloudways Good For E-Commence Sites?

Cloudways has a separate section tailored for eCommerce business. Here, they offer hosting services like Magento and WooCommerce. You can easily build your site with their services plus they have better product manageability which is a plus point.

On top of this, they have regular PHP and WordPress updates that constantly scale your website to new updates.

What makes cloudways unique from other hosting service providers?

The following key features make cloudways unique from other hosting providers:

  • Secure hosting Environment
  • Only Pay for resources you are using
  • Providing Best Scalability
  • Fastest loading and response time
  • Easy Migration

Cloudways Review on Different Social Media Platforms

We have spent enough time finding honest user feedback about cloudways on social media platforms such as Facebook groups and other hosting review sites. We found out most people are satisfied by the quality of service offered by cloudways at affordable rates, which everyone can easily afford.

Wrapping UP:

Cloudways provide excellent hosting services in almost 65+ locations around the globe. They offer top-notch security services to their user at affordable rates. In this detailed cloudways hosting review article, I try my best approach to deliver all about cloudways hosting services.

Undoubtedly is, investing in cloud hosting service completely worth every dollar you spend. Cloudways are the best option, especially for small-mid-sized businesses, agencies, a user on a budget, and professional bloggers. Cloudways are the best solution for all your hosting problems.


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