Corona’s new look! What is long term corona? Know what are its symptoms

What is long term corona and its symptoms: According to a report, negative results in Covid patients, even after exiting its outbreak, are giving symptoms of corona for more than 12 weeks.

Corona’s havoc is once again rising in the country. Once again the graph of corona infection has started to grow. For the past several days, an increase in daily cases of corona virus is being recorded. According to the report of the Union Health Ministry, the horrific outbreak of Corona is once again frightening the country.

Recently a report has come out that even after recovering from the outbreak of Covid, its symptoms remain present for weeks and months. According to a report by ANIC, National Institute for Health and Care, one form of corona has been detected. 

Long term covid is a condition in which symptoms persist for weeks and months even after the person has been able to cope with an outbreak of the virus and have a negative result. In this case, let us know what is this symptom. 

Symptoms being seen for more than 12 weeks

According to a report by the National Institute for Health and Care (ANIC), coronary symptoms are seen in Covid patients for more than 12 weeks even after the negative results, ie, after exiting its outbreak. On the other hand, according to a research by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), one out of every 10 patients has symptoms of corona for 12 weeks or more.

More than 100 symptoms seen in Kovid Infections

According to a report, in corona infectives, long-term covid symptoms may appear in weeks and months. According to a report, 5163 people were talked to who were ill for a long time. In which more than 75 percent people were found to be Covid positive or on the basis of symptoms, the doctors diagnosed them. According to research, patients have suffered more than 100 symptoms during an outbreak of Long Covid. However, all these are not necessarily symptoms associated with Covid. Experts say more research is needed to confirm both.

Symptoms changing like this in 10 days a week

According to Natalie Lambert, Associate Research Professor at Indiana University School of Medicine, during the corona’s early flu, the infected have common symptoms Such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Fever or chills
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea.

But after 10 days of the week, it takes its dreadful form after which conditions like confusions, brain fog, joint pain, lack of oxygen, or difficulty in breathing arise.

After 15 days, symptoms of high low blood pressure, increased heart rate, unconsciousness, dizziness, etc. are seen. Also, after 21 days, unusual symptoms such as blisters in the mouth, redness of the eyes, ie, skin infections, etc., are seen in the eyes.


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