How Do You Get Water Out Of Your Ear?

How Do You Get Water Out Of Your Ear

How Do You Get Water Out Of Your Ear? After bathing or swimming, water often stays in the ear – an unpleasant feeling, because through the water you can hear all the noises as if muffled by a cotton ball. The water can also contain germs that can cause infection. There is no question that you want to get rid of the annoying liquid as quickly as possible! Read here how to remove water in the ear.

How Do You Get Water Out Of Your Ear?

Dive into the bathtub or jump off the diving board in the swimming pool and it happens: there is a rustling and gurgling sound in your ear – water has penetrated through the ear canal to the eardrum. There it sloshes back and forth with every slight movement and ensures that you can only hear to a very limited extent. Then the question arises: How can you get the water out of your ear?

That should be done as quickly as possible. Because there is a great risk that there are germs in it that can trigger an infection in the ear. So-called bath otitis is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the ear, nose and throat doctor in the summer months. With water in the ear after swimming in a swimming pool or bathing lake, the germs contained in the water cause this inflammatory, painful ear disease.

For a start, you can try hopping and shaking your head. The water in your ear does not go out? Then it’s best to use a hair dryer. Set it to the lowest temperature setting, pull your ear back and up slightly, and then hold the hair dryer about 30 centimeters away from the affected ear. After a few minutes of blow-drying, the water in the ear has evaporated.

Water in The Ear: Pain is an alarm Signal

Do you have or have had water in your ear and an earache? Then you should quickly see an ENT doctor. Because the pain can indicate an infection caused by germs in the water. The specialist will carefully examine your ear and, if necessary, treat you with appropriate antibiotics. Any water that may still be in the ear can be removed by suction.

This is how you can Prevent water in your ear!

And what helps preventively against water in the ear? Use earplugs before going swimming, bathing, or showering. They close the ear opening and thus ensure that water does not stand a chance in the ear.


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