F1 Champions All Time: Formula 1 Records, Drivers, Teams And Titles

F1 Champions All Time: Formula 1 Records, Drivers, Teams And Titles

F1 Champions: These are the titles per season as well as the accumulated of the best Formula 1 drivers as well as the most successful teams in the history of F1.

F1 Champions All Time

We review the winners of Formula 1 with the world champions who have marked an era in this sport. The most important drivers in the history of this sport as well as the teams that have made these titles possible.

F1 Champion drivers for years

2021Max Verstappen22101st
2020Lewis Hamilton17117th
2019Lewis Hamilton21116th
2018Lewis Hamilton21115th
2017Lewis Hamilton2094th
2016Nico Rossberg2191st
2015Lewis Hamilton19103rd
2014Lewis Hamilton19112nd
2013Sebastian Vettel19134th
2012Sebastian Vettel2053rd
2011Sebastian Vettel19112nd
2010Sebastian Vettel1951st
2009Jenson Button1761st
2008Lewis Hamilton1851st
2007Kimi Raikkonen1761st
2006Fernando Alonso1872nd
2005Fernando Alonso1971st
2004Michael Schumacher18137th
2003Michael Schumacher1666th
2002Michael Schumacher17115th
2001Michael Schumacher1794th
2000Michael Schumacher1793rd
1999Mika Hakkinen1652nd
1998Mika Hakkinen1681st
1997Jacques Villeneuve1771st
1996Damon Hill1681st
1995Michael Schumacher1792nd
1994Michael Schumacher1681st
1993Alain Prost1674th
1992Nigel Mansell1691st
1991Ayrton Senna1673rd
1990Ayrton Senna1662nd
1989Alain Prost1643rd
1988Ayrton Senna1681st
1987Nelson Picket1633rd
1986Alain Prost1642nd
1985Alain Prost1651st
1984Niki Lauda1653rd
1983Nelson Picket5132nd
1982Keke Rossberg1611st
1981Nelson Picket1531st
1980Alan Jones1451st
1979jody Scheckter431st
1978Mario Andretti1661st
1977Niki Lauda1732nd
1976James Hunt1661st
1975Niki Lauda1451st
1974Emerson Fittipaldi1532nd
1973Jackie Stewart1553rd
1972Emerson Fittipaldi1251st
1971Jackie Stewart1162nd
1970Jochen Rindt1351st
1969Jackie Stewart1161st
1968Graham Hill1232nd
1967Denny Hulme1121st
1966Jack Brabham943rd
1965Jim Clark1062nd
1964John Surtees1021st
1963Jim Clark1071st
1962Graham Hill941st
1961Phil Hill821st
1960Jack Brabham1052nd
1959Jack Brabham921st
1958mike hawthorn1111st
1957Juan Manuel Fangio845th
1956Juan Manuel Fangio834th
1955Juan Manuel Fangio743rd
1954Juan Manuel Fangio962nd
1953Alberto Ascari952nd
1952Alberto Ascari861st
1951Juan Manuel Fangio831st
1950Nino Farina731st
F1 Champions All Time: Formula 1 Records, Drivers, Teams And Titles

Drivers with the most Formula 1 champion titles

7Michael Schumacher2004
7Lewis Hamilton2020
5John Fangio1957
4Alain Prost1993
4Sebastian Vettel2013
3Jack Brabham1966
3Jackie Stewart1973
3Niki Lauda1984
3Nelson Picket1987
3Ayrton Senna1991
2Alberto Ascari1953
2Jim Clark1965
2Graham Hill1968
2Emerson Fittipaldi1974
2Mika Hakkinen1999
2Fernando Alonso2006
1Nino Farina1950
1mike hawthorn1958
1Phil Hill1961
1John Surtees1964
1Denny Hulme1967
1Jochen Rindt1970
1James Hunt1976
1Mario Andretti1978
1jody Scheckter1979
1Alan Jones1980
1Keke Rossberg1982
1Nigel Mansell1992
1Damon Hill1996
1Jacques Villeneuve1997
1Kimi Raikkonen2007
1Jenson Button2009
1Nico Rossberg2016
1Max Verstappen2021

List of winners of the teams with the most constructors titles in F1

Constructors play a key role in Formula 1. The continuous evolution of the car makes each season more spectacular to watch an F1 race. Here are the teams with the most champion titles in their showcases.

ItalyFerrari161961, 1964, 1975-1977, 1979, 1982-1983,1999-2004, 2007
United KingdomWilliams91980-1981, 1986-1987, 1992-1994, 1996-1997
United KingdomMcLaren81974, 1984-1985, 1988-1991, 1998, 2008
United KingdomLotus71963, 1965, 1968, 1970, 1972-1973, 1978
United KingdomCooper21959-1960
United KingdomBrabham21966-1967
AustriaRed Bull22010-2011
United Kingdomvan wall11958
United KingdomBenetton11995
United KingdomBRM11962
United KingdomTyrrell11971
United KingdomBrawn GP12009


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