Short Guide To Dogecoins

Short Guide To Dogecoins

The digital currency world is growing exponentially with the evolution of coins, wallets, software applications, and exchanging platforms.

Since the digital market development, several currencies have been discovered that work on their platform, such as bitcoin on bitcoin-society. Dogecoin is one of the digital currencies. The article throws light on Dogecoins and explains its various factors.

What are Dogecoins?

Dogecoin is one of the digital currencies which uses peer-to-peer, open-source technology and is denoted by DOGE. It is considered an altcoin and corresponds to successful sarcastic memes on social media. It was launched in 2013 and used the image of a dog as the logo as it was started with a meme relating to a breed of dog, Shiba Inu.

It was created as a joke but holds a place in the blockchain network. It uses the basics of Litecoin to be operated. Similar features include low transactional fees, script-based algorithms, and unlimited supply.

How does it work?

Dogecoin (DOGE) works on similar principles as bitcoin or Ethereum. It uses distributed ledger system to execute the transactions. All the users share an identical copy of the information, and when any change is made, it is updated on all the nodes. It enhances the security in a decentralized system and increases transparency. Miners are the people who solve complex mathematical puzzles to process transactions and are rewarded with DOGE for successful mining.

What is Dogecoin used for?

Dogecoin can be used for transactions, buying and purchasing, and trading in the digital market. But it is not entirely reliable to invest in Dogecoin. This is mainly because there is no limit to the number of issued Dogecoins created by mining. It means that this cryptocurrency is highly inflationary. It is also used for tipping the users for the posts they think need to be rewarded.

How is DOGE different from Bitcoin (BTC)?

When compared to BTC, DOGE shows significant differences, which are explained below:

  • For processing transactions, Dogecoin provides mathematical equations that are not too complex, making it efficient. This results in easy and quick transactions and hence, time saved. One financial expert remarked that it is ten times faster to mine DOGE than BTC.
  • Another difference lies in the issuance of currency. There is an absence of a lifetime cap in DOGE. Bitcoin can be generated to a limited extent that cannot exceed 21 million, increasing its value, but DOGE has no limit; therefore, it may cause a devaluation of money over time.

How can I buy DOGE?

The first step in purchasing a cryptocurrency is opening an account in exchange for fiat or digital currency. Then you can buy any virtual currency, including DOGE. It is unavailable on one of the renowned exchanges, Coinbase. Other brokers such as Tradestation can provide Dogecoin.

Should I invest in Dogecoins?

For long-term investment, DOGE may not be suitable as it lacks the property of a lifetime cap which corresponds to holding the value of money. Because of the unlimited number, Dogecoins may lose their weight and lead to a significant loss.

How to store it?

When you have purchased a digital currency, a crypto wallet is the best way to store it. The wallets are available in various forms on several exchanges, including Coinbase. It does not supply DOGE, but a crypto wallet of Coinbase can store it.

Pros and cons

It is pretty efficient for small transactions as it proceeds the payments within a few seconds, which is much faster than other cryptocurrencies. But it lacks the property of a lifetime cap, making it valueless in the longer run. It is also highly inflationary, which is a significant disadvantage for the people who choose to invest in DOGE.

The bottom line

Dogecoin or DOGE is a meme-based cryptocurrency that uses a distributed ledger system to execute transactions. It can be bought through various exchanges except for Coinbase and is stored in crypto wallets. But it is not a good investment for a long time as it may lead to devaluation. It can be used for other several purposes, such as efficient transactions and tipping good posts on social media.


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