Top 20 Highest Paid Football Players In the World 2022

Highest Paid Players In the World 2022

Highest Paid Football Players In the World 2022: Soccer is a sport that moves insane amounts of money. Being the most-watched sport in the entire world, it is normal that there is always talk of highly inflated figures for transfers, market values ​​, and the like. However, have you ever wondered which are the highest-paid soccer players in the world in the middle of 2022?

Highest Paid Football Players In the World 2022: highest paid players in the world

Currently, footballers, their agents, the player’s environment, and even family members play a key role when it comes to talking about the economic operations for a signing, a transfer, or incorporation. For this reason, when talking about the soccer players who earn the most, it is normal that we find that many of them have managed to sign excellent contracts, which also come with juicy clauses and bonuses for objectives that allow players of tender ages and some already consolidated get into the ranking of the best paid in the world whole.

However, when it comes to gross salary, some players have managed to sign contracts that allow them to earn real millions monthly, with some of them managing to earn more than 25 million euros per season being over 35 years old. For this reason, we have given ourselves the task of compiling in a TOP 20 footballers with the most substantial contracts in the 2021/2022 season.

Soccer players who earn the most 2022

Although the current financial year is not over yet, some specialized media such as Forbes, ESPN, and the like echo various information from the newspaper L’Équipe, which would have had access to internal data from the five major European leagues that allow us to put together this TOP20 with the highest-paid footballers in the world today.

To avoid falling into rumors regarding the total earnings that a footballer can receive from loyalty bonuses, goals met, or signing bonuses, we have decided to base this ranking on a fixed figure: the monthly income of each footballer. In this way, we will put together this ranking according to the gross salary that each footballer receives (in the form of a monthly payroll), and not by what he or she receives annually due to the variables that we have already mentioned.

1. Neymar Jr. (PSG)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 4,083,000 million
  • WAGES/PSG Salaries 2021/2022

According to L’Équipe, Neymar Jr. is the highest-paid player in the world, with a gross monthly salary of 4.1 million euros. However, due to the poor performance he has had, there is talk that PSG could put him up for sale next summer, so Ney’s next team should offer him a salary according to his current level.

2. Lionel Messi (PSG)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 3,375,000 million

Lionel Messi has signed a contract with PSG that keeps him in the TOP 3 of the best paid in the world. After being the highest-paid player in LaLiga Santander for several years, his time in France makes him the second-highest paid in all of Ligue 1, just below his teammate and friend Neymar Jr.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 2,630,000 million
  • WAGES/Manchester United Salaries 2021/2022

Cristiano Ronaldo is a machine for scoring goals … and for making money. The Portuguese have signed one of the most fruitful contracts in the entire Premier League, being with the third-highest salary in the entire world, receiving approximately 2.6 million euros nominally.

4. Gerard Piqué (FC Barcelona)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 2,630,000 million
  • WAGES/ Salaries of the FC Barcelona 2021/2022

Despite the fact that Gerard Piqué signed a salary reduction to be able to help the club of his loves, the FC Barcelona central defender has/had one of the highest salaries in the entire world, earning up to 2.3 million euros monthly. However, according to the same player, this figure has been greatly reduced, collecting a payroll of approximately 4.6 million… PER SEASON! , but, on paper, what is stipulated in Piqué’s contract makes him the fourth-best paid in the world.

5. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 2,270,000 million
  • WAGES/ Salaries of Real Madrid 2021/2022

No, it’s not a joke, the Welsh player, condemned to total ostracism in the merengue club, is the fifth-highest paid in the entire world. Gareth Bale receives the highest salary in the Real Madrid squad, receiving approximately 2.2 million euros gross for warming up the bench.

6. Eden Hazard (Real Madrid)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 2,270,000 million

Another starred star of Real Madrid appears in the ranking of the footballers who earn the most. In this case, it is about Eden Hazard, who signed for the meringues a couple of seasons ago with the intention of taking over from Cristiano Ronaldo and being the leader of the sports project. However, after three seasons at a very poor level, Hazard receives a real millionaire for being a substitute.

7. Kylian Mbappe (PSG)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 2,220,000 million

Speaking of Real Madrid, one of their big targets, Kylian Mbappé, is the player that appears in the seventh position of our TOP 20. The Frenchman has the third-highest contract in all of Ligue 1, being the third highest-paid player at PSG, just behind Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. With rumors of an alleged departure to the Spanish capital, Mbappé will probably climb various positions in next year’s ranking.

8. Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 2,060,000 million

Manchester City superstar Kevin de Bruyne is the second-highest-paid player in the entire Premier League. The Belgian signed one of the biggest contracts in the history of the competition, receiving a gross monthly salary of approximately 2.06 million euros.

9. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 2,000,000 million

Robert Lewandowski is, without a doubt, the deadliest forward today. Not in vain, the Pole is the highest paid player in the entire Bundesliga and the ninth highest paid player in the entire world, with a monthly salary of approximately 2.00 million euros.

10. David de Gea (Manchester United)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,930,000 million

The TOP 10 highest paid soccer players is opened by David de Gea, the highest paid goalkeeper in the world. The Spaniard signed one of the biggest contracts in the club’s history, earning the third-highest salary in the competition, as well as being Manchester United’s second highest paid only behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

11. Sergio Busquets (FC Barcelona)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,910,000 million

Sergio Busquets, the current captain of FC Barcelona, ​​is the fourth highest paid player in the entire competition. The midfielder has also been one of the players who has signed a significant salary reduction in order to help in the difficult economic situation of the Catalan club. However, unlike in the case of Piqué, the reserved player has not published data on his current salary. So, based on the information on the contract that currently has his signature on it, “Busi” would be the eleventh player who earns the most.

12. David Alaba (Real Madrid)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,880,000 million

Real Madrid’s star signing this season was David Alaba, the former Bayern Munich defender who arrived at the White House with the letter of freedom in hand. For this reason, the meringues made sure to pamper him with a star salary, earning approximately 1.88 million euros monthly.

13. Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,880,000 million
  • Monthly Gross Salary (assignment to Atlético): € 940,000

Another signing in the Spanish capital takes the thirteenth position in the ranking of the footballers who earn the most. Antoine Griezmann left FC Barcelona to join Atlético de Madrid on loan in an operation in which the locals undertook to pay half of the player’s salary (10 million per season). However, according to what is stipulated in his contract, Antoine Griezmann should receive about 1.88 million monthly to complete his annual salary (22 million euros gross).

14. Jadon Sancho (Manchester United)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,860,000 million

We’re back in the Premier League, as one of the summer’s big signings, Jadon Sancho is the 14th highest-paid player in the entire world. The English winger, who has had a disastrous season so far, receives a monthly salary of 1.86 million euros, currently being the fourth highest paid player in the entire competition.

15. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,750,000 million

The Bundesliga makes a stellar appearance in our ranking, as the German competition will take a major role in this part of the TOP. In the fifteenth position appears Manuel Neuer, the second highest paid goalkeeper in the entire world, receiving a monthly salary of 1.75 million euros.

16. Thomas Mueller (Bayern Munich)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,660,000 million

Staying in Bavaria, Thomas Müller appears one place below Neuer, receiving a monthly salary of approximately €1.66 million under his current contract.

17. Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,660,000 million

In the same team, Joshua Kimmich has signed a contract with Bayern that allows him to be the team’s fourth highest paid player, receiving the same salary as Thomas Müller: 1.66 million euros monthly payroll.

18. Raphael Varane (Manchester United)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,620,000 million

We leave Germany momentarily to welcome Raphaël Varane. The French center-back signed a long-term contract with Manchester United that makes him one of the best-paid center-backs in the world, receiving a monthly salary of 1.62 million, making him the fifth highest-earning player in the Premier League.

19. Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,410,000 million

Again, we return to Bayern for the last two places, since Kingsley Coman receives a salary of 1.41 million euros per month, being one of the three players who earn the same amount in the Bavarian club.

20. Lucas Hernandez (Bayern Munich) / Leroy Sane (Bayern Munich)

  • Monthly Gross Salary: € 1,410,000 million

We close our ranking not with one but with two footballers, since Lucas Hernández and Leroy Sané earn exactly the same as Kingsley Coman but, according to some media, these two have fewer clauses and bonuses than the Frenchman. So, in order not to make a TOP21, we have decided that Hernández and Sané take the last place together.

The footballers who earn the most in LaLiga Santander 2021/2022

PlayersClubMonthly Salary
Gerard Piqué FC Barcelona€2.33 million
Gareth Bale Real Madrid€2.27 million
Eden Hazard Real Madrid€2.27 million
Sergio Busquets FC Barcelona€1.91 million
David Alaba Real Madrid€1.88 million

The footballers who earn the most in the Premier League 2021/2022

PlayersClubMonthly Salary
Cristiano Ronaldo Man Utd€2.63 million
Kevin de Bruyne Manchester City€2.06 million
David De Gea Man Utd€1.93 million
Jadon Sancho Man Utd€1.86 million
Raphaël Varane Man Utd€1.62 million

The footballers who earn the most in Ligue 1 2021/2022

PlayersClubMonthly Salary
Neymar Jr. PSG€4.10 million
Leo MessiPSG€3.30 million
Kylian Mbappe PSG€2.20 million
Marquinhos PSG€1.20 million
Verratti PSG€1.20 million

The footballers who earn the most in the Bundesliga 2021/2022

PlayersClubMonthly Salary
Robert Lewandowski Bayern Munich€2.00 million
Manuel Neuer Bayern Munich€1.75 million
Thomas Muller Bayern Munich€1.66 million
Joshua Kimmich Bayern Munich€1.66 million
Kingsley ComanBayern Munich€1.41 million

The footballers who earn the most in Serie A 2021/2022

PlayersClubMonthly Salary
Paulo Dybala Juventus€1.13 million
Dusan Vlahović Juventus Juventus€1.07 million
Wojciech Szczesny Juventus Juventus€1.00 million
Leonardo Bonucci Juventus Juventus€1.00 million
kalidou koulibaly Naples€9.30 million


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