Coronavirus Side Effects: Is Corona Virus Causing Diabetes?

Coronavirus Side Effects

Coronavirus Side Effects: People are at increased risk of diabetes after becoming infected with corona. During the research conducted in the US, it has been confirmed that after recovering from corona, diabetes is taking them.

Coronavirus Side Effects:

Corona havoc has been wreaking havoc in the country for the past one year, once again the graph of corona infection has started to grow. For the past several days, an increase in cases of corona virus is being recorded. In such a situation, there were many such reports in the initial days, according to which diabetes patients are more at risk of corona. At the same time, again a frightening report is coming out, claiming that there is an increased risk of diabetes in people being infected with corona. During several research conducted in the US, it has been confirmed that corona is increasing the risk of diabetes in healthy people. In this case, let us know what the report says.

What Does The Report Say:

The risk of diabetes among corona-infected people is increasing rapidly. This was confirmed in a recent report released by the US. More than 37000 corona-infected people were included in this survey by the researchers. In which about 14 percent of corona infected were seen to have developed diabetes. Similar findings have also been reported in the UK and China. 

About 400,000 corona-infected people have been surveyed here, who have become healthy after being infected with corona. A surprising case has come up in studies. It was seen in this research that people who have diabetes after Kovid have never had this disease before. Who had no history of this disease. After this case, the concern of doctors and experts has increased. In such a situation, the biggest question remains, why is the risk of diabetes increasing due to Covid 19.

Why are People Suffering From Diabetes After Recovering From Corona?

It is not so easy to recover from the horrific outbreak of Corona. For many, this is going to leave their symptoms for a lifetime. In the long term corona, after recovering from an outbreak of corona, its symptoms remain for 12 months. However, there is no confirmation on long term corona. According to researchers and doctors, Covid 19 virus is making insulin and metabolism weak or damaging them, due to which the risk of diabetes is increasing in people.

How are People Becoming Victims of Diabetes:

Corona virus weakens immunity and affects your pancreas. How it affects the pancreas depends on how it interacts with ACE-2 receptors (ACE2). The virus contacts the ACE2 receptors to infect other organs of the body, including the pancreas, causing insulin disturbances. This increases the risk of diabetes type 1 and type 2.

Are Covid 19 Medicines The Cause of Diabetes?

Let us tell you that many types of medicines are being used as an experiment in the treatment of Covid 19. So far, no medicines have been found to prevent the outbreak of this dreaded disease. In this case, some steroid medicines used during treatment can cause diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes After Covid

Patients recovering from Kovid 19 are likely to have both type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the initial symptoms of diabetes so that it can be identified and treated at the right time.

Pay Attention to These Symptoms:

I. Exhaustion:

If you have just recovered from the outbreak of Covid 19, but you are constantly feeling lethargy and tired, then you should get blood sugar level checked. And consult your doctors.

II. Tremendous Hunger and Thirst:

If you feel hungry and thirst again after some time after eating food. That is, within a short time of eating, you feel hungry again and your throat gets dry. So it is a symptom of diabetes. In such a situation, you need to undergo a diabetes test.

III. Slow Recovery of Injury or Wound:

If the injury and the wound is slowly recovering or your small wound is becoming bigger and not taking the name of early recovery, then it can be a sign of diabetes. In this case, you should get diabetes checked as soon as possible.

IV. Frequent Urination:

Frequent urination is a symptom of diabetes. If you are going to urinate countless times a day, this is also the biggest cause of diabetes. In this case, you should get your blood sugar level checked without delay.

V. Blurry:

Weak eyesight is a sign of diabetes. In such a situation, you need to get a diabetes test done as soon as possible.

VI. Feeling Numb or Tingling:

Sudden numbness of the feet or any part of the body or feeling of tingling is the biggest cause of diabetes. In such a situation, you need to get diabetes checked immediately.


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