For People Who Both Smoke and Drink Tea, Over Time, Is the Body Good or Bad? Why Don’t You Know?

For People Who Both Smoke and Drink Tea

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For People Who Both Smoke and Drink Tea: Tobacco, alcohol and tea, these three are the most common pastimes for Chinese men. When we get together, it’s the smoker who smokes, the drinker who drinks alcohol, and the tea friend who tastes tea. Everyone often finds the same topic because of a common interest and hobby, thereby getting closer to each other.

What Effect Does Regular Smoking Have on the Body?

I believe it goes without saying that everyone knows that smoking is definitely harmful to the human body. Because when tobacco is burned, it will produce a lot of harmful substances, which enter the human body through breathing, causing lung damage. People who smoke for a long time are prone to cough, sputum and other symptoms, leading to chronic bronchitis. In severe cases, it can also cause lung cancer. The World Health Organization has long listed tobacco as a carcinogen, and most of the people who die of lung cancer each year have a history of smoking.

What Effect Does Drinking Tea have on the Body?

As a traditional drink in our country, tea is deeply loved by people. Together with coffee and cocoa, it is called the world’s three major drinks. The caffeine in it has a refreshing effect. Drinking tea can also help promote the secretion of gastric juice, promote gastrointestinal digestion, and increase people’s appetite. The tea water also contains antioxidants, which can help the human body to scavenge free radicals and achieve the purpose of delaying aging.

In addition, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences also discovered that the tea polyphenols in tea can help the human body reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. This discovery undoubtedly made tea a choice for more people.

For people who both smoke and drink tea, over time, is their health good or bad? May wish to find out.

I don’t know when, there was a saying that “drinking tea can prevent cancer”. The reason is that a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the United States discovered that certain ingredients in green tea can help increase the activity of tumor suppressor proteins and reduce the risk of cancer.

Therefore, many smokers, in order to avoid cancer, start to cultivate their own habit of drinking tea. I hope to drink tea to reduce the harm to my body caused by smoking. However, such an approach does not actually make any sense. Although drinking tea can help the human body excrete part of the toxins and reduce the harm of tobacco to the body, it cannot completely eliminate it.

Moreover, in many cases, smoking while drinking tea can also increase the risk of cancer. why is that?

Professor Li Liming of Peking University led a team to survey more than 500,000 people and found that people who drink tea often have a 26% higher risk of cancer than those who drink less tea. They found that the main reason for this result is that smokers believe that drinking tea can reduce the harm to the body caused by smoking, so they feel relieved to smoke. As a result, the number of cigarettes smoked is more than before, and the harm to the body is naturally also. Just bigger.

In addition, people who drink tea while smoking cigarettes, because the time to make tea is relatively long, when drinking tea, the speed of doing things will slow down, which helps to calm people’s mood. However, this also caused several people to sit here and smoke longer. In this process, each other is absorbing the second-hand smoke produced by the other side, causing increased damage to the lungs.

When drinking tea, if the tea you drink is strong tea, it will also cause the stomach to be irritated, secrete a lot of gastric acid, and corrode the gastric mucosa. Such behavior will also increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Therefore, people who both smoke and drink tea, not only cannot reduce the harm to the body caused by smoking because drinking tea is beneficial to the body, but it will also cause aggravation of the harm to the body and a higher risk of cancer.


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