45 To 79 Years Old is The Golden Period of Longevity? Drink More Water and Eat Less Foods To Improve Your Life Span!

Golden Period of Longevity

Golden Period of Longevity: The ancients often said that “forty is not confused, fifty knows the destiny”. From a medical point of view, the age of 45 to 79 is the age when physical functions are more prone to problems. At this age, the body’s metabolism begins to slow, and the number of brain cells also begins. Gradually decrease and no longer recover.

The Golden Period of Longevity:

It can be said to be a critical period of health in life. If it is well maintained, it will live younger and younger like a young person; if it is not maintained properly, it will not only be sick, but also bury hidden dangers for life.

Middle-Aged To Do 5 life-Threatening Things:

1. Go Hungry:

Some middle-aged people cannot even drink a sip of water after working for a long time. Irregular meals are commonplace. Long-term lack of water and nutrition will lead to gastric ulcers.

2. Stay Up Late:

In middle-aged people, due to heavy work tasks, especially those engaged in various kinds of mental tasks, work pressure is high, and long-term staying up late in life may cause neurasthenia, ulcer disease, high blood pressure, and hypertension due to excessive nervous system tension. Coronary heart disease, premature aging, etc.

In addition, long-term lack of sleep can cause brain damage and promote premature aging.

3. Excessive Exercise:

Appropriate physical exercise can enhance physical fitness and benefit physical and mental health. However, excessive exercise will consume a large amount of heat energy, and metabolites such as lactic acid will accumulate in the blood.

Excessive exercise can also cause arrhythmia, affect liver function, and cause bones and muscles to become sore and counterproductive.

4. Procrastination:

Many middle-aged people often feel tired from living. They often experience dizziness, fatigue, chest tightness, palpitations, stomach pain, insomnia, shortness of breath, joint pain, and poor appetite. Delayed into a serious illness, so that the opportunity for treatment was lost.

5. Having Fun:

Relaxed, healthy, and moderate recreational activities can regulate people’s nerves. But excessive play, such as staying online at night and rubbing numb all night will cause excessive physical exertion, decreased vision, and nerve fatigue.

These 4 Health Issues Need Attention:

Based on clinical experience, experts have summed up some of the most vigilant problems in the low health of middle-aged people. If you find that you have won the bid, you must seek medical examination in time:

1. Breathless: Aging Lungs

The lungs are the earliest organs in the human body that “go downhill”. Vital capacity decreases slowly from the age of 20. If you don’t pay attention to exercise, by the age of 40, someone will be out of breath when climbing a few flights of stairs.

In life, smoking, kitchen fumes, air pollution, etc. will accelerate lung aging.

2. Frequent Constipation: Accumulation of Toxins, Risk of Bowel Cancer

Stool stays in the body for a long time, making the body’s toxins unable to be discharged in time, and bad bacteria in the intestine rages, overwhelming the good bacteria represented by bifidobacteria, making the intestinal flora disorder.

Abdominal bloating, breath, and chloasma appear constantly, accumulating over time, which may cause many diseases including bowel cancer.

3. Back Pain: Joint Degeneration, Muscle Atrophy

Middle age is a period of decay of muscles and bones, manifested as muscles begin to atrophy, decrease in elasticity, and weaken contractility; bones undergo a process of decalcification and bone density decreases.

Many people will have different degrees of bone and joint problems in middle age, such as old cold legs, backaches, and joints crackling.

4. Poor sleep: Low Immunity, Constant Minor Illnesses

The emergence of sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep, dreaminess, light sleep, etc. makes the body’s immune system weaker, listless, and various diseases will take advantage of the weakness.

Two colds in three days, fatigue, and discomfort are all signs of poor immunity.

Drink These 2 Kinds of Water More after 45 Years Old:

1. Light Tea:

Tea contains anti-oxidant nutrients, can also scavenge free radicals in the human body, contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids, promotes blood circulation and relieves greasiness. But it should be noted that you should drink light tea.

2. Warm Water:

Wenbaikai has always been the best drinking water choice for human beings. It plays an important role in replenishing water, thinning blood, “washing” cells, helping metabolism, and so on.

Eat less of These 3 Things After the Age of 45:

1. Pickled Food:

Pickled foods are full of flavor, but this type of food, for people aged 45-60, will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, and easily cause high blood pressure, high uric acid and other problems.

2. Fried food:

Deep-fried foods are easy to get angry first, followed by high-fat foods. Try to eat this kind of food as little as possible. Because they are not only easy to cause obesity, but also cause the three high culprits.

3. Moldy Food:

Frugality is one of our traditional virtues, but moldy food may contain a large amount of aflatoxin, which is harmful to the human body, ranging from food poisoning to cancer.

In the golden period of longevity between 45-79 years old, you should pay more attention to health maintenance. The seemingly simple health maintenance contains many secrets of longevity, especially in the details of diet, eating and drinking, which are all for the body. test!


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