George Clooney Net Worth 2022 – How Rich Is The Actor?

George Clooney Net Worth 2022

George Clooney Net Worth 2022: Not only is he one of the most beautiful men on this planet, but he is also one of the richest actors in the world. We’re talking about the heartthrob – known from films like “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Syriana” and the television series “Emergency Room” – George Clooney. How much money this man actually owns, where it comes from and what the actor spends it on, is explained in the following lines!

George Clooney Net Worth 2022:

The actor, who was born in 1961 in the US state of Kentucky, was in front of the camera for the first time in 1986. Since then, Clooney has received numerous engagements, won countless awards and, above all, done one thing: made money! In the course of his career, the fees rose steadily, later Clooney was also active as a screenwriter, director and entrepreneur. His entire fortune is now estimated at the unbelievable sum of 500 million US dollars.

Clooney’s Income Per Film
Hail, Caesar! (2016) $ 10 million
Money Monster (2016)$ 20 million
A World Beyond (2015) $ 25 million
Monuments Men (2014) $ 2 million
Gravity (2013) (+% of Total Sales) $ 20 million
Up in the Air (2009) $ 2 million
Ocean’s 13 (2007) $ 15 million
Syriana (2005) $ 350,000
Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005) $ 1,000
An (im) possible hardship case (2003) $ 15 million
Ocean’s Eleven (2001) $ 20 million
O Brother, Where Art Thou? – A Mississippi Odyssey (2000) $ 1 million
The Storm (2000) $ 8 million
Three Kings (1999) $ 5 million
Out of Sight (1998) $ 10 million
Batman & Robin (1997) $ 10 million
Project: Peacemaker (1997) $ 3 million
From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) $ 250,000
Days Like This … (1996)$ 3 million
A Bouquet of Daughters (1991) $ 760,000
Total Income$ 170,361,000

With the increasing degree of popularity, George Clooney could of course demand higher and higher fees for his roles. Everyone wanted the man who was voted “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1997 in their films and was ready to put a fortune on the table for it. For example, the actor earned almost twenty million dollars for the film “Ocean’s Eleven” alone. This earnings is topped by the 2015 film “A World Beyond”, which increased Clooney’s fortune by a whopping 25 million dollars.

The Career Of George Clooney:

From an early age, Clooney had the goal of becoming an actor. The way there, however, turned out to be not that easy. In the 1980s, the heartthrob was forced to take on small roles in little-known films, for which, of course, he received correspondingly little pay. This included, for example, the parody “The Return of the Killer Tomatoes”.

His big stepping stone was the role of the pediatrician in the series “Emergency Room”, which he played from 1994-1999. Not only did he make a name for himself there in Hollywood, but he also began building his fortune. This was followed by roles in Tarantino’s “From Dusk Till Dawn” or “Ocean’s Eleven”, which led to Clooney becoming a permanent fixture in Hollywood movies.

George Clooney As An Entrepreneur:

Clooney didn’t get rich from appearances in films and series alone. His current fortune is also based on his activities as an entrepreneur. Together with his business partner Rande Gerber, he founded the tequila brand “Casamigos” in 2013. Initially, the drink should only be made for personal use and for friends, but this plan changed quickly – the schnapps was too popular.

He brought in Clooney and Gerber a lot of money before the “Diageo” group struck and secured the rights: The group, which also includes “Smirnoff” and “Guiness”, put almost a billion dollars on the table for it. In one fell swoop, Clooney had increased his fortune many times over and thus easily catered for children and grandchildren.

The Clooney’s Advertising Campaigns:

The actor is best known to the television audience for his advertisement for “Nespresso”. For a long time, Clooney was the face of the brand and was rewarded royally for this. For just one commercial from 2013 that lasted less than a minute, Clooney raked in a whopping $ 40 million. Only later did the parties end their collaboration because the actor was committed to the environment and made a collaboration with the Nestlé group impossible.

So What Does Clooney Spend All Of His Money On?

Of course, those who have such an income also spend a lot of the money again. One evening, Clooney had invited his friends over to his home for dinner, if they were to experience their blue miracle – Clooney made them all rich! With the money he earned, the actor gave his 14 best friends a million dollars each after taxes were deducted. A nice gesture that, in view of Clooney’s income, was of course only a drop in the ocean.

Clooney owns several properties. These include a house in Los Angeles, one in Italy on Lake Como and a huge property in Great Britain that he moved into with his wife Amal in 2016. The purchase price of the castle was just under nine million euros , then the Clooneys invested a further 25 million euros in the renovation and designed their home according to their own wishes. The huge property is now adorned with a tennis court, a 20-meter-long pool, a fitness studio and of course the actual property, which houses nine bedrooms and a library, among other things.

With the money that Clooney earns, he has also acquired a nice fleet of vehicles. There you will find, among other things, a Corvette V8 C1 convertible, a Tango 600 and a Harley Davidson Road King Classic. It also included a Tesla Roadster, but Clooney sold the car again and donated the proceeds to a good cause.


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