The 10 Criminal Series on Amazon Prime That Not Everyone Knows

Criminal Series on Amazon Prime

Criminal Series on Amazon Prime: Crime has always been the most popular series genre on television. The formats that are often marketed as crime dramas today have indeed gained in breadth and depth compared to classic detective and police stories, but essentially the smartest crime series are still crime novels at their core. And crime fans are known to be insatiable. Therefore, we have Amazon Prime for good murder mystery substance scours (as previously already Netflix ). This also includes series that are not included in the Prime subscription, but in this country via additional subscribable Amazon channels such as B. StarzPlay (4.99 € / month) can be seen.

Criminal Series on Amazon Prime

Here is the Top 10 Best Criminal Series on Amazon Prime.

10. Mr. Mercedes (3 seasons, StarzPlay):

Fascinating cat-and-mouse game in crime series format: the retired detective Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) is still trying to solve the “Mr. Mercedes” case that won’t let him go. 16 people were killed when a psychopath raced in line with a stolen 600 Mercedes. Hodges could never prove the crime against the main suspect, IT specialist Brady Hatsfield ( Harry Treadaway ). But Hodges doesn’t give up that easily . But as a result, the retiree himself becomes the target of the psychopathic killer.

9. Killing Eve (2 seasons, StarzPlay):

The focus of the highly acclaimed thriller series by BBC America is the under-challenged secret service employee Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh ) and the smart contract killer Villanelle (Jodie Comer), who develop a strange fixation on each other. The result is a game of cat and mouse that is fascinating to watch, especially because of the two leading actresses and thanks to the successful combination of thriller, crime and comedy. In the second season, the game of cat and mouse continues, just as action-packed. The third season is already being planned.

The great crime thriller is based on a novel by Stephen King . Three seasons can be seen in this country on StarzPlay.

8. Castle Rock (2 seasons, StarzPlay):

Let’s stay with Stephen King : “Castle Rock” is more of a mystery than crime, but it can also be seen as a supernatural crime thriller with strong horror elements. In the first season, attorney Henry Deaver ( Andre Holland ) returns to the small town of Castle Rock, where some inexplicable incidents have already happened in the past. After the director of the local Shawshank Prison committed suicide, an unidentified inmate is discovered inside the detention center. The distraught and taciturn man asks for Henry Deaver .

The anthology series tells a new story each season set in the world of Stephen King’s novels. The second season can be seen from February 13, 2020 on StarzPlay.

7. Startup (3 seasons, Amazon Prime):

The programmer Izzy Morales (Otmara Marrero) founds a start-up in Miami with Ronnie Dacey (Edi Gathegi) and Nick Talman ( Adam Brody ) that is developing revolutionary software for a digital currency. But the money to start a business is dirty. The young entrepreneurs are soon targeted by the corrupt FBI agent Phil Rask (Martin Freeman). The action-packed crime drama skilfully plays with the myth that behind Bitcoin technology there are ultimately dubious money laundering activities and criminal machinations.

6. Trapped (1 season, Amazon Prime):

Icelandic, ten-part crime series with mystery elements: The focus is on Commissioner Andri Olafsson ( Olafur Darri Olafsson ), police chief in a small fishing village. When Fischer find a dismembered body, he suspects the perpetrator on board a ferry that has just been docked. He keeps the passengers on the ship. But the situation is spiraling out of control. More murders happen. And then a snowstorm is brewing that threatens to cut off the village from the outside world.

5. Absentta (2 seasons, Amazon Prime):

It continues with mystery crime: The title “Absentia” refers to the memory gap of FBI agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic). She is found seriously injured in a forest hut after disappearing without a trace six years ago. She has no memory of the past few years and no idea how she got there. The life she remembers no longer exists: her husband has remarried, her nine-year-old son no longer recognizes his mother, her brother has become an alcoholic. As if that weren’t enough, a series of murders shakes the city of Boston. Everything indicates that Emily is the perpetrator. The former agent has to go into hiding to prove her innocence.

4. Rellik (1 season, Amazon Prime):

The police officer Gabriel Markham ( Richard Dormer ) chases a serial killer who burns his victims with acid. He himself is a surviving victim of the killer. It is noteworthy, however, that this dark thriller tells the plot backwards, which can be quite confusing at times and requires some attention. The story begins with the death of the killer. However, doubts soon arise as to whether the dead person is really the wanted perpetrator. The six-part BBC series has strong elements of a “Nordic Noir” thriller and is also skilfully copied from well-known role models (such as “Memento” by Christopher Nolan ). The idea is not new, but the result is exciting.

3. The Night Manager (1 Season, Amazon Prime):

The brilliantly cast and Golden Globe-winning series mixes crime drama and agent series: During the Arab Spring in 2011, the night manager of a luxury hotel in Cairo, Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston, known as Marvel villain Loki), joins one illicit arms business involved. The arms dealer Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie, known from “House Dr.”) seems to have excellent relations with British intelligence. Pine is enlisted to infiltrate his organization.

2. Rogue (4 seasons, Amazon Prime):

The fantastic Thandie Newton plays the undercover agent Grace Travis in “Rogue” , who is doggedly looking for her son’s murderer. He was killed in a drive-by shoot. After four months, an employee of the gang boss Jimmy Laszlo ( Marton Csokas ) is shot with rare ammunition, which also killed her son. Grace has already investigated Laszlo. On her dangerous search for the truth, she is plagued by self-doubt as to whether she herself caused the death of her son.

1. Shades of Blue (3 seasons, Amazon Prime):

The crime drama starring Jennifer Lopez as New York police investigator Harlee Santos is probably the most famous crime drama in this series. Season 1 was already on free TV. For the single mother and her daughter Christine, the police colleagues are like a surrogate family. But families are not free from mistakes either: In order to finance the future of their highly talented daughter, Harlee agrees to pay bribes and protection money. When the team is targeted by the FBI’s corruption department, Harlee has to choose between her colleagues and her daughter.


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