Emma Stone Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actress?

Emma Stone Net Worth 2022

Emma Stone Net Worth 2022: Dancing with Ryan Gosling, smiling at the camera for Louis Vuitton and receiving a coveted Oscar on stage: This is the life of Emma Stone!

The actress from Scottsdale in the US state of Arizona can look back on an acting career at the age of 30 that many older colleagues still dream of. The sympathetic American skilfully manages the balancing act between audience favorite and respected artist, who also enchants every critic with her talent.

With so much success, of course, film producers & Co are also happy to jump a little more dollars to win Emma Stone for their projects. But how much money does the actress with the unmistakable, hoarse voice – the result of a vocal cord disease in infancy – actually earn each year? And what is your total net worth? Find out and get an exciting insight into Hollywood superstar Emma Stone’s bank account!

Emma Stone Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The La La Land Star?

Emma Stone’s current net worth is estimated by experts at $ 28 million. This income is made up of several factors, because Emma Stone not only earns her money with movies, but also draws her fortune from lucrative advertising deals and several other projects.

In 2017, she even briefly overtook Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston as the highest-paid female Hollywood stars. The total net worth of these ladies, however, is a whopping $ 100 million higher. But Emma Stone’s career is unchecked and it seems certain that she too can let her fortune grow strongly.

How Much Does Emma Stone Earn Per Film Per Year?

In 2017, Emma Stone was the highest-paid actress of the year. A title that she owed to her role in the hit film “La La Land”. For the part of Mia Dolan, Emma Stone not only received part of the total budget of 30 million but also a share of the profits. Worldwide, “La La Land” grossed 446 million dollars (approx. 393 million euros ) at the box office. This makes it one of the most successful cinematic musicals of all time.

The two main actors Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were able to make a lot of money from the relatively small film project due to the unbelievable success and not only advanced their own careers, but also significantly increase their own income. It is believed that Emma Stone made a whopping $ 26 million in 2017. However, this amount is before the deduction of taxes and the share of your agents and other employees.

Promotional Face Emma Stone: Your Income From Luxury Brands

The financially biggest deal of her career Emma Stone made with Louis Vuitton. The brand, most famous for its bags, signed Emma in 2018 and uses her face to promote the house’s new line of fragrances. She is said to have received around $ 10 million for the deal. The actress was able to gain experience as an advertising star thanks to her deal with the cosmetic brand Revlon. Here, too, she was featured in both magazines and TV commercials.

Houses, Cars, Shoes: What Does Emma Stone Spend Her Money On?

Of course, a large income also enables a large lifestyle. Emma Stone spent the highest amount of money on her house in Beverly Hills, which she bought for $ 2.5 million.

Emma doesn’t seem to think much of luxury cars. She drove a Mini Cooper for years and also owns an Audi S8 Plus Quattro. When Emma Stone walks in front of the photographer’s lens in her free time, she usually does it in jeans and a T-shirt. As a fan you don’t have to be rich to shop for your look. Despite making up to $ 20 million annually, Emma Stone loves it simple and cozy.

From “Malcom In The Middle” To “La La Land” – Emma Stone’s Career:

Emma Stone began her career as an actress in 2005, where she was able to land several guest roles on TV series such as “Malcom in the Middle” and “Disney’s Cody & Zack”. This is followed by smaller films such as the cult hit “Zombieland”.

The really big breakthrough – and with it the big money – came Emma Stone in 2010. The film “Crazy, Stupid, Love” made her the new darling of the audience, her role in “The Help” brought her numerous awards.

Emma Stone received her first Oscar nomination in 2015 for Best Supporting Actress in Birdman, but she had to admit defeat to Patricia Arquette. Only one year later came the greatest moment in Emma’s career so far: The nomination and the win of the Academy Award for Best Actress for “La La Land.” Incidentally, there is no additional cash bonus for winning an Academy Award. The Oscar statue itself is worth just under $ 300 of the material costs.

The fact that collectors would of course spend a small fortune on a real Oscar cannot be turned into cash either. Selling an Oscar is strictly forbidden. For Emma Stone and all the other winners, the Academy Award is still worth gold. In addition to the indescribable feeling of victory, Oscar winners are usually extremely in demand in the years of their triumph. Producers and directors are willing to pay more money. For Emma Stone, the Oscar guaranteed more income and a greater fortune.

Emma Stone In Private:

Rich, beautiful and yet down to earth – that’s Emma Stone! Her career so far has been free of scandals and apart from the press work for her films, Emma lives relatively withdrawn. She was a paparazzi favorite during her relationship with fellow actor Andrew Garfield, whom she met and fell in love with on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man.

In 2015 the couple separated. Emma does not comment on rumors of a new relationship – with Justin Theroux, for example. She wants to keep her private life away from the press as much as possible. A wish that is absolutely understandable.


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