10 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before Bed

Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Bed

Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before Bed: Sometimes we feel a little hungry before going to bed. Although we have had a light dinner for the past few hours, it is normal to experience other cravings before going to sleep.

The problem is we don’t know how to make good decisions and in the end we prepare too hard cases for this time of day.

As a result, we can suffer from indigestion and other ailments that prevent us from getting a full and restful period of rest.

In addition, we influence the activity of the metabolic system and in one way or another contribute to obesity and chronic diseases.

For this reason, it is important to adopt healthy eating habits and most importantly, to limit the consumption of these 10 foods that can be harmful during this time.

Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before Bed:

Discover them!

1. Don’t Eat Butter:

Butter can be used in addition to many preparations. However, due to its high saturated fat content, it is not recommended to take it before bed.

Although consumption is generally moderate, it is better to avoid it. Night because it can cause digestive problems.

2. Chocolate Bars:

Many chocolate bars can harmlessly eat a small bar of chocolate at this time of day. The problem is that its high levels of refined sugars and chemical additives can alter the quality of sleep.

Some of its compounds stimulate the activity of the nervous system and put the brain in a wakeful state that prevents sleep. In fact, it is said that they can increase the chances of having nightmares.

3. Ice Cream:

Is it a bad idea to soothe your nighttime cravings with a scoop of ice cream? This food concentrates high doses of fats, sugars and added compounds that alter the metabolism and activity of the nervous system.

Consumption slows digestion and symptoms such as pain and inflammation can occur

4. Seasoning Sauces:

Spicy sauces add a touch of flavor to many preparations. However, they should not be taken at night as they alter the production of acidic juices in the stomach.

Taking them before bed can cause acid reflux episodes and abdominal burns. They also contain too many calories and can affect obesity

5. Fried Meat:

They always look fresh and appetizing. The problem is that they are full of fats and chemicals that are not good for your body.

In general, it is important to limit your intake to the maximum so that you do not have any obesity problems. When consumed at night, they are heavy on metabolism and digestion.

6. Cheese:

The downside to eating cheese before going to sleep is that it contains an amino acid called tyramine, which reduces the production of hormones that help regulate sleep.

Either alone or added to recipes, it is a heavy, high-fat food that can cause inflammatory imbalances and upset stomach.

7. Bread:

Bread and other baked goods seem like a quick way to combat hunger pangs. However, they should not be taken before bed as they are an added burden of unnecessary calories.

Its refined flour and sugar content has a negative impact on metabolic health and increases the risk of obesity and glycemic problems

8. Chocolate:

Eating a small serving of chocolate a day has many benefits. This food is full of antioxidants and essential amino acids that promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

However, it is not recommended to eat it at night because its ingredients also contain substances stimulants that prevent a good night’s sleep

9. Red Meat:

Red meat contains protein and saturated fats that interfere with the work of the digestive tract during rest periods, although their nutrients are useful when consumed in moderation, it is best avoided at night. To avoid interruptions to sleep

10. Coffee:

Coffee and other beverages containing caffeine should be avoided at this time of the day. Although they give a feeling of well-being in small doses, they also put the brain on alert. That is, as soon as they are assimilated, they keep the organism awake for at least a few hours.

Do you want something before you go to bed? You already know that you shouldn’t choose any of the mentioned ingredients.


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