After Waking Up, Drinking Water Without Brushing Your Teeth Will Drink a lot of Bacteria? The Answer May Be Different From What You Think

Drinking Water Without Brushing Your Teeth

Drinking Water Without Brushing Your Teeth: We all know that the morning is the golden moment of health preservation. Many people also pay more attention to the morning regimen. However, many people have been entangled. After getting up in the morning, you should drink water or brush your teeth first. Some people are used to brushing first. Drink water after the tooth, and some people think that it is best to brush your teeth after drinking the water, and everyone has their own reasons for persistence.

However, recently some people have always heard that if you drink water without brushing your teeth, you will easily drink in a lot of bacteria. Many people are frightened by this statement. So is this statement justified? Let’s take a look together!

Drinking Water Without Brushing Your Teeth

After waking up, drinking water without brushing your teeth will drink a lot of bacteria? The answer may be different from what you think

For those who pay attention to oral cleansing, they would brush their teeth very seriously the night before, but in the morning of the second day, they always felt a bit of breath in their mouths, and they were slightly sticky, and they might even have bitter mouth. The peculiar smell is related to sleep. In fact, the problem is not sleep, but our mouth. This is because our mouth is a super bacterial petri dish, and it works day and night.

About 700 kinds of parasitic bacteria have been found in our human mouths, and studies have shown that there can be as many as 50 billion bacteria in the oral cavity of a normal person. The base camp where bacteria accumulate in our oral cavity is tartar and dental plaque. It is a substance secreted by bacteria for survival, that is, the “canteen” and “house” where bacteria live in the oral cavity.

If you drink water without brushing your teeth after getting up, you will drink the dirt and bacteria into our body, which is equivalent to drinking a glass of mixed liquid mixed with dental bacteria, so we should not worry after getting up in the morning To drink water or eat other things, you must brush your teeth first. First, keep your mouth clean to avoid illness from entering the mouth. After brushing your teeth, we will drink water again, which is more healthy for the body.

A humid environment in the mouth and a more suitable temperature make this environment a paradise for bacteria. Drinking a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning can indeed help thin the blood and wake up our vitality, but we need to pay attention to that, Please “wash and bathe” your mouth before drinking water.

3 Mistakes of Brushing Your Teeth, Don’t make Them Again:

Mistake 1: Brush hard

Many people believe that the harder you brush your teeth, the cleaner you brush. actually not. Too much force may damage the teeth. It is recommended to use the strength of the wrist to brush your teeth, not the strength of the arm.

Mistake 2: Brushing Does Not Care About the Length of Time

Most people in life brush their teeth very quickly, and even finish the toothbrush in less than tens of seconds in a minute. In fact, doing so is a mistake in brushing your teeth. Correct brushing should involve all aspects of your teeth. Careful and careful brushing is bound to take longer. If brushing your teeth only takes tens of seconds, it will definitely not be clean. Under normal circumstances, it is best to brush your teeth for three minutes. You can extend the brushing time slowly, or use an electric toothbrush with a timer function.

Mistake 3: Brush your Teeth with Cold Water

When brushing teeth, many people will directly connect cold water to the tap water pipe to brush their teeth for convenience. In fact, this is wrong. This will irritate the teeth and gums and easily make the teeth very sensitive. It is best to be able to brush your teeth with warm water. It is most appropriate to be able to get close to your body temperature. Don’t try to save trouble. It saves time and may sacrifice health.


To sum up, drinking water without brushing your teeth after waking up will drink certain bacteria into your stomach, but it will not have much impact on our body. After brushing your teeth, drink water again. Compared with the more hygienic, everyone should also develop good tooth brushing habits, which can also help solve this problem effectively.


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