Comedy TV Shows on Netflix: The 18 Funniest TV Shows on Netflix

Comedy TV Shows on Netflix

Comedy TV Shows on Netflix: The American provider’s film and series library has grown to the seemingly immeasurable. From “Santa Clarita Diet” to “Arrested Development” to “Crime Scene Cleaner” – so as not to lose track, here is an overview of the 18 Comedy TV Shows on Netflix.

Here are the Top 18 Comedy TV Shows on Netflix:

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is all about the workforce of the 99th New York City Police Department. The charm of this series is that its punch lines do not arise from the inability of the main characters, but from bizarre situations and atypical comedy characters. The scriptwriters always succeed in the perfect mix of physical humor, witty dialogues and more serious interpersonal moments. It is the best Comedy TV Shows on Netflix.

There is no weak link, either in the chain of actors or among the fictional characters. Although most people were only familiar with Saturday Night Life alumni Andy Samberg and footballer Terry Crews before the series began, all of the ensemble members deserve to appear in many comedy productions.

2. The End of the F *** ing World:

Dark, macabre humor strikes the audience in “The End of the F *** ing World”. 17-year-old student James is convinced that he is a psychopath. When he is looking for new ways to quench his macabre tendencies, he meets the new student Alyssa, with whom he finally goes on a road trip in search of her father.

The British dramedy made its debut on British Channel 4 in 2017, and can be seen on Netflix. The series is based on Charles Forsman’s comic series of the same name, The End of the Fucking World, and Charlie Covell is responsible for the dramatic series production. Unlike uplifting comedies, “The End of the F *** ing World” plays with gloomy themes such as nihilism and misanthropy, but never without losing sight of the comedic facets.

3. Modern Family:

Modern Family lives up to its name and presents itself as a modern variant of the classic family sitcom. Despite divorces and same-sex marriage, or perhaps because of it, the Dunphy-Pritchetts are the Cunninghams of our time.

The mockumentary-style series is all about the extended family of Jay Pritchett, played by the incomparable Ed O’Neill. He is married to the much younger Gloria for the second time and helps raise their precocious son Manny. His biological, grown-up children meanwhile have families of their own. While daughter Claire is already the mother of a more sitcom-typical family, son Mitchell and his husband Cam are adopting their first child. It goes without saying that with so many families the stuff doesn’t run out and Modern Family still doesn’t let up after five Emmys for the best comedy series.

4. Master of None:

New York: Indian-born actor Dev, in his 30s, is trying to gain a foothold in his career. He immerses himself in the everyday confused city life, within which he tries to balance his romantic relationships, his career and his friendships. It is the best Comedy TV Shows on Netflix.

The comedy drama starring Aziz Ansari received three Primetime Emmys and a Golden Globe. The show was developed by Ansari and Alan Yang, and over 20 episodes have appeared since its debut in 2015. The funny series illuminates the difficulties of big city life, the acting profession as well as the conflicts and misunderstandings with which the protagonist is confronted due to his origin.

5. Santa Clarita Diet:

Santa Clarita, California. At first glance, a couple of successful real estate agents live a seemingly traditional family life with a daughter. But suddenly the family is confronted with a zombie virus in a curious way.

The show with Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant thrives on its macabre black humor. Although only three seasons were broadcast, the series was able to win many fans with its extraordinary comedic implementation. The year 2019 unfortunately meant the temporary end for Netflix’s own production. But those who enjoy their humor in a somewhat macabre and gloomy way should not miss the “Santa Clarita Diet”.

6. The Kominsky Method:

Michael Douglas, Alan Arkin and a highly decorated guest cast with Jane Seymour, Danny DeVito, Bob Odenkirk and Kathleen Turner entertain in the series phenomenon “The Kominsky Method”. It is the best Comedy TV Shows on Netflix. The American series is set in Hollywood and tells of the sometimes strange everyday life of an acting teacher whose short period of success is long behind him.

The Netflix in-house production debuted in early 2019 and delivers crisp comedy episodes in 20-minute format. The creative mind behind The Kominsky Method is the showrunner and producer Chuck Lorre, who has already successfully established Dharma & Greg (1997-2002), Two and a Half Men (2003-2015) and The Big Bang Theory (2006-2019) on television.

7. How I Met Your Mother:

One of the modern classics among the comedy series is “How I Met Your Mother”. In the style of the hit show “Friends”, “HIMYM” tells of the everyday problems, love affairs and shared moments of a group of friends who are trying to find their place in urban life in New York.

The funny show by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas was awarded a total of ten Primetime Emmys over its nine seasons. The narrative format of the show is unusual, so the framework is structured as a retrospective in which Ted Mosby tells his children how he met his wife. The entertaining sitcom starring memorable characters Barney Stinson, Robin Scherbatsky, Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin and Ted Mosby is now available on Netflix. It is the best Comedy TV Shows on Netflix.

8. Sex Education:

Crude, sexually charged humor awaits viewers in the series Sex Education, which debuted on Netflix in 2019. The name of the show says it all: the son of a sex therapist and his school friend offer sex therapy for sexually disoriented and frustrated classmates.

Asa Butterfield (Hugo Cabret, Ender’s Game), Emma Mackey and Gillian Anderson (The X-Files, Hannibal, American Gods) star in Laurie Nunn’s show. The show is one of Netflix’s own productions and combines coming-of-age with sex comedy. Sex Education takes a fascinating look at the absurdities of everyday sexual life.

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

Kimmy Schmidt spends a large part of her youth in a bunker as a member of a doomsday cult. When she is finally freed after 15 years, she has to find her way in modern New York. Behind this premise, dramatic at first glance, is a Netflix comedy that premiered in 2015.

It is the best Comedy TV Shows on Netflix. The creative minds behind the series are none other than the makers of series 30 Rock: Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. The series underpins its success with 18 Emmy nominations so far.

10. Arrested Development:

Despite the originally published only three seasons, the show Arrested Development, which was discontinued in 2006, quickly became a cult hit due to its extraordinary humor. Reason enough for Netflix to resume production years after the series first officially ended. Since then, two more seasons have appeared on the portal of the American streaming service – again with them: Portia de Rossi, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Jessica Walter and Ron Howard.

The series by Michael Hurwitz tells of the absurd everyday stories of a dysfunctional family with the stylistic devices of the handheld camera, interviews and voice-overs, which are unusual for sitcoms. The show’s unusual format had an unmistakable influence on numerous modern comedy series – including “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “Community” and “Modern Family”.

11. Community:

One of the best comedy shows of the 21st century, Dan Harmons Community, is an imaginative, emotional device of meta-sitcom narrative that defies simple categorization and qualification. The framework follows the weirdly thrown together students of Greendale, an increasingly goofy community college where the study group unites and engages in ever crazier misadventures. But it’s so much funnier, quirkier and more heartfelt than you’d expect. The genre-changing meta-narrative that made Harmon’s sci-fi animated series Rick and Morty such an acclaimed hit come into their own here.

It’s one of the most moving series out there, about making friends. The series delivers some of the best laughs per minute on comedy television, and it uses the full breadth of its talented team to jump from genre to genre without blinking an eyelid. Fortunately, Netflix now has all six seasons, so it’s the perfect time to catch up (or watch it again for the umpteenth time).

12. Love:

The American Rom-Com Love (2016-2019) provides a partly realistic and yet deeply comical look at modern dating life. The absurd but relentless series tells of the unequal couple Mickey Dobbs (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus Cruikshank (Paul Rust), whose relationship to one another is marked by ups and downs, hopes and doubts.

The romantic-comedic in-house production by Netflix examines the difficulties of modern relationships and the challenges of the young couple to come to terms with each other. The show was developed by Judd Apatow (virgin (40), male, looking for …; Always Trouble at 40), Lesley Arfin (Girls, Brooklyin Nine-Nine) and Paul Rust (Arrested Development). Anyone who knows Apatow and Rust also knows what kind of humor they can get involved in in Love. Despite the only three seasons, Love is one of the comedy insider tips on Netflix, also because of the excellent supporting cast of the show – including Claudia O’Doherty and Mike Mitchell.

13. Bojack Horseman:

The talking horse Bojack Horseman was once one of the stars of the sitcom scene. Today he lives in his own Hollywood mansion and indulges in seemingly endless cynicism. This is Bojack Horseman, an early and still successful in-house production by Netflix, which has been on the streaming platform since 2014.

In the original version, the animated series can rely on a first-class voice-over cast with Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul, JK Simmons, Patton Oswalt, Rami Malek and Stanley Tucci. The world full of strange animal characters lives from rough jokes and black humor.

14. The Big Bang Theory:

“The Big Bang Theory” is the last comedy hit so far from the forge of Chuck Lorre. Above all, the series avoids the social contradictions and misunderstandings that arise between a pretty and popular waitress on the one hand and the nerds in the neighboring apartment on the other.

The Big Bang Theory is a series that viewers either hate or love. Some can’t stop laughing when the series burns down its constant fireworks of allusions to pop culture and guest appearances by popular SciFi greats, others find this played out quickly and too formulaic.

15. The Prince of Bel-Air:

Before his time as a well-known film star, Will Smith made a name for himself as a rapper in the 90s – and as the main character of the same name on the show “The Prince of Bel-Air” (1990-1996).

The teenager Will comes from a humble background and messes with the wrong gang. To protect her son, his mother sends him to live with his wealthy uncle and aunt in Bel-Air. Numerous comedic situations arise from this premise – the highlight is Will’s hyperactive cousin Carlton. The Prince of Bel-Air, nominated for two Golden Globes, established Will Smith as an actor and is still considered the culmination of the ’90s sitcoms. Even today, the funny show with Will Smith knows how to capture nostalgic viewers in front of the screen.

16. Rick and Morty:

The dissimilar duo Rick, ingenious but alcoholic scientist, and his grandson Morty are confronted with aliens, sex robots and crazy parallel universes. The animated series Rick and Morty premiered in 2013 on the American network Adult Swim. The two showrunners Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland are responsible for the comedy production, which has grown into a cult show within a few years.

Despite the relatively short running time, Rick and Morty has become a phenomenon that can look back on several comics, video games and tabletop publications in addition to its broadcast episodes. Behind the sometimes coarse humor are numerous pop cultural allusions and bitterly angry comments on current topics. From primitive to intellectual: Rick and Morty presents viewers with a whole range of humor – and a lot of absurdly drawn worlds.

17. South Park:

When Matt Stone and Trey Parker released the short film The Spirit of Christmas in the early 1990s, an early internet phenomenon was born. Nobody could have guessed that it would later become one of the most successful animated comedy series in the world, when the South Park inspired show, inspired by The Spirit of Christmas, debuted on Comedy Central in 1997.

Today, the provocative adventures of Stan, Eric, Kyle and Kenny are among Comedy Central’s most watched productions. The cosmos of South Park has grown steadily in over 20 years thanks to numerous short films, movies and video games. If you want to enjoy the funny series via stream, you can now do so on Netflix.

18. Flaked:

The Netflix original is the series “Flaked” with Will Arnett – known from the series “Arrested Development” and “BoJack Horseman” also mentioned here. “Flaked” is conceived as a dramedy and tells of the conflicted life of the alcoholic Chip, who wants to get his life back on track in California’s Venice Beach.

In its best moments, Will Arnett and Mark Chappell’s show is reminiscent of series highlights such as “Californication”. Anyone who is interested in the grueling life of the stumbling protagonist Chip in Venice Beach and has an affinity for the combination of drama and comedy can now enjoy Flaked on Netflix.


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