David Beckham Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Athlete?

david beckham net worth 2022

Estimated Value

  • $800 million

Estimated Income 2022

  • $450 million

Nickname: David

  • Size: 1.83

Nationality: England

  • Age: 47

The former English footballer and trending modeling sensation, David Robert Joseph Beckham, has been a highly-paid celebrity for years. It has been nine years since he retired, but the in-famous player is still considered among the richest soccer athletes. This article will reveal the net worth, life history, and everything you need to know about this iconic athlete’s earnings.

David Beckham Net worth 2022

As of 2022, the net worth of the famous David Beckham is estimated to be $450 million. You can judge his fame from this amount. Beckham makes money for being a sports personality and owns numerous investments in discrete sectors. He earns from multiple sources, a prominent one of them is modeling.

He has been in the spotlight ever since his early football days as David Beckham net worth 2021 was noted to be around $210 million.

In 2013, Beckham won the title of the highest-paid player in the world. He is still considered one of the big-budget celebrities. In the last year of his professional football career, the athlete earned more than $50 million during his matches. Combining his other earning sources like shares and branding, this amount goes up to $250+ million as of 2013.

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In 2016, David Beckham ranked second on Forbes’ highest-paid retired athletes’ list. The popular midfielder also starred in Forbes’ 2017 as the seventh highest-paid athlete. Some reports recognize his career earnings to be $800+ million!

A Peak Inside His Early Life and Football

Born in England in 1975, David Robert Joseph Beckham was raised in a football-fanatic family. His parents were die-hard fans of Manchester United and often traveled several miles to attend the team matches. Beckham, having his eyes on football only, dreamt of becoming a world-class player from early childhood.

Soon after his teenage years, the player knew soccer was the only thing he wanted to adopt as a full-time career. His vision started turning into action when he played for his school and won the chance to attend a training session in Barcelona.

He played for various clubs; meanwhile, he was starting to recognize as an emerging under-15 player. His talent and struggle finally bore fruit when he began his professional career at only 17 years of age as a part of the Manchester United team. Soon after two years, Beckham manages to win the Premier League title six times, the FA Cup twice, and the great, UEFA Champions League in 1999.

Beckham’s Career And Life On The Field

David Beckham not only leads in the highly-paid list but is also among the best footballers. Throughout his career, he played for Manchester United for 9 years. As for the national level, David Beckham represented the England Soccer Team as a captain, earning 58 caps during that tenure. The team unlocked many great achievements during this period.

In the football world, David Beckham has always been a spotlight player. He started his journey in 1992 from Manchester United and played in the club until 2003. After that, he moved to Real Madrid and helped the team for four years.

Until 2007, Beckham finally joined Los Angeles and stayed there till 2012, playing for the LA Galaxy. His career is one of the most praised among footballers. The exceptional all-rounder turned many games in his team’s favor with his smart passes. In his 20 years of professional career, he scored 97 goals.

Retirement and Personal Life

David Beckham married the well-liked Victoria Adams (popular as Posh Spice from the Pop music band “Spice Girls”) in 1999. The couple takes care of four kids; three sons and a daughter. His sons are also following him into soccer.

After 20 years of an exceptional soccer career, David Beckham announced his retirement at the end of 2013. His last match was for the Paris Saint-Germain team the same year.

Even after retirement, the famous athlete starred in various football-related events and signed contracts with the popular sports brand. Currently, he is earning cheques through modeling, branding, and sponsorships. His smart work helped Inter Miami into MLS in 2020.

The Athlete’s Latest Projects and Investments

The Beckham family like to spend their cash on real estate and own more than three properties around the world. The most popular of these was a $3.3million property the couple bought in 1999. You must have heard it over the media as “the Beckingham Palace.” It is a mansion spread across acres and is called the Rowneybury house. The family does not own this remarkable land now. Beckham recently sold it to the millionaire Neil Utley for £11.5m.

Apart from properties, the well-known athlete is currently signing deals with the most in-famous fashion and sports brands worldwide. His company, DB Ventures, makes a massive portion of David Beckhams net worth. The former English soccer player earns a hefty amount through sponsorships and shares.

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He is the brand ambassador to many major business groups like UNICEF and British Fashion. On top of it all, the player enjoys a philanthropy reputation. He raises funds and awareness on public issues and also donates a portion of his income to charity.

What Makes David Beckham So Popular?

Today, every football and non-football fan knows that David Beckham is considered one of the greatest players of all time. So, what remarkable skills make him so well-known?

Well, David has been an exceptional midfielder from the start. Many praise him as a match-winning all-rounder. Throughout his career, he was valued as a key player in every season. He presented remarkable passing, crossing, and bending skills and helped his team break enemy attacks with great precision.

All these game-winning tactics became a reason for his increased demand. Every club wanted to get him on their team. Even the stardom is still shining and winning him dollars.

Titles That Define Him

The first step that kickstarted his fame was winning the title of under-15 player of the year in 1990. Once in the spotlight, he enjoyed several league and international trophies. He also holds the record of winning league titles in four countries (Spain, the US, England, and France) as an English player. And even more, the heart-throb was also Google’s most searched sports personality for 2003 and 2004.

As far as modeling goes, Beckham is currently one of the most sought-after sports celebrities. He makes contracts with renowned brands like Adidas and Pepsi. All these popular listings make David Beckham net worth one of the highest among athletes.


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