Everything You Want to Understand About Mousse Tubes

Everything You Want to Understand About Mousse Tubes

Everything You Want to Understand About Mousse Tubes: Taking proper care of your bike tyres is a necessary routine to maintain the proper functioning of your bike. In fact, keeping your tyres in the right conditions guarantees that your bike will do well in tough situations. This is where high-quality mousse tubes Australia can step in. If you are not yet familiar with the mousse tube, keep reading to enjoy some insight.

Introducing mousse tubes for tyres:

This option of using mousse tubes is the alternative to using traditional rubber motocross tubes. Mousse tubes are usually made of foam and have a ring form. They can actually make sure that your tyres will not be flat. Mousse tubes or mousse bibs fall into the category of tyre inserts. Mousse bibs do not need additional support from any other substance. The foam tubes can support the tyre on their own. This is why there is no need for the mousse bibs to be filled with air. The shape of mousse bibs is circular and has various pockets. Each one of these pockets looks like a honeycomb cell.

The advantages of using mousse bibs:

Mousse bibs can give you a guarantee that your tyres won’t go flat no matter how rough things get. With the help of high-quality mousse bibs, you will ride smoothly on different grounds. Even if you are riding on dirt or rocky ground, you will enjoy the versatile performance of your top-notch bibs. The advantages of riding mousse tubes include the following points as well:

While enjoying a smooth ride:

The overall feeling of riding mousse bibs is completely different than riding air-filled ones. You will experience a much smoother feeling, especially if you are crossing rocky or bumpy terrain. The technology of mousse bibs allows your tyres to enhance their traction. The low pressure in the tyres that comes with using mousses also contributes to the overall improvement of the traction.

Forgetting about replacing the tyres:

If you choose mousse bibs for your tyres, you will totally forget about flat tires. Mousse tubes are exactly what they promise. No more flat tyres is not a promotional motto. It is the bare truth of the performance of these mousse foam tubes. So, if you are a true racer, you will definitely appreciate this feature, as you won’t lose time trying to replace flat tyres.

Losing the extra weight:

Well, air tubes make your tyres more vulnerable to becoming flat. This means that you will have to carry some equipment along whenever you move. You will always need all the tools, such as air pumps and other items that can give you an efficient work environment. This will be an extra weight on your ride. With the mousse bibs, you can ditch all that additional weight.

Things to keep in mind when using mousse bibs:

Mousse bibs are not really cheap. High-quality mousse bibs can cost you a lot of money when compared to traditional air tubes. But for their numerous benefits and ultimate performance, they are definitely worth it, especially if you are fond of competitive racing.

In case you made up your mind to go for mousse bibs, you need to know that they require silicone paste to be perfectly installed. If you go for cheaper pastes, you can still undefine them. But the eventual result won’t be the same as using silicone paste.

Some users claim that mousse tyres do not feature longevity. But they are probably unaware of the ways to make them live longer. You must use a rim lock on the rear tyre whenever you go for a rim change. You can add an extra lock on the front tyre, but it is not a must. Also, it is not required to add more than one rim lock.


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