Why High Protein Diet is So Important in 2022

Why High Protein Diet is So Important in 2022

Without a protein-rich diet, we could not exist at all – proteins are essential for metabolism and control much more than just muscle building. So in this article, we will be talking about why high Protein diet is so Important

Why High Protein Diet is So Important

In addition to carbohydrates and fats, proteins are among the main components of human nutrition. Our body consists of around 20% protein, which, like fats, for example, is constantly being built up and broken down. But in contrast to fats, which the body can do without, at least temporarily, protein intake must not be interrupted, as it controls a wide range of bodily functions. 

A Protein-Rich diet is vital

Through a high-protein dietIngested proteins naturally have a completely different amino acid combination than our body’s own proteins and are broken down into their components, i.e. the individual amino acids, by certain enzymes in the digestive tract and, to put it simply, reassembled according to the requirements of the absorbing body. 

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Some amino acids, the so-called non-essential amino acids, are formed in this way, while others cannot be formed by the body and must be supplied through a protein-rich diet.

Energy reserves for everybody

Everybody stores protein – even in the event that a deficiency occurs for some proteins, for example. Nevertheless, it happens that the body is supplied with too much protein through a particularly high-protein diet – this excess is finally burned by the body again. 

Why High Protein Diet is So Important in 2022

The protein in the human body, like fat, provides energy. However, this energy is only used if, for example, there is a lack of fats or carbohydrates in the body. Then, for example, after a lot of fat has already been broken down, it can happen that muscle proteins are also broken down and weight loss results from the reduced muscle mass alone.

The subject is extraordinarily complex and especially when it comes to interventions in the metabolism through a protein-rich diet, one must know whether one is accessing fat or muscle reserves.

Excellent Protein suppliers – biological value

You have to know that it is nature’s construction kit that puts together the proteins from the various amino acids – the protein itself is not the vital factor. The closer the amino acid protein-rich diet comes to the amino acid pattern of your own body, the higher its biological value. 

The measuring factor here is the whole egg, its biological value has been defined as 100. Other excellent sources of protein include meat (biological value = 80), fish (approx. 70), turkey (approx. 70), potatoes (75), legumes (approx. 70), and dairy products (approx. 80). However, it is also important to know that the combination of these products often increases the value.

Differences between vegetable and animal protein

The human metabolism usually copes much better with vegetable protein than with a protein-rich diet from purely meat sources. The energy required to process the plant protein is lower and allows the body to build up energy reserves. 

It should also be borne in mind that many animal proteins also contain large amounts of fat and cholesterol. The combination of different proteins from the diet can significantly increase the biological value. Potatoes and eggs, for example, or cereals and milk in combination have a higher value than the sum of the individual foods.


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